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Sommer's Sensuality Workshop with Cat Dukes the... [View All]
"Senior Level Exotic Dance Instructor for the Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women" (swear this is verbatim what she said. I'm certain s
40 messages
05-19-06 10:00 AM
Kim sighting
saw kim and her husband and jax at a local "spot" last week...for those of you that did not like her make-over, her hair had returned to its pre
6 messages
05-19-06 09:45 AM
Antonia's Apartment [View All]
I missed what the apartment looked like on the outside but the apartment manager threw a red flag up for me, is this in a safe part of CA? BTW,
37 messages
05-18-06 09:32 PM
Christies "helper"
OK, here I go again but did anyone notice the hair on the women who was supposed to be helping Christie? Forgive me here folks but I couldn't h
10 messages
05-18-06 06:23 PM
Christie, please pray to St. Anthony and the Patron Saint of 5K's
This girl is beyond disorganized and it's not because, "I don't have a college degree. (said with whiny clogged nose voice)" She will l
0 messages
05-18-06 05:49 PM
Christie's Reaction to Sommer
Did anyone else feel that Christie had resentment oozing out of her during Sommer's graduation? Where was all that COMPASSION Christie? %0
14 messages
05-18-06 05:47 PM
Christrie's Nose
What's the deal? It's getting more bulbous? Is it because of all the weight she's gained since being in the house? Maybe it looks bigge
0 messages
05-18-06 05:28 PM
Antonia,please get organized and quit bugging poor St. Anthony. [View All]
I had to laugh today when Antonia announced that every time she loses something she says a prayer to St.Anthony.And how often would that be Antonia ab
26 messages
05-18-06 05:00 PM
Antonia's tooth broke because she was talking about "Daddy"???? [View All]
Antonia was given the assignment to meet with Jennifer(Season One) for lunch, so Jennifer could persuade Antonia that she needs to develop a rel
30 messages
05-18-06 04:36 PM
How about a "Where are they Now" thread?
I would love to know where and how some of the old SO house guests are doing, I think it would be so interesting. Wish they could post here and let
1 messages
05-18-06 02:23 PM
Oooo! Sommer won the dance-off! [View All]
She is now officially...what was it they called her? The "hottest dancer in LA"? Honestly, could this have been any lamer, and
25 messages
05-18-06 01:22 PM
Dr. Stan's group...A friendly reminder to house guests?
Do you get the feeling Dr. Stan talked to the girls about support today because he knows that Jodi and Sommer would much rather move on with their liv
1 messages
05-17-06 08:31 PM
Renee: Miracle Bra or Augmentation?
OK, I cannot be alone in this observation. She [b]was[/b] completely sexed out, right? The hair falling over one eye, th
11 messages
05-17-06 05:20 PM
Niambi "running" the 5k
Oh how convienent Christie will use the "angry black b*tch" to run her race so she can look like she had enough know-how to actually bring in a
2 messages
05-17-06 04:02 PM
Did anyone notice Jodi's outfit @ Somers dance... [View All]
YIKES!! At first I didn't recognize her. I would think that one of her "loves" in the house would step up and tell her that she could have
25 messages
05-17-06 02:58 PM
Just exactly WHAT did Jodi accomplish anyway? [View All]
I was reflecting on Jodi's "graduation" today and couldn't put my finger on what she actually did do/learn/accomplish to earn her graduati
28 messages
05-17-06 01:59 PM
Andy the Amazon?
Just realized today standing next to Sommer how BIG she is . How tall is Ms. Page?
4 messages
05-17-06 11:36 AM
Jodi's Touching Problem
This was starting to be addressed on another thread but it seemed off topic there and so weird that it needed a thread of it's own. Just
0 messages
05-16-06 09:05 PM
Jodi's Graduation
I wasn't here to see it and I just wondered who the special guest was? It might all ready be on here but I didn't find it sorry if it was all r
3 messages
05-16-06 06:34 PM
Chistina Book
Does enyone now when Chistina is going to put out the book she is wrighting and what the title is?
4 messages
05-16-06 03:09 PM
Jodi's ridiculous graduation gift
Jodi's graduation gift has got to be one of the most ridiculous in SO history. A weeklong singles trip? For that oversexed ho?
20 messages
05-16-06 02:57 PM
Jill Update [View All]
I have it on very good authority that Jill has lost 62 lbs. to date. She is still taking medicine to shrink the tumors in anticipation of surgery.%
22 messages
05-16-06 01:45 PM
Dying to know...
why Summer was asked to leave the SO house to begin with? I only caught: 1. that she had an "interaction" with a member of the production
1 messages
05-16-06 01:24 PM
Sommer's Return [View All]
So how do we all feel about Sommer's return to the SO house? I loved how they asked all the housemates in group if she could stay. Like they h
78 messages
05-16-06 01:16 PM
Niambi's E-mail from Recording Studio--NOT SM!
Those darn producers are sooo tricky! Today when Niambi was sitting at the computer reading a rather long e-mail, her voice-over was a commentary
7 messages
05-16-06 01:15 PM
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