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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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AMY is the best! Fantasia SUCKS!
Amy has not been getting the recognition from the judges that she deserves. She has the best voice. She is a tremendous singer. Maybe she doesn't
33 messages
04-12-04 02:20 PM
Camille Gone Tonite!!
OMG!!!! Do yu guys think they will get rid of Camille tonite?!? It's her father's birthday!!! What a birthday present h
56 messages
04-12-04 03:09 PM
Sore Loser or just immature
Did anyone else notice how pouty faced Camille was during the entire show. I dont think she smiled once. Come on girl...buck up.. we all know you s
51 messages
04-12-04 03:10 PM
vote for camille and jasmine :7
Please continue to support and VOTE for Camille and Jasmine. These two charming ladies of Filipino heritage are making us Filipinos here in the Phili
49 messages
04-12-04 03:12 PM
Camile shouldnt be gone!
I really think that Camile shouldnt have been gone. She had a very unique voice. I really liked it. If you think about it, some others don't have
26 messages
04-12-04 03:43 PM
A camille non-believer..........
Hello everyone, specially Camille velasco supporters. I have come across a post from a Camille non believer but has had a change of hea
22 messages
04-12-04 04:12 PM
Rethink Fantasia
Okay, let me start by saying I think Fantasia has a wonderful voice,very unique. I think she is talented although personally the squeaky, Macy
43 messages
04-13-04 05:46 PM
Guest Judge Quentin Tarantino?
I love Quentin Tarantino. He's a great screenwriter and director, but what the he|| qualifies him to judge AI? Since there are n
Mizz Eve
19 messages
04-13-04 09:12 PM
im from sydney australia I cant believe john is still there
Hi all im a american idol watcher and I cannot believe that that guy called john stevens is still there doesnt anyone no talent he just hasnt got it a
1 messages
04-14-04 10:15 AM
How Has John Stevens Survived On 'Idol'? Must Be The Hair
If there's a pink-hair curse on "American Idol," as Amy Adams' fans have suggested, perhaps the opposite could be said for red hair.
1 messages
04-14-04 06:17 PM
What did Quentin say?
So, I heard that they edited his statements about what of the contestants. Anybody know what it was?
1 messages
04-14-04 08:24 PM
Fantasia...Judges Comments
I was just wondering what the judges said about Fantasia's performance tonight. I forgot to change the clock on my VCR when I was taping it and miss
10 messages
04-16-04 11:33 AM
Simon Said
QUESTION for you guys - Why is Simon telling these young people there to young to be there when they put them there? Isn't the age limit 16 ro so
33 messages
04-16-04 11:55 PM
R J Helton - Why Didn't he Perform - Was He Cut?
The news (on this site...look at the headlines) was that RJ Helton was going to perform on Thursday night's show. I wondered why he appeared so
15 messages
04-17-04 02:04 AM
John Stevens -- I Don't Get It
Is it just me, or is anyone else out there absolutely befuddled and confused about why this kid hasn't been kicked off yet?? I'm
4 messages
04-17-04 04:17 PM
jon peter lewis fans
i'm still pretty bummed that jon peter lewis got voted out last night! lame. it looks like he's gonna be doing some live chats though. i saw tha
malicious melanoma
1 messages
04-18-04 01:31 AM
John Stevens
l agree with everyone john steven is just bad, he should have been gone l do not know how they our keeping him on the show, but it make you thi
3 messages
04-17-04 06:25 PM
Fantasia VS Macy Gray
This may look like an already discussed topic but it's only been done through throw away lines. Listen to both carefully and
1 messages
04-18-04 03:43 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-19-04 AT 07:06 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
14 messages
04-19-04 06:17 PM
What happened to Justin Guarini?
They faithfully trot out Clay, Kim, Ruben, Kelly, and now Tamyra to perform. Did Justin's destruction of unchained melody, which Clay did
46 messages
04-19-04 06:50 PM
Josh Gracin?
Hey do you remember Josh Gracin from the second season? Yeah, Josh Gracin is singing Country!! Yeah I saw him on CMT yesterday!! He was ta
4 messages
04-19-04 09:04 PM
JPL was robbed
I will miss JPL immensely. What a potentially great rock and roller. Too bad he didn't a chance to really ROCK. The weekly genres are WEAK! Elton
27 messages
04-19-04 09:07 PM
does anyone know John Peter Lewis, email addy?<< major fan!?!
hey, does anyone know John Peter Lewis, email? so i can write to him..i live out in oz, and yea..he got voted out, and he is soo
19 messages
04-19-04 10:31 PM
John Stevens' School Voting repeatedly
I thought I'd post this bit of gossip that has found its way around Western NY. We have the "thrill" :-p of being represented by the pasty,
73 messages
04-19-04 10:31 PM
William Hung?
Okay, Has anyone haerd him at all lately? Does he even sound like a normal human when he sings or does he still sing horribly like the auditions%3
20 messages
04-20-04 10:40 AM
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