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Allison the freshman [View All]
What a joke Allison was and still is - she looked awful. Talking about being back at (SO financed) "school" to get her mentor's credentials
61 messages
06-13-06 12:42 PM
Jill's Chat
starts tomorrow.. and gee...for a one time 5 dollar fee you can chat with her!.
1 messages
06-12-06 09:00 PM
Niambi updated her blog [View All]
Niambi updated her blog and it's sort of smoking. Lots of nice things about IY, not so nice things about SO. IY tried to help her after the show w
21 messages
06-12-06 08:59 PM
Is Christie on welfare?
I believe it's been close to 10 years when the welfare laws were changed in California. I knew a girl back then who was on public assistance who ha
34 messages
06-12-06 06:35 AM
Jodi OOPS ;) [View All]
Gosh, wonder what happened to Jodi's J-Jewel listing on ebay? Anyone know if it was pulled because of shilling? %
86 messages
06-12-06 01:33 AM
Jill's hawking doggie T's [View All]
Add Jilly to the list of Starting Over HGs hawking their wares on eBay. ffbyjillso3 Incognito
118 messages
06-11-06 10:41 PM
"Iyanla's Closet"...on sale today
On Iyanla's InnerVisions website, it states she is speaking today in Maryland, seats are$65. per person. "Iyanla's Closet" is open 2-5p
3 messages
06-11-06 09:36 PM
Rhonda's selling jewelry too!!!
On Rhonda's 'Fearless Living' website, in the 'shop online' store, I noticed she is selling a jade teardrop necklace with matching earri
4 messages
06-10-06 09:53 PM
Does Allison have a myspace account? I know a lot of people seem to not like her, but I really just adore her. I think she's got great fashion s
5 messages
06-10-06 12:15 PM
Lisa's outfit's: Where does she get those old lady dresses?
What the *blank* was she wearing at her dinner party today? A full length gown for a semi-casual dinner party in California? My God, they
10 messages
06-10-06 09:02 AM
Houseguests Blogs??
Can anyone tell me where I could get a list of websites for all of the houseguests from SO that have a website? I am new to these boards and I have
1 messages
06-09-06 01:33 PM
I hate HATE HATE margarine
Ok, I hate to be mean, but as a woman of "size" myself, how can you be that danged fat and HATE margarine? OK now, I hate lima beans,
3 messages
06-09-06 09:53 AM
Christie and the hammer???? [View All]
I could not make out what Christie was saying during the "love game" when she began sharing a story about her first boyfriend, whom she claims h
32 messages
06-09-06 09:11 AM
More Christie *News [View All]
I don't know. Is it normal for a twelve year old boy to get a pedicure to fully express himself? YiKES!!! http://viewmorepi
48 messages
06-06-06 02:17 PM
Starting Over Scrapbook
Now someone is selling their personally kept SO Scrapbook. Buy it now for $150. It's a shame she has to get rid of it but alas.....she is moving
0 messages
06-06-06 08:30 AM
sommer chat on
chat tonight at 9 est with sommer on kelly will be there on the 12th for a chat
1 messages
06-05-06 08:37 PM
Vanessa's Diary on Ebay [View All]
Vanessa Atler items are being hawked on Ebay by a mikebaseball. Would that have been her Michael? Has several things listed including her Starting
28 messages
06-05-06 01:25 AM
Jill's clothing line...
So have you all seen Jill's original clothing line on her myspace? Okay, I can sort of understand why everything is black as the models are all
8 messages
06-04-06 02:51 PM
Sommer's Myspace
Is Sommer not the most vain SOH EVER!!! I don't do drugs...never have...but I am aware of the drug ACID from the 60's and ECSTASY more cur
4 messages
06-03-06 08:57 PM
Wondering about a former House Mate
Ok, I'll blame this on my FibroFog. lol What was the blonde girls name who was well off, liked the jewelry and the Armani bags? I think her
6 messages
06-02-06 11:19 PM
Christie's having a party. Bring the cheese.:7
She's supplying the whine.
0 messages
06-02-06 04:54 PM
Did Jodi graduate?
I'm stepping out on a limb here because I realize this might have been addressed. I did a search, and also paged back a few pages, but didn't
2 messages
06-02-06 07:00 AM
Has your vote been counted?
If we can get a new American Idol with our unity. Please call NBC, and be counted so we can save the staring over House. That number is 818-777-02
1 messages
06-01-06 10:23 AM
Christie Doomed!
IV said that Christie is like her graduation flowers, sunflowers. IV made a big symbolic moment about sunflowers closing at night. What a profound
3 messages
06-01-06 10:19 AM
How does Christie support herself?
I'm confused...when talking about the reasons she doesn't want to be responsible for her brother, Christie mentioned, "I don't have a job%
201 messages
05-31-06 10:18 PM
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