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Why is paula always nice?
Very rarely you hear Paula say something bad.Then when you do she only says " This is not your best night" or " It was ok you can do bett
13 messages
06-01-04 12:39 PM
Diana DeGarmo Vows She's Only Just Begun Her Journey /20040601/american_idol_12_finalists.jhtml?headlines=true&_requestid=182134 %0
3 messages
06-05-04 01:03 PM
American Idol is Sexist!
As a white male, I know what hardships are all about. I can barely go to sleep at night knowing that I'm not thought of as many other people's e
40 messages
06-06-04 09:35 PM
why am i so happy ?
i am sooo happy because i saw the idol 12 on ryan secrest and they let us know that ONLY the top 10 can go on tour. this caused a lot of whining and b
7 messages
06-08-04 07:53 AM
Fantasia and Diana.. June singles release
To those of you who still drop in here, I have a two part question. 1) It has been annouced that Fantasia and Diana are both releasin
6 messages
06-11-04 10:13 AM
ATTENTION : All Diana Fans, Please Read!
We have an amazing message board going here!! I want to invite everyone to join! _Fan
Jon Peter and Diana Fan
0 messages
06-20-04 11:14 PM
Kelly Clarkson's new song!!!!
I love it!! Ok, so it's for a cheesy movie that I won't go see, but Kelly's voice sounds so good on it! She sounds so much more matur
0 messages
06-29-04 02:00 PM
Justin Guarini looks HOT!
Check out these recent pictures of Justin. He looks so hot! ds/User_files/40ce3f4d12f
6 messages
06-29-04 02:03 PM
Whats with Kelly gaining all that weight? & Dianna wearing that snug black dress... she looked like she was pregnant. well, she is 16, still l
18 messages
06-29-04 02:06 PM
Fantasia Possibly to be Dethroned
A recent Enquirer article paints a dark cloud over Fantasia's reign as the most recent American Idol---it seems Fantasia broke one of the rules to e
6 messages
06-30-04 04:16 PM
Kelly and Fantasia's possible duet?
What do you think? Kelly's mentioned she'd love to do it...and Fantasia has said last week that she'd be honored to work with someone like Kel
1 messages
07-01-04 10:33 PM
Get over it all, The girl had my vote from the start! She knows what she is doing!
6 messages
07-01-04 10:50 PM
Don't vote for Camille or Jamine!!!
Why, they have both showed that they are bitches. Check out last weeks Globe. Camille was very devoted to her boyfriend Nick, following him from
30 messages
07-21-04 00:36 AM
I really think that Daine is the next idol
15 messages
07-22-04 09:33 PM
Ruben's got back, alot of it
First a link to an article in my local paper front page... [ ex.ssf?/base/news-4/10894545
6 messages
07-23-04 04:10 PM
diana should not win!
diana is only good when she screams or hits the high notes. that is the only time she wows me. i think fantasia should win because she is unique and h
14 messages
07-26-04 01:53 PM
New Country Superstar....(just like william hung?" Rick Bass, is he the next country superstar or next William Hung... check him out on future episodes !!
0 messages
07-27-04 00:10 AM
LaToya London
I am a hugh fan of "American Idol", but after Latoya getting voted off, I don't think that I can bear to watch this show any longer. There w
10 messages
07-29-04 11:20 AM
Why John Stevens is my American Idol
Too bad about the boot last night buddy. Let me speak on your behalf. All of you out there who didn't vote this kid through must be completely tone-
39 messages
07-30-04 09:06 AM
Local review of American Idol live
Here's the [ s/index.ssf?/base/entertainment-1/1091026097143350.xml|link] [
2 messages
08-02-04 08:05 PM
Hey everybody I hope that I am not the only one but I think Fantasia is terrible. She sounds like Daffy Duck singing and would purchase a CD of her in
46 messages
08-03-04 01:00 PM
Good Job Fantasia
She won and she deserved it! I did not like several of her songs but overall she was the best of the two tonight. She was the most unique of the e
20 messages
08-03-04 03:42 PM
Jasmine sucks
I can't believe Jasmine was not booted out yesterday. She dances like a Japanese Geisha on Karaoke night and sings even worse. She sported a fake st
49 messages
08-04-04 03:00 PM
Idols Policy
Is it permitted for a person who already release several single album to take part in Idols competition? The first Indonesian Idol to be already rel
2 messages
09-05-04 10:38 PM
Not coming to Alaska!? What a mistake!!
I read in my paper this morning that the show has decided to nix the Alaska auditions and do them in Fla. instead. How could you do that to our hopef
Traci in Alaska
1 messages
09-12-04 03:26 PM
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