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A violent American Idol finalist?
what? you mean producers didn't do adequate background checks on their contestants?
28 messages
04-14-05 10:19 AM
OK, is it just me or is there a secret love affair goin on here????
It seems that maybe Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood are having a secret 'fling'. Yes, they could be just friends but its gettin suspicious... at th
2 messages
04-14-05 10:21 AM
Seriously, Next season, can we vote for who we want OFF the show?
wouldn't that make more sense? instead of 38 million votes to keep them, everyone just vote for who should go? it would save a lot of peole
1 messages
04-14-05 10:37 AM
Please tell me... WHO keeps voting for Anthony and Scott?
I'm serious. Anthony, in my opinion shouldn't have even made it to the final 12! he's got a nice voice for a musical. I could totally see
1 messages
04-14-05 10:39 AM
So long, Nadia
[font color="maroon"]Read an interesting theory that the ratings increase as the season goes along, combined with bad song/hair choices%
9 messages
04-14-05 06:11 PM
was it just me or did simon seem to be half asleep during the musical themed show? i mean what was with his comment for anwaar? "you seemed comf
7 messages
04-14-05 06:38 PM
AI Summary is up ds/DCForumID44/1378.shtml A great thank you to Icey for help with some of the html.%
0 messages
04-14-05 11:27 PM
Dammit, I really want to dislike Constantine but...
The guy is actually improving and impressing the hell outta me! Nobody can match Freddie Mercury, but Constantine comes pretty da
37 messages
04-15-05 10:32 PM
can carrie carry on like this?
i know carrie seems to be a favorite among many people (i was looking at this online poll and 60% said that she was their favorite) but i just t
22 messages
04-15-05 11:11 PM
carrie, conceited?
she seems to be conceited like..."oh im so good" i think it's because simon said she'd win and sell more records than kelly, rueben and fant
12 messages
04-16-05 04:40 AM
What do you think Scott smells like?
Scott, after having to endure him for the past few weeks, I don't imagine him as being the freshest smelling American Idol. (This award would
41 messages
04-21-05 03:12 PM
Anthony? He's just not that good.
I hate the Teen Idol factor that goes into every one of these shows. There's always someone who is CLEARLY less talented than the rest of the contes
18 messages
04-21-05 02:33 PM
AI Reality World National Poll
You are invited to participate in a national poll representing AI finalists preference support. It is simple - just respond with the following i
28 messages
04-21-05 01:49 PM
Scott Savol's first album
I present to you, Scott Savol's first album, [b]"Bring on the Buffet."[/b] The album cover shows the in the foreground
4 messages
04-21-05 11:15 AM
Why do they always cut Simon off?
I'd like to know why the producers let Randi get away with saing "Dawg" a zillion times, and let Paula go on and on about how wonderful a perf
7 messages
04-21-05 10:12 PM
A star for Ryan Seacrest?
He really got a star on the Walk of Fame? That whole segment was kind of tongue-in-cheek, but when it was done, I believe he really did get a s
3 messages
04-22-05 11:55 AM
Paula Freakin Abdul
Ok, we all know that Simon is the straight shooter of the bunch. He's not afraid to speak his mind whether it ends up hurting feelings or not. So
25 messages
04-22-05 02:46 PM
Has Carrie been in the bottom 3 yet?
because if she has I don't remember. She's been skating through pretty easily. It doesn't look like her fan base can be cracked.
8 messages
04-24-05 01:13 PM
i think its a little unfair that a person like scott who is an annoying, arrogant, angry, attrocious singer is still in the game while a guy lik
2 messages
04-25-05 03:39 PM
Calling all Anwar and Nadia fans
Since our favorites are out of the running and that baby-mama beating thug is still in, I have an idea. Since Anthony seems to be in the bottom 3 a
7 messages
04-26-05 00:56 AM
Scott=New Mikala?
Seriously, how many lives does this guy have? I was sure after the arrest was made public that he would have been voted off immediately. But my as
12 messages
04-27-05 01:29 PM
Separated At Birth? ds/User_files/42668896641e0e76.jpg ds/User_file
Devious Weasel
12 messages
04-27-05 01:40 PM
Anthony Love Thread--Does ANYONE like him? (Besides me)
I know I'm gonna take a bashing for this but I've like Anthony from the beginning. Anyone else? (((.....lse.......lse.......lse))).
25 messages
04-27-05 10:32 PM
Spoiler-free zone
Until midnight Eastern time, the results from tonight should only be discussed in the following thread on General Discussion: http:%2
0 messages
04-27-05 10:55 PM
Apparently, just like Paula, I'm stunned. Granted, the song Constantine chose last night was not his best performance, but there is no way
0 messages
04-27-05 11:13 PM
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