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Quote from Scott
"If you go to Cleveland you'll probably see a million people just like me." Mental note....Never go to Cleveland.
14 messages
05-05-05 04:51 PM
Who will replace Paula?
Allegations and controversy abound AND she sucks as a judge? I think the writing is on the wall here. So, the question becomes who is going to b
19 messages
05-05-05 06:13 PM
Most marketable contestant
Who do you think is the most marketable contestant now? I know Carrie will sell records to country music fans but can she carry over into the MTV a
0 messages
05-05-05 08:04 PM
I figured out Carrie's problem
Simon wasn't far off the mark when he calls Carrie's performances "robotic". Each week, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with Carr
9 messages
05-05-05 10:44 PM
Songs for Bo to Sing
Bo, if you have ever heard a Jeffrey Steele song you'd know why I am saying you'd have a bunch of song to choose from if you wanted to sing one
3 messages
05-06-05 10:51 AM
Local paper speculates about Paula
Freebie local paper (AM New York) asks if she will she be replaced after this season. So let's get crankin'- Who do you think should replace P
27 messages
05-06-05 12:00 PM
Corey Clark on Howard Stern
I've only been bale to listen to a little on the way to the work but he sounds pretty credible.... maybe Ricky can do a recap??
6 messages
05-06-05 01:20 PM
Paula to make a special appearance on SNL tonight
I just saw this tidbit of information crawling across the bottom of my screen while watching CNN. Maybe now we will get some answers, dammit!
3 messages
05-07-05 07:24 PM
Paula should stay on the show
Wow,I can't beleive what most of you have posted and how rightious you think you are.You judged her and found her guilty and want her fired from t
8 messages
05-07-05 09:58 PM
Ding Dong Scott is gone
It looks like the cockiness backfired on Scott. I think the song you will be singing next week is...oh wait, you aren't going to be back next week
9 messages
05-10-05 08:15 PM
Realitytvworld posts quoted in Boston Globe
I was reading about the Paula Abdul/Corey Clark hoopla in my paper and noticed this site mentioned. They quote two posters from the "Paula Abdul.
2 messages
05-10-05 08:25 PM
Bo's girlfriend
OK I'm going to get up on my soapbox and stand up right now for Bo's girlfriend. I know a lot of youse gals (and a few guys, no?) have th
43 messages
05-11-05 07:20 AM
Corey Clark on Howard Stern Show - Summary
Corey Clark was on the Howard Stern Radio Show this morning. Here's what he said... [i]Howard[/i]: How was the se
9 messages
05-11-05 09:31 AM
Paula Abdul ..if we forgave Clinton
I read somewhere on the web today something along the lines of: "If we forgave Clinton, it is a given for Paula." If the
34 messages
05-11-05 04:42 PM
Vote For the
Responsible for the continued presence of Scott? (Or is it just that Scott's LUUUUUURRRRRVEDDDDDDDDDD). http://www.griffinit
11 messages
05-12-05 08:36 AM
Constantine rocks!
Who on earth is voting for Scott? He should have been gone episodes ago. I have lost faith in this voting system. I am still in shock that Consta
38 messages
05-16-05 04:44 AM
Carrie - Awesome Singer
It seems everyone is trying very hard to critique Carrie, and Bo fans should…for she is the only thing standing between their “idol”
15 messages
05-16-05 10:27 PM
Could Carrie Have Made Nashville Star ?
Hello, Did anyone in this forum see the recently concluded show running at almos tthe same time as American Idol --- NASHVILLE STAR ?%0
12 messages
05-17-05 07:45 PM
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