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What did Carrie write on her hand?
A screencap from last weeks show, shows that Carrie wrote something on her left hand. Lyrics maybe ? http://usera.imagecave
5 messages
03-16-05 07:10 PM
Mario doing Letterman's "Top 10"
Somewhat amusing, then again maybe not. Check it out for yourself.
4 messages
03-16-05 06:57 PM
top 12
ar you happy with the top 12
21 messages
03-16-05 08:13 PM
Bo too?
I heard a rumor that Bo might go too, that it is a contract issue. Anyone else hear that? Sure hope not! http://community.realitytv
5 messages
03-17-05 09:36 AM
Nikko back Mario gone
Mario has withdrawn from the competition due to personal reasons, Nikki is back in his place because he got more votes than Travis on the last episo
37 messages
03-17-05 09:43 AM
Mario hires Clay's Lawyer
Here is the link I didn't realize that Clay got out of the AI contract as well. If they have problems they should try to find a better solution.%
4 messages
03-17-05 01:21 PM
The Spoiler thread ... Warning: SPOILERS ahead
Welcome to a SPOILER thread for those folks who just canít wait to see how American Idol turns out. If you donít want to know, please avoid this
34 messages
03-18-05 08:41 PM
Mario news
Take a look.,2933,150- 02,00.html geekboy
11 messages
03-22-05 10:28 AM
Diana DeGarmo
FreeView weekend concert on Direct TV Channel 801, March 19th. She sounds rather good, her interviews not too bad, afterall, she's only 17
1 messages
03-20-05 01:16 PM
Serra in Trouble?
Being the third worst vote getter, do you think Jessica's days are numbered? She was picked as one who would make it to the final four. So, do
16 messages
03-19-05 03:12 AM
Bo Bice the fake rocker
I know he's a favorite and I like him I do, but a rocker he is not. Long hair and vintage clothes a rocker does not make. Right there on the fox
20 messages
03-22-05 11:19 PM
Trying to call...but need a number
Does anyone remember what number Bo was? I was voting for Constantine and keep getting through (not a good sign)... But, can what number
0 messages
03-23-05 00:44 AM
REVOTE! New show Wed. Elimination Thurs.
IMPORTANT PROGRAM NOTE CHANGE Due to an error with the graphics shown on-screen (incorrect voting numbers were displayed) during the performa
1 messages
03-23-05 11:27 AM
Amanda Avila
Just did a search on Yahoo! for Amanda Avila and it seems that she was on Star Search on CBS, I wonder if they know about this. http%
7 messages
03-24-05 09:52 AM
Which Mikalah camp are you in?
Camp Wow She is Spunky!!!! or Camp Someone Please Beat Her with the Microphone Stand, Now. ? Simon thinks the viewing public ca
102 messages
03-24-05 11:51 AM
Would Bo cut his hair
Along the lines of a makeover, like what happened to Clay, after hearing Simon say the hair needs to go, do you think Bo would cut his hair?
3 messages
03-24-05 02:18 PM
Black Guy from South Alabama
Where could I get a video of the Black Guy from South Alabama ,It was on the first audition worst I have every seen .Simon could not understand a si
Scott Mattison
0 messages
03-25-05 00:51 AM
Straight Up Now Tell Me....Paula Caught In Hit and Run (and Charged Therewith) her wretched song stuck in my head when I read this. i?file=/news/archive%2
6 messages
03-25-05 11:25 AM
Another AI DAW in a movie
Jim Verraros of the first AI is starring in a movie (also starring Ryan Carnes, the gay gardener on "Desperate Housewives"). Info on the mov
0 messages
03-25-05 08:22 PM
And more Mario news leaks out
Interesting, isn't it??? 8.htm geekboy
7 messages
03-25-05 10:02 PM
Paula Gone Wild?
We were having this disucssion at work today that Paula was acting weird last night? Anyone else notice that? She seem to be on something.
10 messages
03-26-05 09:04 PM
Ding Dong Makala is gone!!!!
It took 9 weeks, but the Fran Dreshire wannabe is gone from the compeition. Now, all the the bad singers gone, or is there anyone else we want o
8 messages
03-26-05 11:50 PM
Why do you love Anthony Fedorov?
Hello to all the million fans of Anthony Fedorov out there. Please drop by and say hello to our number one idol, Anthony. Any encouraging piece for
7 messages
03-28-05 02:22 AM
Former Idols' sales figures
A couple of people wanted to compare sales figures for former Idols. Here are some official numbers, researched from SoundScan, the industry stan
11 messages
03-29-05 03:57 PM
Carrie's new hairstyle
Did you like Carrie's hair the other night on Billboard #1 hit's night ? ds/User_
12 messages
03-29-05 04:13 PM
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