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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Donnie Williams pulled following arrest
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-26-04 AT 08:09 AM (EST)[/font] Donnie Williams pulled from 'Idol' following arrest, repl
16 messages
03-02-04 09:10 PM
Willy Hung on Worst of Worst Auditions show
Did you guys see Willy re-do She Bangs on Worst of the Worst auditions show on Monday ? They had cheerleaders dancing next to him. I thought it was
3 messages
03-03-04 03:24 PM
Heather's Willie Hung Impression
Why in the world did Heather sing "New Attitude"? She sounded to me just like William Hung singing "She Bangs." It could not have been wor
3 messages
03-04-04 00:47 AM
she bangs.
i hope william hung knows that everyone is laughing at him and we really don't think he is a good singer. i feel bad for the dork. jb
1 messages
03-04-04 10:13 AM
Do you listen to Simon?
I think as much as everyone likes to bash Simon he really does have a lot of influence on people and their votes. at least twice this seaso
23 messages
03-10-04 07:05 PM
jon peter scott
...i think he is adorable....i think he technically doesn't fit the american idol format....but does anyone else get the feeling he would make a GRE
13 messages
03-10-04 11:15 PM
The judges were on my nerves last night
THey tell these kids that they would like to see a certain change, and then when they do that, the judges say "oh we liked you better when you w
15 messages
03-12-04 02:04 AM
Camille shouldn't be a finalist
Did anyone notice how blatently the judges try to lead the audience to vote for the contestants they like? Based on performance, Camille shouldn%
21 messages
03-12-04 04:12 PM
Who loves Simon Cowell
Well we all love Simon dont we. Almost makes me ashamed to be British. He is doing his job but some times he can be so hard on all those contest
13 messages
03-12-04 10:16 PM
William Hung, April 6th
William hung has made a CD and is is set to be relased on April 6th....anyone else find this as disturbing as i do...i really think this kid is slow a
13 messages
03-17-04 05:06 PM
Leah's Side Ponytail
Love it or lose it? Discuss.
30 messages
03-17-04 09:25 PM
LaToya London... let the backlash begin
We learned last night this woman is a professional musician. She has far more experience and stage presence than most of the others. Now%2
21 messages
03-18-04 11:49 AM
Eventually, I believe Simon will throw a bomb at latoya that will cost her the A!3 title. He's gonna say she is too old for the contest. %0
59 messages
03-20-04 09:47 AM toya....amy adams?
they have such a nice voice .... can fight mariah cariey voice....what r their secret....tell me i want 2 know???????????
4 messages
03-20-04 01:10 PM
Amy Adams Looks Like
Does anyone else think that Amy Adams looks like Maude -- that is, a young Bea Arthur? Check her out http://www.beatri
5 messages
03-20-04 03:35 PM
I have to say all the others should bow down...She should win this thing ...She has put herself on a different level.
10 messages
03-21-04 04:08 PM
lazer simon?........
if we see simon is like lazer....know to critic people
1 messages
03-22-04 10:20 AM
Do they think what I do when the word ' package' is mentioned? Last Tuesday,The three of them couldn't help laughing after Paula told Amy %2
19 messages
03-23-04 10:33 AM
Did AI intentionally downplay Latoya ( and Jasmine) during the elimination round telecasts so tv watchers would be surprised when they saw these t
21 messages
03-24-04 11:15 AM
Jpon Peter
I missed the end of the show, how did John Peter lewis do?
6 messages
03-24-04 03:48 PM
Simon vs. Ryan
Am I the only person, or is it getting really annoying watching Ryan take shots at Simon? I know Simon can be a twit, but usually he is close t
13 messages
03-24-04 05:53 PM
Can we take Simon seriously anymore?
I am a huge Simon fan because I love the way he says things the other judges dare not say....but now I realize he doesn't always "tell it like he
0 messages
03-24-04 09:26 PM
I missed it! Any Simon and Paula shippers out there?
(possible spoiler) Tuned in just after Simon was blushing about something... my brother - not
8 messages
03-25-04 00:48 AM
Kimberly Locke on IDOL Wednesday!
Kimberly Locke performs "8th World Wonder" on Wednesday March 24. I for one can't wait! Just wanted to let everyone know who didn't know alr
22 messages
03-25-04 10:47 AM
Controversy over Simon's Bird
The following is definitely for adults... Always on the cusp [|Drudg- ] digs up a tid-bit. %0
14 messages
03-25-04 07:17 PM
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