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Conferences Starting Over Individual Houseguest Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Niambi's email to Mr. S. [View All]
Does anyone know what Niambi's email said that she sent to Mr. Situation. I wonder why the phone call was cut off. Did he hang up on her or did th
56 messages
05-16-06 08:00 AM
Christie's Marriage???
Why has she NEVER discussed it? When was she married? For how long? Why did it end? Did he do drugs too? Did he sell them? We know t
19 messages
05-16-06 07:34 AM
Niambi exciting as watching paint dry [View All]
That girl is just plain dull - her demeanor, her facial expressions (or lack thereof). What is with her?? If that's how she is in 'rea
26 messages
05-16-06 07:31 AM
Niami talking ghetto [View All]
Did any one else notice How Niambi, who usually is well spoken, & sounds educated, started talking all ghetto when she & Antonia were having
23 messages
05-16-06 01:16 AM
Niambi: 'I found my damn voice...' [View All]
Best line of the season: "You been long you been here? Two, three years?" (referring to Christie) I know thi
62 messages
05-16-06 00:09 AM
Are we suppose to feel for Niambi?
Hello to everyone. I'm new around these parts but I'm not new to the show. I've enjoyed reading your post for some time and decided to post toda
2 messages
05-15-06 08:37 PM
How do you find SO former HG blogs?
i've seen posts saying that people have read blogs from folks that were on SO, but i have no clue how myspace really works, so i don't know wh
1 messages
05-15-06 06:30 PM
PJ form season 1
Now, I'm not sure if I can post this here....if not mods can move. I just read a post on another site that stated they had heard from a
10 messages
05-15-06 04:40 PM
Christie [View All]
I think Christie is being treated unfairly. I feel she has made amazing progress in the house and I think Antonia and Niambi's bully mentality has
21 messages
05-15-06 02:01 PM
Christie's phoney I love you
I wanted to puke when Christie said "I love you" at the dinner & then went home & stared complaining about Antoinea &/or Niamie. How phone
13 messages
05-14-06 01:31 PM
Starting Over HGs - Favorites and Least Favorites
I was just wondering who everybody's favorite and least favorite houseguests were from each season. This third season is the only one that I've w
5 messages
05-14-06 09:37 AM
Cassie's GONE!!!! [View All]
Well I for one am not sad to see her gone. I thought after keeping her on for days and days with nothing to do after her meeting with Dustin that her
33 messages
05-14-06 08:03 AM
How many people need to help Antonia with projects? [View All]
Antonia was required to paint a room, I believe. It wasn't an unmanageable task. Niambi helped her. Then both Antonia and Niambi have chips on
66 messages
05-14-06 02:30 AM
Jodi's Make Over [View All]
Ok for the first time I actually liked the Andy Paige hair do. It made her look so much softer. The clothes however, I just don't get it. Is
29 messages
05-14-06 00:21 AM
Jodi is a big FAT liar! [View All]
So the menu for today's welcome party for Bethany (bless her heart) was: steak fried coconut shrimp corn on the cob
145 messages
05-13-06 05:12 PM
Jodi's mom's mask
After Jodi's graduation, she was standing outside with her mom and her mom praised her for all her hard work. She told Jodi that she had also remo
3 messages
05-13-06 04:51 PM
Antoniaís mouth is going to get her kicked out [View All]
Why hasnít Iyanla said anything to Antonia about her rude comments and back talk. I think she should have been up for BOR and received a
47 messages
05-13-06 04:35 PM
Christie and Jodi kissing on the mouth
My jaw dropped to the ground when Christie grabbed Jodi's face and planted one right on her lips!! It was like two whales cuddling. I am permane
9 messages
05-13-06 03:23 PM
Jodi, did you earn a step today?
Is it just me, or does it seem like they don't let you know when the women in SO house earn steps towards their goals?!! I mean Jodi has bee
3 messages
05-13-06 03:39 AM
Christie was telling Niambi that she isn't going to...
be the beeyotch and call people out anymore, blah, blah blah...agree. What is she talking about. Christie hasn't stood up for herself in the ho
1 messages
05-13-06 02:26 AM
Jodie and her mom [View All]
Well, now we know where Jodi (bless her heart, no meaness intended) gets her good looks! Her mom looks like Penny Marshall in a long blonde
32 messages
05-12-06 11:55 PM
Antionia is Just Spoiled and Lazy... [View All]
I am amazed that some of you think she was jipped on time when she had to put together her event. Even if she was short on time, She was comfortable
38 messages
05-12-06 08:43 PM
Christie's Vicodin?
Christie has been in the house weeks, months, years...and we haven't heard anything about her Vicodin addiction except that she lied to the show
11 messages
05-12-06 05:32 PM
Jodi looks like MISS PIGGY!
Did anyone see on the preview of today's graduating show? Jodi looks like Miss Piggy in that awful gold thing! Too bad
2 messages
05-12-06 03:49 PM
Christie and no repsonsibility [View All]
Wow! My first thread! :) I was so surprised yesterday to hear Christie tell the t-shirt man "I was hoping that since this is such
30 messages
05-12-06 03:08 PM
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