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Christie's body painting
I don't know why this was presented as an illustration of Christie conquering her body issues. (Give me a break. I don't think Christie even %
7 messages
05-22-06 06:51 PM
Christie's Hair: Eight Was Enough! [View All]
Is Christie the missing 9th child from Eight is enough? Her hair is old fashion. Late 70's. Too long. Unnatural colors. Odd segments pull bac
29 messages
05-22-06 06:37 PM
.....The green eyed monster has taken over todays show. This is her newest photo from her actions. ---------------------------------------- ------
26 messages
05-22-06 05:18 PM
Jill and her dad
Was it just me or the editing? I didnt think Jillīs dad seemed remorseful at all. They (the family) seemed to be doing the "reunion" just
4 messages
05-22-06 02:52 PM
Antonias Graduation Gift
I saw the show but I missed what they gave Antonia for a gift. Can anyone help me?
1 messages
05-22-06 11:46 AM
Antonia graduating?
Why again is Antonia graduating? Because she was able to spend someone elses money to redo a room? I don't think she should have even been on th
0 messages
05-22-06 11:31 AM
Christie,why is everything with you a drag in the longsuffering muck?
Yes,I understand you've had a rough life.Yes,I get it your trying to detox from your addictions.But there comes a time when you have to DECIDE t
0 messages
05-22-06 10:57 AM
PROOF that Sommer didn't have a body issue!
Sommer already had a "full body experience" performing in front of a public audience! I don't know how to post the picture (please help if
11 messages
05-22-06 09:19 AM
Antonia's Process?? (The Rich Housewife's Decorating Assignment) [View All]
Hello? Ethan Allen? I need an Interior Decorator! Can you bring me any fabric, furnishings, wall coverings, lamps or anything you think I
35 messages
05-21-06 10:56 PM
starting over OVER
has anyone heard the show is over. because on there web site it says season finial show but on the soundover preview it says series finial show.%0
1 messages
05-21-06 04:40 PM
Niambi running out of time?
I was reading Niambi's on line blog on her myspace account (link is on this board in the general discussion area) and she said that she KNEW the
2 messages
05-21-06 03:07 PM
Antonia has no business being in this house [View All]
Woof Woof!! Ok I know Im gonna catch alot of crap for this, but I cant hold my tongue any longer!! Antonia is driving
27 messages
05-21-06 01:02 PM
Antonia is a waste of time and effort......
I think that having Antonia on the show was a waste of time and effort for the life coaches. She really could care less about fixing her shopping and
0 messages
05-21-06 01:01 PM
Niambi's Dark Shasha looks like Gumby!
OK, maybe it's my warped sense of humor, but "Sasha" really reminds me of my favorite childhood cartoon friend, Gumby! These visu
7 messages
05-21-06 11:37 AM
Whatever happened to Antonia's guest room makeover?
I don't believe I missed any episodes but I cannot for the life of me remember Iyanla reviewing this task with Antonia. Did they ever show the room
17 messages
05-21-06 11:31 AM
Jodie just can't keep her hands to herself ! [View All]
Why was Jodie holding hands with Antonia and playing with her hair? she better be careful or she'll upset Christie.
23 messages
05-21-06 01:58 AM
Christie's Tunder Thighs! [View All]
Her thighs are enormous! Talk about a pear shape. She spends so much time and energy judging herself and everyone else can't she spend a few min
142 messages
05-21-06 00:40 AM
Antonia's college degree?
I thought it was stated that Antonia was a college graduate. Today she said that one day she hopes to get her bachelor's degree and then go on to t
16 messages
05-20-06 09:04 PM
Christie's 5K Assignment [View All]
Ok, the whole 5K run needs its own thread, IMO. Did anyone else think it was at all ODD for Christie to hug a man she just had a brief
67 messages
05-20-06 08:51 PM
Antonia - A 'Fixed' Type of Person [View All]
Antonia feels strongly about NOT filing for bankruptcy. She claims to be a "fixed" kind of a person, and when she "says something, she mean
30 messages
05-20-06 02:21 PM
Jodi eats like a pig. [View All]
Anyone notice, on last Friday's show, how Jodi was shovelling that lasagne into her mouth? She had more on her plate than anyone else. And,
23 messages
05-20-06 01:53 PM
CHRISTIE...take 4 vicodins and ...
call Iyanla in the morning. You are not graduating because you are not doing the work. Your jealousy of all the SO housemates who get to graduate ah
12 messages
05-20-06 07:01 AM
Christies being babied
I fill that christie is babied and sucks up everyones energy.I fill all the women are supporting her to much,support is good but shes using them to
3 messages
05-19-06 05:30 PM
Christie comments
Well i'm sorry i'm posting this a little late because i just moves and just getting back on the board. I wanted to comment on that racial comment
0 messages
05-19-06 05:28 PM
Jodi's new photo...
Jodi updated her profile pic on her myspace page: ds/User_files/446d1c732fdf8a15.jpg
8 messages
05-19-06 12:58 PM
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