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Why did Gloria look so mad?
What was up during the final credits with Gloria Estefan? She was talking to Randy and looked really upset. Did I miss something? http:/%
Canada Girl
12 messages
05-04-04 02:53 PM
Kelly Clarkson on King of the Hill
Kelly's voice and likeness were on King of the Hill last night. She looked great, being a cartoon suits her.
6 messages
05-03-04 06:16 PM
Simon Cowell Will The Face Judges' Jabs On New Reality Show
On 'X Factor' he'll work with performers and be critiqued with them. by Corey Moss %0
5 messages
05-04-04 03:09 PM
Paula looks like she is on drugs.. way off last night.. wow.. she looked so out of it.. she was on something for sure!
1 messages
05-05-04 09:34 AM
Clay Aiken Says Goodbye Kelly, Announces Solo Tour
Several state-fair appearances on the singer's summer agenda. by Jon Wiederhorn http:%2
12 messages
05-05-04 08:23 PM
Paula Facelift ?
Paula was very odd tonight. She had a ton of makeup on (possibly to hide bruises?) She was hard to understand at the beginning of the show too.
40 messages
05-06-04 11:41 AM
Diana is going to make a Come-back!
Okay, okay! I read all over these boards "The three divas" and "The top four: Jennifer, Latoya, George and Fantasia ,etc... It
49 messages
05-07-04 07:16 AM
Is Latoya too old to be an American Idol?
She’s 27 and most of the fans of AI I think are teens; and so can she maintain the loyalty needed for a lasting career? Also can tens iden
14 messages
05-07-04 02:28 AM
Irrepressible George Huff
Provided no one pulls a rabbit out of their proverbial hat in the next few rounds, I'm predicting George to take the title. It's har
30 messages
05-06-04 10:28 PM
John on Ryan Seacrest's On-Air
Just saw John on Ryan's talk show... what a great kid. Terrible singer, great kid. His parents are awesome too, they are so proud. I've nev
9 messages
05-07-04 07:18 AM
is diana american idol material???
when i look at diana i just cant imagine her as an american idol she is just not "it" she has a strong voice but she doesn't have the X fac
2 messages
05-07-04 08:27 AM
Why Does Jasmine Wear the Same Clothes Every Week?
She seems the wear the same low rider jeans, hip chains, and peek a boo shirt (different color) every week? It was downright inappropriate
6 messages
05-07-04 11:21 AM
Don't You Dare Blam Him
It is not John's fault that he is on the show that people vote for him. He didn't ask for people to vote for him. I'm normally over on the Ameri
37 messages
05-10-04 01:42 PM
Jennifer on t.v. today
38 messages
05-10-04 12:40 PM
4 Million votes up for grabs
Now that John Stevens is out of the competition, I need to decide who I'm going to give my 3,998,562 votes to each week. :D I'd
37 messages
05-11-04 11:20 PM
sorry diana you're just not "it"
diana please give it a rest i think that you're just tooo............. young and i get irritated when i see your face. lets face i
24 messages
05-12-04 07:16 PM
latoyashouldhavewon latoyashouldhavewon That is why American Idol is a joke. Hopefully a record company will be calling her in
3 messages
05-13-04 06:27 AM
PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: LEND ME YOUR EARS! I have vome up with a perfect solution to our problem: let us vote for Jasm
1 messages
05-13-04 08:50 AM
Jasmine's Family Voting and Possibly her
Any commentary on the fact that Jasmine and her family may have in fact been cheating? I just want to hear some commentary on this.
1 messages
05-14-04 02:05 PM
What the hell?????
I am shocked that La Toya London has gotten the boot..everyone with common sense knows that Jasmine should be gone..not La Toya????
Luv Keanu
1 messages
05-14-04 09:33 PM
La Toya London Says Fantasia Is The One To Beat On 'Idol'
'Fantasia is my dawg,' the newly ousted finalist said. by Corey Moss [font color="blue" size="1" face="
5 messages
05-15-04 02:49 PM
DiTasia Mania - The Final 2
I try and peak at from time to time to keep my pulse on the brain waves of the MTV generation. There are a lot of teeny boppers on ther
6 messages
05-15-04 08:32 PM
Hawaii Helps Local Girl Prevail on 'Idol' ory&cid=494&ncid=762&e=8&u=/ap/20040515/ap_en_tv/american_idol_hawaii%0
0 messages
05-15-04 04:53 PM
Entertainment Weekly's #3 Worst Reality Show Moment
Hung's Out To Dry #3: He bangs. He bangs. And when all else fails, William Hung bangs some more. Sure, the tone-deaf Berkele
5 messages
05-15-04 02:52 PM
Fantasia's attitude her demise?
Just want to throw this into the ring for discussion. I think Fantasia is OK. She has done well with many of her songs but overall
18 messages
05-16-04 08:37 AM
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