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BB4 Week 9, Friday show--Show Them You Care, Give Them a Whack!
We start off by seeing the fallout from Jee's eviction. Jun is feeling a bit guilty for getting rid of her ex, but after 3 seconds, she's
5 messages
09-10-03 04:54 PM
BB=Big Butt
Allison & Jun need to forget the abs and start some butt exercises. Can't stand either of them. I did like Erica, but she is so hateful to
3 messages
09-12-03 10:33 PM
Stop complaining here and write CBS
Sample letter below: Dear CBS, I am seriously disappointed in some of the contestants you selected for this year's Big Br
0 messages
09-16-03 01:53 PM
BB4 Week 11--the Tuesday show--"A Mime is Terrible Thing to Waste"
Well, I had to switch from the Canadian Idol finale to watch BB4 so I could write this summary. But dont worry, I switched back during the com
1 messages
09-17-03 01:55 AM
Open Mouth; Insert Torpedo
WTF was Robert thinking telling Jun and Ali about the names he called them? He could have left it between Julie and the American viewer. Als
0 messages
09-17-03 01:52 PM
I've had enough of these hypocrites
OK, I get that they've been cooped up in the house for over 2 months, but can these people hear themselves talking? Ali talking about "liar
13 messages
09-17-03 05:12 PM
I can't stand Ali, she'll be in the final two!
I CAN'T stand Ali. From the moment she stood on the steps on the first episode with her beauty pagent pose to her cringe worthy toothy fake smile.
29 messages
09-18-03 05:40 PM
Julie's Formula: Name, Occupation, Location: shoot me now
WHY do we have to hear "Jun, the investment manager from New York," what it so wrong with just "Jun"? I fail to see how telling us EVERY
Violet Nyte
6 messages
09-19-03 09:52 PM
Fund for Nathan
I dont really mean to bash but dam, could anyone be more hard up than Nathan. What is with that boy? First he couldn't wait for his snuggle bunn
3 messages
09-20-03 01:31 PM
Robert is just vile
[font color=navy blue]I don't believe for a minute that that sleazy nose digger is the babe magnet that he has played himself up to be unless
18 messages
09-20-03 04:15 PM
BB4 Week 11--the Wednesday show--"Why can't Julie just shut up?"
We begin this episode with recrapping what happened yesterday. If you want to know what happened, read my previous summary. Then we get
2 messages
09-21-03 11:21 AM
BB4, Week 10 Summary: Jun's tiny bikini will blind us all!
Ok, people, were down to the wire. Six people left in the house Robert, Erika, Alison, Jun and her two huge butt cheeks. Get it on!
Canada Girl
4 messages
09-21-03 12:21 PM
BB4 Week 11--the Friday show--"The Recrap from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks"
Because almost the entire episode was a rehashing of the entire season, from the first episode to the last episode, Ill spare you from reading
2 messages
09-21-03 02:17 PM
Why BB4 is making me as mad as I was in S6
With both of these shows, we had two evil stepsisters. In S6, Heidi-ho and Jenna were the witches. And I hated them (with slightly more hate f
12 messages
09-22-03 00:06 AM
Please let Jun win
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-21-03 AT 00:29 AM (EST)[/font] So that she can afford some clothes to cover up that nasty fat
4 messages
09-22-03 09:01 PM
Sign This Petition!!! re: how upsetting BB is this season.
Someone emailed me a petition regarding the unfairness of how Big Brother is ending this year (ie, Ali and Jun getting by with everything while Ro
0 messages
09-23-03 12:45 PM
I'm totally disgusted.
I can't believe the final two people in the house are the two who are the biggest pieces of garbage. I can't believe the evicted houseguests allo
6 messages
09-23-03 03:44 PM
contact CBS
I just send CBS an email. Bigotry should not be tolerated. CBS televised Robert's comments about the girls being bitches and whores. CBS should
33 messages
09-24-03 06:46 PM
Paging Any Blue Person
Not sure if it's my computer, but the Basher's Forum is super wide, which makes it difficult to read and type. Not having this problem with a
0 messages
09-25-03 09:38 AM
here's my fresh twist
ok.... i hate the same ole show...i get bored when only 3-4 people are left....i think the loser lodge always looks more fun....sooo %
0 messages
09-25-03 11:20 AM
Somber Finale
I thought it was wonderful that all the jurors and even the three non-voting evictees just did not have any positivity or excitement last night, and
3 messages
09-25-03 11:29 AM
Nate gets played once more
Is it possible that anyone on the jury felt worse after watching the tapes than Nathan must have? The rest of them were hurt because of being calle
3 messages
09-25-03 01:26 PM
Should not have been allowed to play with the grown-ups. She was so hurt by them? She would have really been hurt had she lasted any lon
Drive My Car
10 messages
09-25-03 05:53 PM
Where does Erika get off on questioning others bashing
How can Erick sit there all high and mighty pointing the accusing finger toward Jun when she bashed Jee earlier. This show is F'd up. I can't st
5 messages
09-25-03 05:56 PM
Who won?
who did end up winning? is it possible that neither could have:D?
2 messages
09-25-03 08:27 PM
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