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Conferences Starting Over Individual Houseguest Discussion Forum (Protected)
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I am alive and well, thank you for caring and sharing! TJ [View All]
I received an email from a viewer named Dawn, it took me so long to write my response to her and after reading the message boards I thought I would
The Real TJ
85 messages
08-30-06 07:26 AM
Allison putting groceries (and wine) on credit cards! [View All]
Yeah, I'd say you're living beyond your means if you're putting your South Beach frozen entrees and Kendall Jackson wine on the Visa and Maste
32 messages
08-29-06 05:53 PM
Allison Puzzle [View All]
I'm new to watching the show, but I have a few questions about Allison! I know she was a houseguest in an earlier season, which sea
21 messages
08-28-06 04:43 PM
I, me, mine - Christy [View All]
Is this (no way jose she is 29 try 40) woman capable of uttering an entire "coherent" sentence without the words "I", "me" "my"
22 messages
08-27-06 01:40 PM
Rate 3 most pathetic HG's
Christy Allison Cassie bobble head
3 messages
08-27-06 09:02 AM
Link to thread with info on show's status?
Hi, I know there are locked threads regarding the show's cancellation (or not) --- but I can't find an original thread with the i
3 messages
08-24-06 08:45 PM
Christina the gossip...
I love how Christina confronts her housemates (I think it was Kim and someone else) and says she doesn't want them including her in their conver
16 messages
08-24-06 03:05 AM
Kim is back starting tomorrow! [View All]
I am glad to see Kim coming on to replace Jessica.She shakes things up a little.I always had alot of compassion for her though I know she could be obn
25 messages
08-22-06 04:46 PM
Bobble head reunion
Cassie is back today seeing her son and living in her dream world. It made me wonder how Justin's other mother must of felt watching it.
7 messages
08-20-06 09:35 PM
Jill and her Jenny Craig Contract [View All]
Does anyone know if Jill is still on the Jenny Craig diet (was that the diet plan she was using on the show?) and if so is she endorsing it? I
35 messages
08-19-06 01:51 AM
another season
i am still confused about the future of this show. has anyone heard if there will be another season? watching the end of the second seaso
0 messages
08-18-06 03:24 AM
Houseguest Couldn't Drink Booze But Allowed Sugar - Just plain wrong!!
I just find it very hypocritical of the coaches to expect the starting over house to be "dry" in support of Christy's alcoholism. They chastised
0 messages
08-17-06 02:08 PM
PLEASE 1st series
Hi I live in Australia and we only have got series one...they keep repeating it...over and over again...mind you I dont mind as it means they just hav
0 messages
08-17-06 05:41 AM
Who got into a fight with Jodie
Last fall, I would catch an episode a week or so late at night after coming home from a party, or in dior need of a study break. I remember one ep
3 messages
08-12-06 07:41 PM
Lisa 2 is back again .I am already bored.
I can't feel anything but irritation with her.I just don't care about her phony little self and her boring problems.I never exactly got what she w
15 messages
08-11-06 04:19 PM
Chat - 6pm Pacific
Don't forget the chat tonight, July 6. We had a great time last week and we welcome those of you who have not joined us yet. http:/
12 messages
08-10-06 04:49 PM
Ah Geez Here we go again!
Allison graduation episode on Tuesday. I don't know if I can watch it again! I barely got through it the last time.
15 messages
08-08-06 07:23 PM
Allison - ummm [View All]
You are 45 years old. Haven't you mastered the english vocabulary to use a different word rather than the teenage vernacular of "umm" after eve
50 messages
08-07-06 12:14 PM
Allison...Birthday [View All]
Did anyone else catch Alli-about-me on the phone today with her Mother. If that was not enough to make you lose your cookies. Who's Birthday is it
33 messages
08-04-06 07:41 PM
Jill's Radio Gig
Hey everybody, long time, no see. Anyone have the scoop on why Jill isn't working at KJAZZ anymore? I just read on a j
10 messages
08-04-06 02:23 PM
Jessica's voice
Why do you use that affected immature high pitched voice? You had an education. Your father is a doctor. You have no reason to use that baby voice
6 messages
08-04-06 11:47 AM
Jill's Looking Good!
Okay, even though I'm pretty disgusted with the direction Jill has taken over this last few weeks with the paid chats and the nightmare website -
33 messages
08-03-06 01:02 PM
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa [View All]
I am having alot of trouble watching the re-runs of Lisa1. I couldn't stomach her the first time around. Now, I am downright nauseous. %
54 messages
07-31-06 07:32 PM
christina's secret
Did anyone ever figure out what Christina's big secret was? As I watched the episode I couldn't remember if it ever came out what it was...
20 messages
07-29-06 10:29 PM
Re:Saving SO - f rom an NBC programmer..
Saving SO-from NBC programmer - 2006/07/25 09:46 Hi all, We need to locate as many starting over fan groups as possible and o
0 messages
07-28-06 05:48 PM
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