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Cassie and preparation for her reunion with son
Let me start by saying, I do NOT judge Cassie. Goodness knows I have made TONS of mistakes in my past and I'd like to think I've learned from th
160 messages
05-01-06 05:00 PM
Christina and Jessica at Reality4Diabetes llyfan/100_0563a.jpg
1 messages
05-01-06 10:06 AM
Christina, Jessica, Christie, and Jodi at Reality4Diabetes llyfan/100_0695a.jpg
1 messages
05-01-06 09:07 AM
Antonia - Who Does She Look Like? [View All]
She kinda reminds me of Alicia Keys. Not the way she talks, but the way she looks and all that hair. She does have her issues, but she's a rea
21 messages
04-30-06 10:46 PM
SO Chat Room Is UP!
Details [ s/DCForumID91/1397.shtml|here]. Please solicit chats only in the General Di
Cygnus X1
2 messages
04-30-06 09:37 PM
Antonia laying around all the time
What is with Antonia's laying around all the time? They keep showing her sleeping in weird places, & just laying around. Even when she is
6 messages
04-30-06 09:21 PM
Cassie should take the adopted mom to court
ok, so cassie talks to her son, and he tells her, that his real mom is dead. Well remember those papers he supposedly signed telling her to stay
2 messages
04-30-06 07:01 PM
Christie's only been there a few weeks???
Rhonda said that Christie is arranging for the 5k after being there for only a few weeks. Huh? Christie must have been there for MONTHS! What i
0 messages
04-30-06 06:05 PM
Jodi's 11 pound weight loss..yah when pigs fly.. [View All]
I do not believe that Jodi dropped 11 pounds in 1 week I know you can drop 3-5 pounds if you cut back on all salt and say give up you
32 messages
04-30-06 05:14 PM
Plastic Surgeon Christie met with a few episodes ago...
Does anyone out there remember the name of the female plastic surgeon that Christie met with a few episodes ago? She consulted with her about the s
1 messages
04-30-06 09:10 AM
Cassie and her preparation for her reunion with her son
I have been reading these posts for sometime. For the first time I feel the need to post a response. I am the adopted mother of a beautiful, healt
3 messages
04-30-06 09:09 AM
Niambi all tangled up [View All]
I felt sorry for Niambi today when Iguana tangled her all up and then told her to get herself untangled. Niambi did not seem to understand what Iguan
31 messages
04-29-06 09:42 PM
Kelly at work
YUCK! Look at her all over that table. She works at Claim Jumper in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. [IMG]
11 messages
04-29-06 12:08 PM
Kim's Daddy Dearest [View All]
Just wondering, after watching the montage yesterday during Kim's graduation (Which was so sad, wasn't it? Truely, she has been through
50 messages
04-28-06 08:43 PM
The Plastic Surgeon that Christie met w/ a few episodes ago...
Does anyone remember the name of the plastic surgeon that Christie met with a few episodes ago? She was a very compassionate female doctor and seem
0 messages
04-28-06 06:27 PM
Would anyone else like to know how Karen is? she was the one who went into alchohol treatment rather than graduating. They brought back Sommer,
9 messages
04-28-06 05:20 PM
I can't believe how long SO is dragging out the 'Cassie meet your son' event. I don't watch SO every day like I used to but stun
1 messages
04-28-06 04:35 PM
I was so disappointed to see Niambi smoking. I don't understand why an athlete would do that! I know she's "retired" but I thought she mig
3 messages
04-28-06 03:34 PM
Cassie-Wow how excited was she?
I know Cassie annoys some of you but I just couldnt help but smile the whole time she was leaving the house and riding in the car to see her son.%0
1 messages
04-28-06 12:27 PM
Antonia is unreal!!!! [View All]
I was shocked to see and hear Antonia on today’s show. What a piece of work. She is poor as a church mouse and truly believes that she is a billiona
105 messages
04-28-06 10:58 AM
Antonia boy would I like to tell you a thing or two
First off how dare you attack Cassie for something that she did that improved her son's life. You can not hold that against her just because you bel
0 messages
04-28-06 10:51 AM
Jodi's Admonishment?
Why hasn't Jodi been admonished about her actions as Kim was by Rhonda for her comments at Kellie's graduation? Jodi makes EVERY SINGLE GROUP a
14 messages
04-27-06 08:15 PM
Niambi, Lost Little Lamb?
My heart breaks for Niambi. Yes, she was wrong from the get-go with Mr. Situation and that never should have happened but I'm deeply saddened by w
1 messages
04-27-06 03:47 PM
Niambi's "Situation" more like tragedy.
This is truelly a tragedy when it occurs. It is a crisis for those involved. I feel that there is an important aspect of Mr. Situation and Niamb
3 messages
04-27-06 02:58 PM
Cassie and Antonia
Antonia's questions to Cassie were good for Cassie to think about, but her tone, manner, some word choice and body language were completely ou
0 messages
04-27-06 12:46 PM
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