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Kelly's Vengence! [View All]
She's back!!!! TJ too. I almost forgot that TJ even knew Kim. So "Mama's home" according to her and will she top Kim i
39 messages
04-27-06 12:44 PM
Jodi should have to stand on a scale for her graduation speech!
So she threw her mask over the balcony as a fresh start and she has done nothing since! When they were talking about Sommer not going along with the
1 messages
04-27-06 00:58 AM
kim's graduation gift [View All]
THAT'S IT????? WTF? A three night cruise for two to Baja is less than $800, if that. I can't believe how inequitable the HG gif
53 messages
04-26-06 07:26 PM
Kim's Graduation Makeover [View All]
I think the new look is fine, but I do not like it better than her regular look. Now her hair looks too thin. I loved her full straight hair. Kim
61 messages
04-26-06 07:05 PM
Starting Over HG - Niambi
I feel that there is an important aspect of Mr. Situation entagled with her that is being absolutely and completely evaded. I feel for Niambi a
0 messages
04-26-06 04:20 PM
Antonia's questions to Cassie
Why didnít someone smack the crap out of Antonia today? I was waiting for someone to stop her but I guess everyone was in the same state of shock.
15 messages
04-26-06 01:34 PM
It's nice to see how Kim has grown...I pray God's blessings upon her life...Marian
0 messages
04-26-06 11:00 AM
Where is Kim's husband?
I have missed episodes here and there over the last few months, so I'm wondering if I missed some big news. I know Kim's talked about her husban
7 messages
04-26-06 02:26 AM
Kelly Graduating [View All]
It's proof to me that some people graduate for other reasons than just reaching their goals. I think sometimes the coaches and producers agree that
73 messages
04-25-06 10:24 PM
Kim's Graduating! YAY!!! [View All]
Kim has worked so hard the entire time she has been in the house. She has gone through the biggest and most positive transformation out of all the ro
58 messages
04-25-06 03:12 PM
Kelly and her mouth. [View All]
I hope Kelly eventually comes around but that woman can be so evil. What bugs me the most is that weird thing she does with her mouth. Her mouth is c
48 messages
04-25-06 03:02 PM
Is Jodi Gay????
Did anyone else pick up on how many times Jodie told Kim she looked sexy she kept saying "I love you sexy" It was starting to creep me out.
3 messages
04-25-06 01:30 PM
Oh, God! Sommer's back!
Here we go again. There seems to be an endless supply of second chances in the Starting Over House these days. You can now get a D in the Board of R
3 messages
04-25-06 01:06 PM
Kelly's weird mouth thing
I don't know if this has been brought up yet, but has anyone else noticed that strange thing Kelly always does with her mouth? So annoying!%2
1 messages
04-25-06 04:34 AM
Dear Abby, I mean Christie
What is up with Christie going around giving advice to everyone like she is an authority? Why can't she just lend an ear and be supportive? I
19 messages
04-25-06 00:13 AM
Posting spoilers in this forum will get you banned. Per our guidelines: [b]XI. KEEP "SPOILERS" IN THE SPOILERS FORUMS... OR OTHE
112 messages
04-24-06 09:10 PM
I can finally start watching again now that KIMS gone!!!!!
Thanks SO for getting Kim out of there. I wish she would have been kicked out for her self-serving attitude but I'll take her leaving anyway I
2 messages
04-24-06 08:39 PM
Comments Made at Kim's Graduation
I was really touched by the speech Dr. Stan gave at Kim's graduation. He's the one LC that really seemed to connect with her and genuinely feel d
7 messages
04-24-06 08:38 PM
Antonia as clueless as PukingLisa
Her total cluelessness about money makes her seem as helpless as Lisa1 was in her pink babydoll dress. When she said that $630 wouldn't be enough
5 messages
04-24-06 08:37 PM
I think Kelly looked well-rested and good. I think Andy did a GOOD JOB!
53 messages
04-24-06 02:17 PM
Niambi Attitude
This one has such attitude. When Christina was messing with a married man she was a bad person but whats the difference in what Niambis been doing?
15 messages
04-24-06 12:22 PM
Jodi's "C" [View All]
Jodi got a C in the border review and she's flipping out. She wants to run, she wants to leave. She was crying big time while Iyanla and Rhonda
Dayum Yankee
39 messages
04-24-06 04:59 AM
Niambi slicing open scarecrow man. [View All]
Anyone find Niambi being given a stuffed man to represent her Father and being told by Iyanla to "Go ahead and slice him open.Rip his stuffing out.L
27 messages
04-23-06 06:34 PM
Kim's Comments [View All]
I hope Rhonda blastís Kim for her comments at Kellyís graduation. Kelly has not been the starter of the crap between her and Kim and for Kim to cl
94 messages
04-23-06 12:10 PM
Couldn't believe what Niambi said
After Niambi found out another black 'sister' was coming into the house, she says to Kim something like, "I was going crazy with all you whi
59 messages
04-22-06 09:28 PM
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