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Why is Cassie still in the house? [View All]
Sorry...I know Cassie has been in a lot of pain, but I can't help but feel that all of her motives for seeing her son are selfish and the LCs and
75 messages
05-09-06 08:21 AM
Niambi's Affirmation Tape Brought Me to Tears
I was really moved by Friday's episode and actually cried when Niambi 'found her voice' in the recording studio. I can relate to the negative m
1 messages
05-08-06 09:14 PM
Niambi's C at the BOR [View All]
I cried and cried today while watching poor Niambi at the BOR. I hated that she got the C. I can sure relate to what she is going through. My own mot
30 messages
05-08-06 06:25 PM
Christie's "take me seriously" glasses [View All]
Did anyone else notice that whenever Christie was out and about on this 5K run she had those awful, thick-rimmed granny glasses on? Maybe she tho
lia rose
22 messages
05-08-06 06:21 PM
Jodi's 206 pounds of beauty? [View All]
Did you catch Rhonda's comment during Jodi's BOR today? Rhonda: Jodi, when I look you, all I can see is your beauty. Jodi: 20
35 messages
05-08-06 05:15 PM
Sommer seems to have learned one lesson.............
When Antonia asked her a question about what Sommer might know about fellow HG's, Sommer replied, "I don't know nothing about nobody." The
10 messages
05-08-06 01:54 PM
Sommer's Inner-Ho
Why are they encouraging the already over-developed slutty side of Sommer? Last season, this way one of her problems they were trying to fix!
37 messages
05-08-06 09:12 AM
2 messages
05-07-06 10:48 PM
I believe Cassie was brought back now to fill the six spot. At the end of season two,Layne was asked to stay on as a "mentor". I thi
1 messages
05-07-06 10:44 PM
Antonia makes me laugh
I always get a kick on what she has to say. It will be interesting to she how her Poetry Slam goes...It should be very entertaining..
1 messages
05-07-06 10:42 PM
Shortest/Longest HG
Anyone have any ideas who graduated the fastest or who took the longest time to graduate? I think Sinae graduated very quickly and Lisa took the lo
1 messages
05-07-06 10:40 PM
what ever happened to josie and chole?
i would love to know how they are doing and is she doing the right thing by chloe?
0 messages
05-07-06 02:38 PM
Christie can't be a model because... [View All]
she WON'T do the one thing required of the profession: take care of her body! also, she looks too old and ain't that pretty.
81 messages
05-07-06 12:53 PM
Jodie's Sex Quiz [View All]
Did anyone listen to the questions that the expert had her answer. One of them was basically do you use protection each time you have have intercours
21 messages
05-06-06 11:18 AM
Christie's Resume
Does she have one? What jobs has she had in the past? Anything? Where did she get her drug money from? How did she pay for rehab?
2 messages
05-06-06 05:27 AM
Antonia in the Boston Globe!
Hey everyone I just wanted to let you all know that my girl got a two page article in the Boston Globe! it came out today May 4th and it is in the A
4 messages
05-05-06 11:18 PM
Antonia's debt all due to Daddy issues?? [View All]
Antonia is being encouraged to believe that all of her financial issues are a result of her Daddy "abandoning" her. She's being told, in effe
27 messages
05-05-06 10:18 PM
Niambi's phone call [View All]
For all of her tears when IV told her "You sold your soul for a piece of @ss", Niambi, sportin' her new 'do, still felt compelled to
54 messages
05-05-06 10:13 PM
Niambi's Hair
What is happening whith Niambi's hair? The changes are so extreem, I wonder if she wears hair pieces?
16 messages
05-05-06 10:03 PM
Cassie/smoking! [View All]
Hey, I thought Cassie said she quit smoking. Didn't she say that when she came back the 2nd time? They showed her in the patio SMOKIN
31 messages
05-05-06 07:53 PM
I burst into tears when Niambi started beating herself with the bat
It really tore me up. That poor girl. She's definitely my current favorite.
14 messages
05-05-06 07:00 PM
What happened to Kelly?
I must have missed what happened to Kelly. She certainly didn't graduate. Can anyone fill in the info???
2 messages
05-05-06 02:31 PM
Antonia and smoking
There are six woman in the house and Antonia is the only one who doesn't smoke. She is also very young and impressionable. It is irresponsible to
7 messages
05-04-06 05:31 PM
Antonia's knowledge about adoption is a poor as her knowledge of finances!
I'm an adoptive mom to two kids. Open adoption on both kids. Their birthmoms are family. Number two child was just in his birthmom's wedding. A
11 messages
05-04-06 09:37 AM
Cassie's Big Day is Here! [View All]
Since the other thread is quite long, and discusses the background of Cassie's adoption situation, I hope it's okay to start this thread about
63 messages
05-03-06 11:05 PM
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