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I wish Bethany would have stayed on the show. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see why she would have wanted to be at home with her family. But I
10 messages
05-25-06 00:05 AM
Jodi's jewelry and dating [View All]
Here it is in Jodi's own words: ---------------------------------------- ------ Moving forward with goals in hand has been nice. Fi
21 messages
05-24-06 10:53 PM
Christie's "compassion" [View All]
Christie often talks about how "compassionate" she's become since being in the SOH, as if she considers it her single most identifying trait.
44 messages
05-24-06 07:01 PM
Allison's Hands
whats up with her? one hand/thumb in a cast the other in a brace? WTH happened??
12 messages
05-24-06 06:42 PM
Christie Breaks Ego World Record !!! [View All]
Did anyone notice that at Mr. Toadie's graduation, Christie was at the podium for less that 30 seconds yet she managed to use the words "I" %2
34 messages
05-24-06 06:10 PM
Christie's makeover outfit
Firstly why on earth does SO select such crappy stores to select outfits from - where the styles are so outdated. Go to Bloomingdale's or better Ba
3 messages
05-24-06 12:44 PM
This is not a spoiler :7 Christie is out promoting her new book....... ds/Us
9 messages
05-24-06 12:25 PM
Depression just a thought,Niambi
A depressing or being depressed, a hollow or low place, low spirits;dejection. a condition marked by hopelessness, self-doubt, lethargy,
1 messages
05-24-06 02:59 AM
Spending more time with Jill
Am i the only one that sees that there spending more time with Jill that has aready graduated than Niambi that needs the help.I like Jill but she a gr
1 messages
05-23-06 10:59 PM
Christie's Graduation [View All]
Out of all the graduates in the past 3 seasons, Christie is the only one I think is even worse off than when she entered the house. Where is the pr
37 messages
05-23-06 10:56 PM
Cry me a river Jill
Jill has to be the most unappealing person to watch bawling like a baby since Jody. I find it hard to believe she has a radio program whe
3 messages
05-23-06 09:35 PM
Nambi's sprained Ankles and lousy Attitude [View All]
Nambi has a lousy attitude toward everything and everyone in the house. I dont' know what her problem is but she is just Rude Rude Rude. I wasnt a
78 messages
05-23-06 07:47 PM
Christie's Hair!
Oh my lord! Thank goodness they cut it. I swear it looked ten times better the moment the guy at the salon cut off the ponytail for Lock of Love.
16 messages
05-23-06 05:29 PM
Christie the "Typical White Woman" WTF? [View All]
Today Christie said that she represents the typical white woman that opressed Niambi. I am a Black woman that, I'm sure like Niambi, know endles
62 messages
05-23-06 05:20 PM
Is Niambi going to graduate
Well are they pushing her out because of the end of the season?I think that Antoni left to soon, and everyone is forced to help the fake baby(Ch
11 messages
05-23-06 05:11 PM
Christie, take your big butt back to rehab!!! [View All]
She hasn't done *blank* to deal with her real addictions. 5 minutes after Rhonda's book tour is over she will be back on something or another
37 messages
05-23-06 12:53 PM
I get so sick of hearing these backstabbing housemates, who by the way hate eachother at one time or another, talk about how they love one another
2 messages
05-23-06 12:48 PM
Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure?
Why does Jodi get away with so touching, caressing, bed hopping, snuggling when Meg was called out on barely touching Karen last season? Jodi
2 messages
05-23-06 12:27 PM
I LOVE Jill's Hair!! [View All]
It is so much better than the extensions they gave her after they cut off her locks. I am also actually glad to see her back in the house unlike the
22 messages
05-23-06 12:20 PM
Antonia's makeover
What did you think of Antonia's makeover? I thought she looked nice when the "final result" was revealed at her graduation. (I also think
16 messages
05-23-06 11:33 AM
Sommer's Make over! [View All]
Wow! Well clutch my pearls! I actually liked it. The hair was a big improvement. It looked healthy and had movement. I loved the boots!!
32 messages
05-23-06 11:04 AM
Christie's "busy" hands.
Anyone notice how Christie, after discovering she was graduating, gave Rhonda a full body hug and dry humped her? Looks like Jodi isn't the on
7 messages
05-23-06 09:08 AM
Christie's lethargy [View All]
Why is it so arduous for Christie to even keep her eyes open let alone speak. She can't differentiate between an agenda for the day of the race and
31 messages
05-22-06 09:15 PM
Ack! I missed it!
Can anyone tell me what Antonia's grad gift was?? She did look lovely at her ceremony, LOVED the brows!
3 messages
05-22-06 08:57 PM
If the housemates drop the ball then Christie fails.. WHAT? [View All]
How is it that when one of the housemates is about to bomb on her assignment it now becomes a group thing. I don't get that at all. Especially aft
31 messages
05-22-06 07:10 PM
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