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jodi & deciding who gets the coach
Two things. Also why does every black houseguest get IV? Not all white houseguest get Rhonda? The two houseguest were going on about not being the
2 messages
04-22-06 09:22 PM
Kelly's round of phone calls [View All]
Did they sound real to you? I felt like she was just checking marks off a list of people to call. She barely let them get a word in edgewise wit
51 messages
04-22-06 08:08 PM
Strange how calm and soft spoken Iyanla is
Where is all that shouting and messy excerises for the two new HG Niambi and Antonia? I'd like to see her put mud all over one of those girls or m
9 messages
04-22-06 05:02 PM
Christie's Photo Shoot [View All]
OK was I the only one that was wondering how come a bad episode of America's Next Top Model was on TV instead of SO? And why is it she choose to
42 messages
04-22-06 11:34 AM
Jodi's Mucus [View All]
I don't know if I'm going to be able to eat for the rest of the day after hearing Jodi's mucus in her voice and nose all day. That lady is vulga
28 messages
04-22-06 04:25 AM
Kelly's Conflama! [View All]
She is disgusting! Bethany is in the house less than 24 hours and Kelly is sitting there going on and on about problems with Kim and her laundry?
66 messages
04-22-06 00:45 AM
Kelly and her husband are so darn cute! [View All]
What a sweet and dreamy man. Her husband seems to really love Kelly. Thank goodness. I was a big skeptic of Kelly's progess. Now that I see them
28 messages
04-21-06 09:33 PM
Kelly is gone, no more daily crying
Finally, Kelly is gone! It got really old watching her cry everyday. The really sad part, Kimberly-Clark's stock fell dramatically today. S
0 messages
04-21-06 08:45 PM
Jodi stabbing her face!!!
Talk about symbolism gone wrong! It was beyond disturbing watching Jodi pound the mask of her face with stones. I don't think this is good for a
20 messages
04-21-06 05:52 PM
IV = I've got 'cha back
OH COME ON! How many times do we have to see her doing the same exercise with different house guests? I saw this exact same thing with Kim from
0 messages
04-21-06 12:48 PM
I've finally found some good things about Jodi being on the show: [View All]
1. Potty Breaks 2. Going to the kitchen to check on what I'm cooking. 3. Going to check on my dog playing outside. 4. Answering
23 messages
04-21-06 00:42 AM
Bethany: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" [View All]
I was wondering about Bethany today. She is obviously an intelligent and thoughtful woman. Her story is tragic, and she broke our hearts
45 messages
04-20-06 02:21 PM
pictures of Kelly's diner
Wasn't Kelly talking about opening a restaurant? It looks like she achieved her goal! Kelly's restaurant: http:/
16 messages
04-20-06 01:52 AM
Negativity towards Niambi [View All]
Who would've guessed how catty and judgemental the women have been towards Niambi only after 2 days of living with her? It was disheartening to he
27 messages
04-20-06 00:37 AM
I am so glad she's leaving!!!!
GOODBYE KELLY! Don't let the door hit you in the butT! I couldn't stand her the moment she walked through the door. She's an evil evil
4 messages
04-19-06 08:19 PM
Antonia is not a thief!
Bad credit and failing to pay your debt is NOT STEALING! As long as Antonia intended to pay back her loans at the time that she took them out, it
1 messages
04-19-06 03:40 PM
The most terrible pathetic show in the history of television.
Starting over is a truly terrible excuse for a television show. I hate reality shows and I hate Starting Over more than any reality show I have ever
1 messages
04-19-06 01:10 PM
Jodi's Selfish Arrogance "Don't let my people go...."
Jodi is one strange bird. She is getting increasingly scary. Like a mule, (in more ways than one) she still stubbornly refuses any growth or o
4 messages
04-19-06 10:02 AM
Jodi's love affair with her plaster mask [View All]
Jodi does not seem to be getting the symbolism of the mask at all.Quite to the contrary she seems to be relishing keeping it.She casts it,paints it%
47 messages
04-19-06 08:10 AM
Jodi's 'bosoms of healing' [View All]
What the heck! Major, major yuck factor when Jodi pulled Christie's head down "to her bosom" and stroked her! This was just over the top%
90 messages
04-18-06 11:48 PM
Jodi's hugs. [View All]
Am I the only one who thinks her hugs are somteimes over the top? I see nothing wrong with Jodi hugging her HM's when they need some support or TL
57 messages
04-18-06 10:41 PM
Do you ever get the feeling....
Do you ever get the feeling that Dr. Stan would be the most popular choice for a life coach? He seems to bring these women back to reality a heck o
2 messages
04-18-06 09:45 PM
Christie's Frumpy Wardrobe?
It she too big for her good clothes or just poor? Have you noticed that Christie is wearing faded black sweats ALL the time or other "laundry day
20 messages
04-18-06 08:01 PM
Bethany's life coach was supposed to be Iyanla
I can't think of a time in the last three seasons when one LC had 4 house guests and the other had 2. I am confident that Bethany was cast to work
3 messages
04-18-06 07:13 PM
Kim- Where did she go?
I miss a couple days and POOF she is gone. I knew Bethany was toying with leaving but where did Kim go? Did she get kicked out for drinking when i
7 messages
04-18-06 07:09 PM
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