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LaToya Speaks Out
Thought you all might enjoy reading this article. It's early here so if this is a duplicate post, my apologies.
4 messages
05-16-04 08:50 AM
Was Diana Really That Good?
I'm not necessarirly taking a stance on this issue just yet, but do you think the producers encouraged the judges to really push Diana last night
10 messages
05-16-04 09:25 AM
8 messages
05-16-04 02:00 PM
Paula sold her out!!!
I realize that many of you are ready to see Jasmine go and have been ready for a long time! However, if you are a singer and have ever performed
22 messages
05-16-04 03:39 PM
Hawaii's local tv stations promote Jasmine
I just returned from a short layover in Hawaii and was suprised at first and then appalled at the shameless promotion of "their own, Jasmine Trias
9 messages
05-16-04 09:18 PM
Diana DeGarmo IS Miss Piggy
They are one and the same...
Captain Hook
4 messages
05-18-04 01:33 PM
It's only because she cried
Jasmine started crying so everybody felt sorry for her.
0 messages
05-17-04 03:48 PM
talent vs popularity
The bottom line: the public is voting based on who they like and not on who is really the best singer. Jasmine and Diana are good but they are not t
6 messages
05-18-04 08:29 PM
Randy Jackson is a racist
I hope this is now obvious to everyone after tonight
2 messages
05-18-04 10:41 PM
What if fantasia goes HOME?
If fantasia goes I will not watch the show anymore.Why would you.She is the best out of Kelly,Ruben,She is tied with Clay.I have posted thi
10 messages
05-19-04 01:01 AM
Randy....Paula.....? Sell outs.
Randy and Paula have no clue, of what the hell they are saying.
6 messages
05-19-04 08:31 AM
help jasmine out of the stage
dear americans it really matters who will win the competition as THE WINNER will SEE herself THE BEST AMONG ALL. kindly get jas
3 messages
05-20-04 08:59 AM
Nikki vs. Jasmine
Howdy AI Fans I missed the first season of AI. I heard at the final 4 level, Tamyra Gray was shockingly voted out and the less talented
10 messages
05-20-04 08:07 PM
LaToya, what do you think?
I've like her from the beginning, she obviosuly very very talented. Some argue she is the "best". BUT I'm curious to see if anyone else agre
23 messages
05-23-04 05:02 PM
Jasmine Trias Knew La Toya London Gave Better Performance /20040521/american_idol_12_finalists.jhtml?headlines=true.jhtml&_requestid=779335%0
0 messages
05-24-04 10:42 PM
Article about Diana 052404/mus_LG0424-3.shtml 4.gif
6 messages
05-25-04 04:43 PM
I challenge Nailbone to a sing-off!
That's right, punk! You and me. One microphone, one song, hundreds of posters reading our every verse! Do you have moves like this? *d
79 messages
05-25-04 06:34 PM
Simon won it for Diana last night
Simon won it for diana last night when he told Fantasia that her last song was her "acceptance speech" . america doesn't like anyone telling u
1 messages
05-26-04 10:42 AM
What's the demographic taking the time to vote for her and really want to see her cut a CD? Her voice is powerful but it can be shrill most
52 messages
05-27-04 03:20 PM
Randy, Paula, Simon on Howard Stern Show
Randy, Paula, and Simon were on the Howard Stern Radio show yesterday. Here's a few tidbits that came out of the interview. Paula's
7 messages
05-27-04 11:46 PM
Concert of a life time
Fantasia - Macy Gray - Jane Oliver and the florida orchestria
8 messages
05-28-04 00:29 AM
To All Idol Fans
Hello all fellow Idol fans, This morning I was on the phone like I have been many mornings before waiting to talk to Howard Stern about the fin
3 messages
05-28-04 08:42 AM
paula's boobs
i know this is kinda stupid....but i was being anal retentive and noticed that paula's boobs (actually the cleavage lines) were curved the
6 messages
05-28-04 05:25 PM
Randy Jackson
I think they should put subtitles under Randy Jackson so English speaking Americans can understand what he is talking about.
39 messages
05-30-04 08:49 PM
I give Diana 2 years
before she loses her smile, and writes some bitter, tell-all book about how Idol is fixed.
6 messages
06-01-04 11:11 AM
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