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Starting Over "House of Smoke"
I find it surprising so many of the HG this year are smokers. I think the only ladies who don't smoke were both Lisa's, Christina,Antonia
1 messages
05-03-06 08:46 PM
that WASN'T situation man!!! WOW**
I was just looking around and found this from Niabi's site... wow how misleading was that... bad bad of the show! http://blog.mys
0 messages
05-03-06 08:06 PM
Season Three vs Season Two
I'm disappointed with this season as compared to last. I find they give not as many assignments as they did last year.Too much time is spent w
0 messages
05-03-06 07:07 PM
Cassie's adoption
I am confused. I have watched SO since the second season, and I believe I have seen every single episode since then, but I have missed something
15 messages
05-03-06 06:50 PM
do a little dance, have a little smoke...
Sommers dance teacher was so cool. How fun to take a class with him. I did feel very uncomfortable for her, it was pretty sexy, all that bumping a
0 messages
05-03-06 02:48 PM
Cassie's Poem
I would love to have a copy of both the letter she wrote to her son, and what was written on the picture she gave her son. It may help me reach my s
6 messages
05-03-06 08:13 AM
Cassie last saw son at age 3?????
When she was walking down the hall to meet her son, she said she had not seen him since he was 3. I thought she gave him up at birth. Did sh
11 messages
05-03-06 08:04 AM
What is up eith Jodie calling everyone in the house honey baby????
1 messages
05-02-06 05:36 PM
Niambi 's man
Some ladies enjoy being the other woman. No laundry, kids, money isues and he always goes home. All is fun and games until he picks you. Then you
0 messages
05-02-06 04:14 PM
I found this....wondering if someone else read this...or got any other details!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is still
1 messages
05-02-06 03:32 PM
Christie is close to graduating.
I'm betting they will announce her graduation when she crosses the finish line of her 5K. Anyone else think so too?
1 messages
05-02-06 03:29 PM
Jodies bed hopping again.. ewwwwwww
Once again we see Jodi sprawled out on another HG bed thats having a hard time dealing with the days lessons.. and Jodi is talking and yakkking a
21 messages
05-02-06 03:22 PM
cant find it - info on yesterday's show (5/1)
Ok its been 1/2 an hour now - i've been searching and searching for recap info on yesterday's show - cassie meets her son - and i cant find anyt
2 messages
05-02-06 03:06 PM
Naimbi and make-up issue
It really makes me mad when Iyanla tells her HG's that they need to stop wearing make-up, when she herself is done up. It's a house for women%2
5 messages
05-02-06 02:57 PM
Christie's ulterior motive... [View All]
I was astounded today when Rhonda actually confronted Christie about her "real reasons" for coming to the SO seems she wanted SO to pay
43 messages
05-02-06 01:49 PM
Christie's Old Lady Voice [View All]
From day one her whiny throaty groggy cracking voice has been on my last nerve! I initially thought it was because of all the crying, but it's
25 messages
05-02-06 01:35 PM
Antonia's $100
what happened to the $100 rich dad poor dad author gave to antonia? she was supposed to turn it into $500. i haven't seen her give it a mome
8 messages
05-02-06 01:11 PM
Was Christie a road hazard? [View All]
When Christie jogged to see Rhonda in the park, was she a road hazard? I was wondering because I didn't see the flashing yellow light
22 messages
05-02-06 12:49 PM
missed Yesterday - Cassie Meets her son
Im so aggrivated - my Tivo didnt record S.O. yesterday - Can anyone give me the re-cap on what happened? Did they show her son on camera - .....i ca
1 messages
05-02-06 12:31 PM
In Response to your Posts...
Hello again! This is Nikai aka Miss Situation Man. (I posted a message last night, so for those of you who haven't read it you can go to the s
1 messages
05-02-06 12:05 PM
I forgot how boring Sommer is.
The way she talks, acts, dresses,carries herself is dull, dull, dull. It makes me sleepy. At first I thougt she was holding back to stay u
19 messages
05-02-06 12:00 PM
Sommer is playing her cards very well
Doesn’t it seem that Sommer thinks very cautiously about what she says and does? It seems that she knows exactly what she has to do to s
14 messages
05-02-06 10:43 AM
Did Christie belong to a girl gang?
Anyone else get the feeling that Christie has something thung-ish in her background? Dealt drugs? Violent fights?
4 messages
05-02-06 10:27 AM
Is Cassie a real poet?
I posted this seperately so as not to interfere with other topics. This doesn't really relate to why she is in the house. I do remember though, so
5 messages
05-02-06 00:38 AM
Niambi??? what kind of "athlete"...
smokes cigarettes??? I was shocked to see her smoking after her meeting with the love addiction counselor (who was great, BTW). %
20 messages
05-01-06 11:12 PM
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