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Conferences Starting Over Individual Houseguest Discussion Forum (Protected)
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No one talks about TJ could it be because she is a bore? [View All]
In more ways than one too! I don't get why she is on the show. She is rude and talks without thinking of others and their feelings and that is a
24 messages
07-05-06 12:54 PM
Jessica you sound like an airhead!
There is not word "ta" - the word is to - pronounced as in the number 2 - how clueless are you?
12 messages
07-05-06 05:34 AM
Does any one think that the life coaches have favorite house guests?
5 messages
07-01-06 09:10 PM
Instant Beauty Pageant?
Hey! Wake up everybody! Happy Saturday! Someone had to have watched Instant Beauty Pageant last night! Since I don't have cable, I'm wai
8 messages
07-01-06 12:15 PM
What was the name of that rehab place christie visited
Remember in some of the early episodes with Christy...Rhonda sent her to some new agey rehab type facility in Malibu.. Does anyone remember what it wa
1 messages
06-29-06 10:04 PM
About Blog Entries
This is an excerpt from our community guidelines: [b]You should NOT post information that is copyrighted or owned by any individual o
1 messages
06-28-06 09:59 PM
Allison and Baby Riley
Allison never sounded more "authentic" than when doing her baby talk bit with that single mom's (freakish looking) kid. How does
7 messages
06-28-06 09:24 PM
To Christine
I once was a dancer , I did private parties this was years ago and I want you to know I know How you feel. I did this because I was molested as a ch
1 messages
06-28-06 01:55 PM
Allison's dayfest as "Baby Riley"
Allison is pathetic. She talks in that baby voice and wants Iyanla to act like her "mommy". Her mom sounds sensible - a baked potato is much mor
3 messages
06-27-06 09:52 PM
Starting Over - updates
Hi im wondering if someone knows a site where you can download legally the 'starting over series' i live in australia and they have showed season
1 messages
06-27-06 09:34 AM
Raising Caine? [View All]
How can Christie "decide" that she is going to raise Caine? How will she get custody? Is it okay with the mother? Is it okay with Caine%3
40 messages
06-26-06 06:55 PM
Jill on VH1 - Web Junk 20
A clip of Jill discussing/lamenting the cupcake was on VH1's Web Junk 20 this weekend. The host, comedian Patrice O'neal, said "Hey%2
4 messages
06-25-06 07:25 PM
watching jill on repeats
I caught a repeat today, actually it was new for me. Anyway, boy did Jill look much better in the beginning of her stay then towards the end. I th
5 messages
06-24-06 02:48 AM
Jill's comments about those of us on the Board [View All]
I hope this is an okay place to post this. If not, I'm sure the powers that be will let me know! I recently visited Jill's website to find t
101 messages
06-23-06 01:41 PM
christina crying
Today when christina was crying on the bed it didnt sound like her it sounded like Jessica. Am I crazy or did anyone else notice that? Or was it bad
3 messages
06-21-06 09:42 PM
Tell me it wasn't Allison! [View All]
I just saw a Venus shaving razor commercial and I swear it was Alliwhine's voice doing the voiceover. Has anyone seen and heard it? What do you th
48 messages
06-21-06 07:11 PM
Christie's family services background?
I just visited Christie's new website Where she says she, in her bio and resume, that she "has an exte
6 messages
06-21-06 05:17 PM
How Does Christie Support Herself - Part 2
This is a continuation of ds/DCForumID57/4609.shtml, started by request after the first one reac
110 messages
06-20-06 07:05 PM
JILL"S new message: How Come You Don't Call Me?
You can't learn to swim unless you get back in the pool...I've been sticking my toe in the water and it's luke warm, you know that not hot,
3 messages
06-19-06 12:09 PM
How to find the blogs of Starting Over Women
Can someone please post the site of where I should go for the list of blogs on myspace for the starting over women? Thanks
0 messages
06-18-06 05:55 PM
Starting Over Emails
Hi, Does anyone know where I can find the emails and starting over members bio's - where they answer questions emailed to them. I found
0 messages
06-18-06 02:29 PM
Allison may have turned to the cloth
I posted a link in the link compilation thread. Dopey Dwarf suggested I post reference to it here because people will want to read about it. She's p
12 messages
06-15-06 10:53 AM
Deborah, Season II--Oh My!
I just finished watching a repeat from the beginning of season II, and can't wait for the drama to unfold, again!! (TVONE, NYC Metro Are
13 messages
06-14-06 05:14 PM
Christina's Dream
christina has a dream: Hey you guys! This is my first blog ever. I am living in NC and working at my father's store part
64 messages
06-14-06 09:49 AM
Christie Wasted? [View All]
Is Christie high in her latest myspace picture? She looks really out of it. Odd picture to post especially since it is the only addition in such a
45 messages
06-13-06 07:44 PM
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