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camille rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camille can sing she just way nervous. i pretty sure she be better next week.
0 messages
03-25-04 07:39 PM
Camile, Camile, please go away....
Camile has been bad every time we've seen her..except maybe in the Hawaii tryout. I am getting nervous that she will go "Carmen" on us and stay
16 messages
03-26-04 00:27 AM
Matt Rogers Tonight
Does anyone have a link to a video of his song to Simon? I want to send it to a friend that missed the show!!!!
4 messages
03-26-04 03:15 PM
Who is Diana?
Not that it matters. I'm just curious. Her mom is white. Her brother is white. But it looks like she is a mixed white and asian (maybe filipino or
2 messages
03-30-04 07:20 AM
Simon trying to "direct" the votes
Hi, all. I'm a newbie here :-). Is anyone else annoyed by Simon trying to persuade the voters by his comments? For the most part, I thi
15 messages
03-30-04 03:03 PM
Do they hate Amy?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-30-04 AT 08:24 PM (EST)[/font] assuming the order of introduction is the order of performance%
8 messages
03-31-04 08:32 AM
I love Jasmine Trias. I'm joining her fan club.
I love Jasmine's cute and gutsy, all heart performance. I love her young, innocent, vibrant personality. Let her shine! Fantasia
1 messages
03-31-04 11:25 AM
Paula called Camille "Carmen!"
I think that pretty much sums it up. ds/User_files/4016cc15402c1c89.jpg [font si
12 messages
03-31-04 02:09 PM
William Hung releases first album
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-31-04 AT 01:10 PM (EST)[/font] opps dont hit enter his remix of YMCA should be inte
12 messages
03-31-04 04:04 PM
I miss Matt Rogers!!
Matt should not have been booted last week. I called in about 20 votes for him. JPL is kind of fun to watch but he doesn't have as good a voice as
2 messages
03-31-04 07:38 PM
What bothers me about William Hung
What bothers me about William Hung – one man’s opinion (and ranting) I have to admit I found William Hung to be funny and refreshin
32 messages
03-31-04 05:55 PM
LaToya - Let's Work on the Opening Bars, Shall We?
Girl can sing - lovely voice and consistently one of the best performers. But the first few bars she performs are always appalling. I always wince a
7 messages
03-31-04 05:27 PM
Jennifer, Jennifer, please go away...
Jennifer, you can't sing, you don't know how to dress up, and most of all, you are very rude. Please go away!
22 messages
03-31-04 05:21 PM
Jon Peter
I just don't see his appeal. Why is everyone acting like he's the second coming. I don't think he's that good. Even the super opinionated D
48 messages
03-31-04 05:15 PM
William Hung on FUSE April 6 @ 9pm EST
William Hung has started to take the world by storm. To celebrate the release of his debut album, the Fuse Network will be airing “Idol Worship%3
0 messages
03-31-04 04:28 PM
Amy gone :-(
I can't believe this! Camille should've been gone a while ago. She wasn't even in the bottom three. What is up with this? Amy was one of
1 messages
03-31-04 09:00 PM
Fantasia is the best!!!!!! Quit hating on her!!!!!!!
Fantasia has a good voice. I wish that people would stop putting her down. Everytime that a Black person has a good voice they always want to talk abo
6 messages
03-31-04 09:42 PM
John Stevens crying??
What is up with JS crying? I think he wants to leave the competition. He didn't even seem to be trying last night and tonight, he seemed sad t
13 messages
03-31-04 10:16 PM
Don't go away Amy!!!
You can bet your sweet little purple head that I will by your CD when it comes out. In fact, yours, LaToya's, Jasmine's and Diana
0 messages
04-01-04 00:28 AM
Goodbye John Stevens
You are the weakest link. ds/User_files/3f89feaf2f6557b0.gif
29 messages
04-01-04 10:03 AM
JPL's Hair
I wish they'd leave his curls alone. He doesn't look right without them. I know they're trying to give him a make-over but the curls are so... h
3 messages
04-01-04 03:08 AM
Camile Dodges a Bullet
Tonight I thought my smokey voiced gal was gone, and for good right. She hasn't proven much since she has been in the competition. What a random
3 messages
04-01-04 10:36 AM
Teflon John
This kid can sing off key and he's not even in the bottom three. He forgets the words and he's not voted out. Meanwhile, Latoya has a bad hair
3 messages
04-01-04 10:35 AM
Can't believe Amy's OUT
Gosh, I don't know about all you but I was really pi**ed last night when Amy got sent home.. I mean, come on people.. John is AWFUL, CAN%2
2 messages
04-01-04 10:50 AM
John Stevens as your American Idol
How many of you would buy John Stevens CD if he won? I agree that he is good at doing Sinatra, but is that really the sound that america and AI w
1 messages
04-01-04 10:55 AM
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