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Conferences Starting Over Individual Houseguest Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Why does Meg talk like she is sleepy?
She seemed a bit drowsy last year but it almost comatose! Apparently she is no more comfortabale in her skin than last year. At least Candy's ch
14 messages
05-31-06 01:42 AM
Today was a SLAP in the face to Niambi [View All]
This is just WRONG WRONG WRONG! I felt very bad for Niambi at Christies graduation. What a big slap in the face to Niambi. So new how muc
72 messages
05-30-06 09:14 PM
Invitation to Jody...
Instead of investing in Christie who appears to be brain dead and lazy - go for Antonia! She liked you. She let you play with her hair
3 messages
05-30-06 06:24 PM
Niambi, a women who loves too much?
From about the 3rd show with Niambi I couldn't help but think she was fitting into the catogory of a "women who loves too much" and thought that
15 messages
05-30-06 05:36 PM
Cassie from Season 1
First time posting in the forums, so hello to everyone! I came across this picture of Cassie on MySpace and I thought I'd share it.%0
5 messages
05-30-06 12:55 PM
CHRISTIE...COVER MODEL!.. Her 1st job [View All]
This is Christie new line of work, after she fails with her jewlery and candles..:7 :7
54 messages
05-29-06 10:40 PM
Antonia's graduating?! [View All]
Now, I like Antonia as much as the next person, but I was truly shocked when they announced she was graduating! I had figured she was going to
33 messages
05-28-06 11:39 PM
Where Was Christina? [View All]
Correct me if I am wrong, but , i did not see Christina today at the 5k race or at the SOH when everyone was all together outside. Where was She%3
22 messages
05-27-06 10:25 PM
Christina's new eBay item
My, these SO girls are busy on eBay! Here's Christina's latest work of art, as mentioned on her myspace site: "I made the mo
19 messages
05-27-06 05:12 PM
Sign the internet petition to keep Starting Over!
' tition.html
Lady Cleo
1 messages
05-27-06 05:01 PM
Niambe as SO regular...
Given Andy can't do makeovers worth - - - - and given she is their so called "expert" - why not bring back a new Niambe as the SO house fitness
1 messages
05-27-06 09:00 AM
What ever happened to the Toad dancing naked infront of the mirror?
The blah blah blah...(fill in the blank)specialist said the Toad was supposed to put on her favorite music and dance naked infront of the mirror.
0 messages
05-26-06 08:17 PM
Christie's Makeover [View All]
One word: bronzer.
21 messages
05-26-06 03:57 PM
Good Riddance Christie!!
Is anyone else glad they won't have to see Christie's thunder thighs and hear her whiny a** voice? I say good riddance! She was the most a
19 messages
05-26-06 03:42 PM
Niambi All Alone? [View All]
Ok, with everyone graduating, does that mean Niambi's going to be the only person left in the house? And if so, boy are the dynamics about
21 messages
05-26-06 09:23 AM
Jodi's Indecent Proposal [View All]
What is up with this girl? Antonia is talking about being broke and the first thing that comes to Jodi's mind is I'll pay you to rub my shoulde
56 messages
05-25-06 11:25 PM
Save the show!
The show can be saved if enough people call 818-777-0244 between 9:00 and 5:00 PST. They are collecting and counting votes to see if it's worth
Lady Cleo
0 messages
05-25-06 08:46 PM
MySpace addresses for SO graduates
I see many of you post remarks made by SO graduates on their MySpace sites. Could you please post the directions on how to get to them? T
11 messages
05-25-06 08:04 PM
Like daughter...
Notice how the other day Christie was elated to receive the prototype of the race t-shirt and commented on how she would be keeping hers - and then to
4 messages
05-25-06 04:49 PM
Niambi: I believe in you!!!!
Girl, if you are reading these boards, I want you to know that I am inspired by your beauty and strength. If Starting Over is not back next seaso
6 messages
05-25-06 12:38 PM
Did They Blow Up or What?
I could not believe how fat some of the SO graduates had gotten: Allison Maureen Cassie 1 Boy, they chunked up good!
9 messages
05-25-06 12:37 PM
Christie's graduation gift
What did you all think about her gift? I didn't think she looked to happy about going on a ski trip. And how is she suppose to move and buy furnit
13 messages
05-25-06 11:41 AM
Andy, please sit down and shut up!
I love how they cut Andy off. She was about to expound on things as though she was a life coach instead of the make over queen that she is. %0
6 messages
05-25-06 07:13 AM
antonia's father
I have a question, did i miss the show when Antonia decided she was going to try to work things out with her father? I thought she wanted nothing
4 messages
05-25-06 01:15 AM
Jill Ignoring her Mom on Christmas... [View All]
Did Jill ever explain why she chose not to contact her mom on Christmas? I know she spent the holiday with her dad, but why did she not speak to h
35 messages
05-25-06 01:09 AM
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