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George and the TOWEL???
i haven't noticed any mention of this...but is this george's new "signature"??? a white folded up "holiday inn" looking towel%
9 messages
04-01-04 03:33 PM
They're No Sonny & Cher
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-31-04 AT 06:08 PM (EST)[/font] Or Dan and Jane, for that matter. It's time for
24 messages
04-01-04 04:14 PM
Article about Johnny Red
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-01-04 AT 03:09 PM (EST)[/font] [ m
14 messages
04-01-04 04:27 PM
Simon blames America?
Once again Simon's response was "thats what you get when you let American vote." Correct me if I am wrong, but Simon has been singing the pra
3 messages
04-01-04 08:41 PM
Frank Sinatra...I mean John Stevens
I love the Sinatra music and he is really good at it but this is a Pop music competition! And what was wrong with him the other night. He looked ab
2 messages
04-01-04 05:12 PM
Camile in the top 7? Gag me.
How the heck did that happen? She is awful. Yes she's cute, and has a ton of fans (all the leah rejects too I'm sure), but doesn't t
34 messages
04-02-04 00:33 AM
New Judges?
I don't know about the rest of you but I'd like to see a fresh new panel of judges. Randy's obviously blasé about the whol
22 messages
04-02-04 02:48 AM
George is either fake or gay
I really can't stand this guy. He has a good voice, probably the best male singer in the competition (not saying much though). But does he hav
26 messages
04-02-04 11:32 AM
LaToya bottom three?
I like the show and all but the voting just sucks. I dont know whether people vote on how well someone can sing and when you compare someone like LaTo
1 messages
04-02-04 05:00 PM
Diana: losing finalist in Most Talented Kid
I just learned that Diana de Garmo was a losing finalist in America's Most Talented Kids. She lost to someone younger than her, I think. Now, if
10 messages
04-04-04 06:50 AM
Fantasia and Amy!!!
Some people have disagreed with the comment that I made. So let me first start off by saying that I'm sorry if I hurt anyone feels because that was
14 messages
04-04-04 06:56 PM
Jon Stevens must go first before Camile
Camile has getting a lot of flak lately simply because she has not yet been eliminated. Well, I think that a lot of people like her and think that s
29 messages
04-04-04 07:25 PM
Amy did whattttttt?
Amy changed her hair again :-P make sure to watch her tonight on ET (her hair wasn't changed yet tho) and tomorrow in the audience on AI!
1 messages
04-05-04 04:32 PM
Fantasia is SOL this week
Alright, well if you read my original post entitled "Rethink Fantasia" ya'll already know where I stand on the subject. I see that the "the
7 messages
04-06-04 11:43 AM
Simon Cowell Guest Host of SNL?
Has anyone heard that Simon is going to host SNL on Saturday? Replacing Janet Jackson. I heard this info on the radio this afternoon. Or is this j
1 messages
04-07-04 02:17 PM
Amy out....
What the heck is wrong with these voters??? ds/User_files/3ed17abb510e90ed.gif
98 messages
04-07-04 05:09 PM
Cut Diana just a LITTLE bit of slack
Alright, before I get of lot of accusations about making excuses for my pick of the lot, I do have a right to make the announcement, seeing as I
7 messages
04-07-04 06:21 PM
How did Ruben win?
There have been a couple of references to problems with last season's voting. I didn't watch, so can someone please tell me what the issue was
25 messages
04-07-04 09:06 PM
Ruben has always been picked over Clay since day 1!!!
Does anyone remember when they were competing to get to the Top 10 or 12. American selected for the bottom 3 to be Ruben, Clay and Kimberly L. When
4 messages
04-07-04 11:08 PM
What is Fantasia's Problem?
I like this gurl a lot! But I am really getting sick and tired of her attitude. Did yu guys hear her question to Tamyra Gray regarding Simon's c
26 messages
04-08-04 01:51 PM
Tamyra Over-Confident?
Last night, I was really looking foward to hearing Tamyra sing. I loved her from the first season, and definately thought she should have gone wa
14 messages
04-09-04 01:11 PM
Clay Aiken Remembrance
Last year, I was a full-fledged Clay fan. I was one of those voters who became completely entranced and awed by his amazing voice, and lovable per
13 messages
04-10-04 09:52 AM
William Hung On Fox this morning
William Hung is hosting Fox Kids Morning today. I woke up and my son goes guess who is on tv??? He was laughing. They have him singing and oddly
0 messages
04-10-04 09:46 AM
an article about Lisa Leuschner
She's under contract to Fox until August. And she's performing in Aptos (CA?) at a church service on Easter. http://www.s
3 messages
04-10-04 06:14 PM
William Hung in NYC
Hey NYC area HUNG fans!!! If you want to get up close and personal with William Hung, show your support tomorrow morning at Fuse! Get ther
18 messages
04-12-04 03:03 AM
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