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Big Brother Episode 19 Official Summary; Jen Takes One For The Team
After the complete meltdown and commode praying by April, I was really hoping for much more out of Saturday’s show. However, with so many challe
23 messages
08-24-05 05:30 PM
Why Does Rachel Make Annoying Faces ?
Those annoying faces Rachel makes seems to really bother Ivette. What's behind them? Maybe Rachel suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.Can HGs be
7 messages
08-25-05 05:56 AM
Can Beau be any more Flaming?
I really think he sat down and read a manual on how to be stereotypically gay. He somehow manages to pack every single cliche into everything he does.
12 messages
08-25-05 02:05 PM
record the show because I work most evenings. The night that Janelle won HOH was DEFINATELY put on. It was down to Beau, April, and Janelle and t
2 messages
08-25-05 02:10 PM
I'm Soooooo Tired of This Show
Honestly, I love Howie, Janelle and Rachel, but Tuesday's show was the most BORING ever, and I don't know if I can take another episode. I
1 messages
08-25-05 02:28 PM
Boycott BB!
If they vote off Kaysar again boycott BB! Kaysar IS BB6...he's better than all those witches in the so called "FIENDSHIP"! Send CBS a mess
21 messages
08-25-05 08:56 PM
Big Brother Song Parody Competition.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-19-05 AT 08:38 AM (EST)[/font] In honor of Big Brother playing interesting wake up
12 messages
08-25-05 10:38 PM
big brother 6 RIGGED SHOW!
Did everyone see what I saw. Janelle show 300 first to Julie upside down; that showed 275. FIX OR WHAT? I don't care that she won;
94 messages
08-26-05 08:34 AM
America's choice sucks
We're voting on which sappy phone call we get to hear. How awesome! If it were up to me nobody would win. I don't want these people to be able t
2 messages
08-26-05 12:00 PM
APEril ripped it for me, but just for speculation...
Now that boring APEril has won HOH, I might have lost the will to keep watching. She's so stupid and vapid, I don't know if she'll have the
10 messages
08-26-05 12:03 PM
An Alternate Universe?
After last night's episode I am feeling as if I am in an alternate Universe. A strong strategic player was EVICTED!!! and a weak, sheepish
7 messages
08-26-05 08:54 PM
Big Brother Official Summary: Episode 20: James is so lonely
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-25-05 AT 10:30 AM (EST)[/font] Previously on BB Beau had just won HOH after Jen got evicted. W
11 messages
08-27-05 03:42 PM
Black, white, and shady grey
have you ever heard a more stupid explanation of why somebody was put on the block? Invisibeau is an official moron. But it did make for
33 messages
08-30-05 10:50 AM
Howie = Hindenberg
Ok. I know most of you think Howie has been absolutely hysterical over the past few weeks. I think he's been acting more like a dumb bul
15 messages
08-30-05 01:25 PM
Friendly Mailing - Friendship Sucks
I think that once the game is over, we should tell the friendship how we really feel about them. We could send each of them a nice little postcard %
5 messages
08-30-05 03:23 PM
peanut butter and jelly
What or who is deciding about the food there have not been any food contests lately?Also this is just a pity party group.Compared to other groups th
3 messages
08-30-05 04:02 PM
This is a spoiler-free zone
Please do not discuss the events of tonight's show on this forum until after 11pm EDT, out of consideration to our posters in other time zones.
2 messages
08-30-05 08:24 PM
Is it just me or ....
Does the "Friendship" get even more annoying every week? I cannot believe that Yvette cried over not getting a phone call!! Suck it up...
1 messages
08-31-05 11:23 AM
Janelle's been a bad girl
Quelle surprise... my, she's been busy. [ /BigBrother6/2005/07/21/1141563.htm
43 messages
08-31-05 12:16 PM
I have watched all the Big Brother series, and this group (Ivette, Beau, Jennifer, Pepperoni girl etc) are the stupidest, dumbest,lame
30 messages
08-31-05 05:14 PM
Audience for this years' final show?
Will there be an audience for the final show for this season? I thought I remember seeing an ad for a contest regarding this. And, if that is th
4 messages
09-01-05 08:32 AM
Mythbusters has found the Fiendship's motto!
[i][b]"I reject your reality and substitute my own."[/i][/b] This line is said during the opening credits to Mythbu
2 messages
09-01-05 08:33 AM
Seperated at Birth.
Usually, before the new cast is announced, we are all abuzz with wonder about what the new cast members will look like. However, when the
40 messages
09-01-05 11:38 AM
Did April cheat??
Did April cheat for HOH? She was standing right there pratically looking at Janelle. Janelle didn't even realize that April was facing in her dire
6 messages
09-01-05 09:43 PM
specific comment...
OK, now this is my first post. I usually just enjoy reading the comments of others, but I wanted to bring attention to a comment made in the past
3 messages
09-02-05 07:41 AM
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