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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Scott Take a Bow
Well, Well, Well I guess some of you will have to stomach Scott for another week. Scott sing no I mean Sang it with feeling and confiden
0 messages
04-27-05 10:12 PM
Randy - Hand Signals
Could someone please explain to me the 'gang like' hand signals that Randy Jackson uses each week. The language sucks also. Grow up already. Da
Former CBSer
10 messages
04-28-05 12:08 PM
Constantine's Band Gets Record Deal
'Idol' Finalist's Band Gets Record Deal Sat Apr 23, 2:19 AM ET By The Associated Press NEW YORK - The
shanana banana
9 messages
04-28-05 11:44 PM
I love Constantine
I can't believe America chose wimpy Anthony over Constantine. I tried for over 2 hours to vote for Constantine, and never could get through. Now
1 messages
04-29-05 07:06 AM
Constantine robbed!
After watching last night's results show I have lost most of my interest in the show. I no longer believe what should be "will be". Every pers
2 messages
04-29-05 07:07 AM
Important Info Regarding Paula Abdul
Please read and pass along to your friends and family members, and medical professionals as well if given the opportunity. Knowing how to recognize
Drago Amato
1 messages
04-29-05 07:09 AM
Scott you are loved
Scott I'm glad you still have the strength to perform as well as you do every week, I believe the judges have been consistently harsh on you. I ho
26 messages
04-29-05 03:06 PM
American Idol Not Same without Constantine
I will continue to watch because I am now voting for Bo. I cried with Paula and Constantine's mother when he was out. At least 3 others should have
1 messages
04-29-05 04:51 PM
Bo had cocaine charge in 2001
The smoking gun is reporting that Bo had a cocaine charge in 2001 but was able to get out of it.
18 messages
04-29-05 09:29 PM
Fess up.
It's OK. Really. No one is going to climb through the computer to throttle you. Confession is good for the soul anyway. Tell us - who
25 messages
04-29-05 09:35 PM
Constantine Petition Still Going-Add your name!
Please add your name to the Constantine Petition to get a recount and make FOX Network fix the phone problem. %
1 messages
05-01-05 01:01 PM
Are you people deaf?
A Constantine petition? Why???? Is this a joke...the guy has a HORRIBLE voice, can't sing with *&%$. Bo blows him out of the
Symphony Sid
1 messages
05-01-05 04:18 PM
CHECK THIS OUT............
7 messages
05-02-05 08:50 AM
What have you done?
has anybody else noticed that when there is a "shocker" Ryan likes to use this phrase? He used it when Bo was in the bottom three and he used it
7 messages
05-02-05 03:22 PM
Paula rumored to be sleeping with a contestant?
I normally don't venture into here but when breaking news happens I break in: Jim Rome says there is a report that Paula is sleeping wi
21 messages
05-02-05 03:31 PM
0 messages
05-03-05 09:37 PM
Paula: "I'm Not On Drugs!"
Paula Abdul denies drug use. Film at eleven, [ ry&cid=680&e=6&u=/usatoday/abdulsayso
Devious Weasel
38 messages
05-03-05 10:07 PM
hi Simon i think it is time you stop just supporting Carrie Underwood so much she ain't all that ,and why is it you r undermining Vonzell Williams
1 messages
05-03-05 10:33 PM
Constantine on Ellen
Constantine singing "My Funny Valentine" on Ellen DeGeneres show today
3 messages
05-04-05 07:38 PM
Definition an "American Idol "
I may be a fricking fool but TO ME .... (of this group) MY American Idol is Vonzell. She is an average American- a Postal worker delivering mail
3 messages
05-05-05 09:28 AM
Scott you smuck!!!!!
Do great this week when I finally thought you were out. And now Anthony is in jeopardy. Don't be too cocky my friend, next week you are gone.%0
4 messages
05-05-05 09:44 AM
Anthony Fedorov's Birthday is Today!
Happy Birthday Anthony! Here is a link for anyone who is his fan. Please post your wishes here. http://idol.wildino
8 messages
05-05-05 10:57 AM
Goodbye Paula Hello Cher
My sister-in-law and I have watched since Day 1 and have always thought Cher should be there instead of Paula. Now is the time to make it happen!
2 messages
05-05-05 11:28 AM
I don't know about everyone else but I'm tired of ALL the juges. We need Sharon Osborne, Quinton Tarintino, and Gene Simmons.
3 messages
05-05-05 04:12 PM
Scott's friends
Okay, who's buying this? The girl on the left doesn't look too thrilled. ds%
33 messages
05-05-05 04:42 PM
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