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Christie taking custody of her brother?
Either I'm really confused, or I haven't been paying attention while I'm watching the show. When did Rhonda's conversations with Christie g
14 messages
05-12-06 03:03 PM
Jodi's bulimic "trigger" foods.
So, we now know what Jodi's bulimic "trigger" foods are. Sausage, egg, and cheese croissandwiches; tacos; and chocolate chip cookies w
3 messages
05-12-06 12:49 PM
Niambi's site: "Diary of a Black Chick Gone Damn Near Mad"
This is a link from her myspace site. You have to subscribe to her blog to have access. If you have not read her summaries and explanations of recen
0 messages
05-12-06 12:35 PM
Antonia's wild woman hair
When Antonia gets up from a nap, her hair is wild. Sometimes at group, she looks like she just rolled out of bed. If I were her room mate, I wo
6 messages
05-12-06 11:16 AM
Jodi: The Poor Man's Oprah
I am so sick of watching the Jodi Show. Why is she qualified to give advise to everyone about everything? Doesn't she sell ads for a tiny decor
0 messages
05-11-06 11:55 PM
Jodi crying for attention??
Whats up with Jodi crying when it looks like things arent going her way?She cryed when Christie called her out on her control Issues-AND-When Bethan
4 messages
05-11-06 06:22 PM
Jodi planning her graduation?
I was kinda tickled about Jodi's comment, amid her disappointment about her mask suddenly returning -- "I was already planning my graduation!%
10 messages
05-11-06 05:17 PM
Christie should stay out of Black neighborhoods for awhile
It was pretty immature of Christie to take Niambi's unerable moment in group therapy and then throw it back at her later. Maybe Niambi is upset with
0 messages
05-11-06 04:51 PM
Antonia's "Boston accent" is 100% phony! [View All]
I have been born, raised amd live in a suburb of Boston, and I can tell you all that Antonia's Boston accent is so fake! It is so exaggerated
71 messages
05-11-06 12:43 PM
Christie's dorky "sour puss" facial expressions [View All]
Are Christie's frequent "sourpuss" facial expressions a reflection of her judgemental, resentful personality? For someone who thinks she'
27 messages
05-11-06 01:18 AM
Is it any suprise that Christie doesn't get along with Niambi and Antonia?
No matter what time of day it is or the activity at hand, Niambi and Antonia look young, fit and gorgeous. It is clear that Christie has been kic
4 messages
05-11-06 00:57 AM
Hey Antonia, Bert called and wants his EYEBROWS BACK
holy moly, now Im no fashion queen by any measures of the stick but come on girl, Those eyebrows are killing me. I want to go in my garage and get
10 messages
05-10-06 11:36 PM
My heart breaks for Christie's brother..
Poor, poor kid. He had her brother, and she needs others to help her to see that she need to reach out to him. He is already 12, its not like h
1 messages
05-10-06 10:15 PM
Where was Antonia's math teachers?!?!?!
I was disgusted yesterday when Antonia first said she didn't know how to measure a room, but then she didn't know how to use a ruler?!?!
20 messages
05-10-06 07:55 PM
Antonia's Poetry Slam Event [View All]
They gave her two days to promote and plan this event! Are you kidding me!!! How unfair is that? My god they sent Christie to a PR fir
44 messages
05-10-06 06:30 PM
Antonia pre-view
Did you catch how nasty Antonia seems in the pre view for thursdays show? She needs to be put on probation or something, she's just nasty. Just
2 messages
05-10-06 04:51 PM
Christie's 'sit-down' with Niambi
I thought Christie was really forth coming and honest when she sat Niambi down and told her a few things before BOR. I really liked how she wasn't
1 messages
05-10-06 09:35 AM
Is jodi the only hg with a real job, or any kind of hope to be able to cope in the real world? I know alot of people here make fun of her, but
9 messages
05-10-06 00:16 AM
Jodis Control Issues [View All]
Does anyone feel like Jodi thinks she's a life coach. Everytime she talks to any of the other house guests she is condesending and tries to tell the
34 messages
05-09-06 09:19 PM
Update on Christina the "Escort" [View All]
It appears that Christina is crocheting hats and selling them on eBay. (Is she cutting in on Lynnell's business? LOL) And surprise, surpris
32 messages
05-09-06 07:29 PM
Sommer's Bike
Whatever happened to Sommer's bike parts that Rhonda gave her in the park? After each exercise she was suppose to earn some nuts and bolts to ass
3 messages
05-09-06 06:54 PM
Jodi & Christie Rather Chummy
I only caught the last few mintues of today's show, but turned it on just in time to see Christie touching and rubbing Jodi's head, etc.. Look
7 messages
05-09-06 05:23 PM
Jodi's jelly rolls
I know that Jodi has said that she feels okay about her body in her head, but when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she thinks "W
0 messages
05-09-06 05:18 PM
Christie's "spare tire"
Last week, did anyone notice Christie's big roll of fat when she wore that cropped black top? And, great big jiggling a$$ when she turned
9 messages
05-09-06 04:01 PM
Jodi's A at BOR [View All]
I can't for the life of me see that much improvement in Jodi that she got an A at the BOR. I guess sitting around, giving your opinion makes an i
23 messages
05-09-06 12:28 PM
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