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I missed todays episode and it was the one where Christina took the pregnancy test. Does anyone know what the results were? I would be greatly appre
1 messages
07-28-06 10:42 AM
Who was worse...Allisham or Bobblehead Cassie?
I was just thinking this today, who was truly worse...Allisham or Bobblehead Cassie? Both are moochers with a capital M! Both have incredibly
0 messages
07-28-06 10:01 AM
Christina's New Boyfriend
At least I guess that's who that is in her pictures on myspace. Her parents must be thrilled. She probably made the first move by asking him why he
3 messages
07-27-06 05:33 PM
TJ is probably the only sane one there! [View All]
I don't get it people......TJ is probably the only honest, caring , sane one there. People don't get her because MOST people can't handle t
37 messages
07-27-06 01:51 PM
T.J.'s name?
Does anyone know what T.J. stands for?
4 messages
07-27-06 11:29 AM
abuse of power
There is no abuse greater then the abuse of our so called "SYSTEM". I really enjoy watching and somewhat learning from all of you house
the _real_bella
0 messages
07-25-06 03:02 PM
Christina's Reality
What is with the incessant blinking? Not only does she want Corky whoops Jack to be a racecar driver but now she aspires to be a writer%3
1 messages
07-24-06 07:28 PM
Does Allison have a father that is still living?
I know that her father was an alcoholic, but is he still alive? I always see her calling her mom but the only time she mentioned the dad was when
7 messages
07-22-06 10:15 PM
Has anyone noticed that Jessica and Christina seem to be sharing the same earrings? Jessica always has the same pair on, but I could swear that Ch
0 messages
07-21-06 04:44 PM
The real truth about each Houseguest:
Allison is a fake and an alcoholic. Jill is entertaining, but lazy as hell. Lisa is a freaking lost cause, but funny at times. Chri
2 messages
07-21-06 12:15 PM
Christie's Instant Beauty Pageant begins on Style Channel on June 30 [View All]
Have any of you seen the commercials? I saw it yesterday on the Style network. Christie said that she "felt" something about herself, fo
28 messages
07-21-06 11:47 AM
O*M*G! Today's show.
I just finished watching today's episode and I CAN-NOT (yes, hyphenated) believe what went on. It was probably the most disturbing episode I h
2 messages
07-20-06 08:31 PM
TJ's Bussiness in Denver [View All]
I am trying to find out as much as I can about TJ's business she has .. can anyone help? I am a closet watcher of the board have watch
24 messages
07-20-06 07:09 PM
Christina's sculpture
I watched the episode of Christina bringing up the negitive energy and putting it into the clay, and then turning it into a beautiful sculpture. I m
0 messages
07-20-06 02:30 PM
okay, ladies, i haven't watched in forever and the last i saw of lisa1 rhonda had gone to visit her down in miami. so... what happened? did sh
1 messages
07-20-06 11:05 AM
the couples
okay, so any updates on any of the couples? are they all still together? i saw someone posted that jaclyn and michael got married. a
0 messages
07-20-06 10:13 AM
Jaclyn and Michael got Married!! loayala/0679ef5d.jpg Just thought I'd post a pic of Jaclyn and Michael's Wedding.
2 messages
07-20-06 09:45 AM
alli is such a name dropper - do you think for one second she matters - with that wrinkly nose to him? No. She has decided she wants to work with
8 messages
07-20-06 02:12 AM
Does anyone know what happened to Erika (Ebony's twin), her name is not mentioned under "Where are they now?" krissie
1 messages
07-18-06 02:10 PM
Jessica's story
It is so ironic that when Jessica finally read her "story" to the housemates she didn't use that voice where she speaks like she hasn't cleare
0 messages
07-18-06 06:49 AM
Christina's Latest painting on ebay is great! [View All]
I really like this one and I think she does have artistic talent. I wish her luck. She uses the name Christinastartedover on ebay if you want to fin
39 messages
07-16-06 11:03 AM
Lisa question....
I remember catching this particular group of women the first time around and I think I remember Lisa stalking some guy she had the hots for. Am I thi
4 messages
07-11-06 02:45 PM
Josie the 2nd time around
I have a hard time watching Josie with Chloe, I get the feeling that there is alot that does not meet the eye here, she seems like she is all pati
6 messages
07-10-06 04:48 PM
Christie's Journals [View All]
she posted on her myspace about selling journals.. read the comments. People are getting sick of her.LOL
26 messages
07-10-06 03:44 PM
TJ, You're a wonderful person! Those housemates are haters!
I just turned off the show halfway through. I can't bear to watch anymore as TJ struggles to still let her pure heart and desire for the happiness o
1 messages
07-10-06 12:07 PM
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