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Official TAR13 episode 3- Oxygen, we need oxygen
Previously on TAR, please see Mystic's [ s/DCForumID54/1622.shtml|summary]. We star
8 messages
10-28-08 01:49 AM
Official TAR 13 - Episode 2 Summary: Follow the Leader to Remedial Reading Comprehension 101
We begin this leg of the race somewhere in the Middle East… Oh… No… My mistake – that’s [i]60 Minutes[/i], the show that must ne
6 messages
10-27-08 11:23 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.4 [View All]
Hello Racers and welcome to Summerhill. The good-looking Native Greeter to my right is my own dear Dad. *sigh* It's good to be home. With all
22 messages
10-27-08 05:13 PM
Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag
Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag So after a year of delayed racing because we had
8 messages
10-27-08 04:01 AM
The "advantage" of coming in first
Last night there was another example of something that always bothers me: At the beginning of the leg, there was no advantage to leavin
1 messages
10-20-08 03:35 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.3 [View All]
Welcome to Mirador el Monticulo! How do you like the Greeter's headwear? And you thought those bike helmets were silly-looking. Who
25 messages
10-15-08 07:18 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.2 [View All]
Welcome to Cidade de Criança! This was the funniest leg of the Race I've seen in a long time. I don't know when there's been a time that I
33 messages
10-14-08 10:49 AM
Terence, meet thyself...
Does Terence really know who he is? In the intro he was characterized as a free spirit which led me to believe he meant easy going. Um, getti
19 messages
10-14-08 00:18 AM
The (very loud) question of the season.
[i][b]Does anyone in this season know how to bloody [font size=5]READ?[/font][/i][/b] http://commun
2 messages
10-13-08 10:22 AM
Kelly and Christy don't need a man...
...they can screw up the Race as well as any man can. "Read the clues thoroughly" is probably one of the most fundamental elements of t
Colonel Zoidberg
3 messages
10-07-08 05:14 PM
TAR #13 superpowers!
This isn't the [b]Race[/b], this is a traveling [b]Heroes[/b] road show. Can you name just a few of the powers possessed by o
15 messages
10-06-08 01:49 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 13 Premiere [View All]
Welcome to Forte São Marcelo! Hey Native Greeter, could you juggle some melons? Thanks. Racers, I shouldn't have to keep tell
60 messages
10-06-08 01:47 PM
BTAR Help [View All]
Greeting, TAR fans. A new season of The Amazing Race is upon us. Since Season 7 (excepting the season that didn't happen), I have been for
46 messages
10-06-08 11:38 AM
What is compelling about this cast?
I love this show, but so far this cast is not compelling at all. Two young blondes dressed in pink? Why they have not done that before unless yo
mocha madness
1 messages
10-06-08 08:21 AM
Mystery Question
Was it just me or was it really obvious what the mystery question was going to be? "We are climbing stairs on our hands and knees, I
6 messages
10-01-08 08:22 AM
Summary Signup Thread in Fanatics
The Summary Signup Thread is now open in Fanatics.
0 messages
09-12-08 12:50 PM
[b]Arthur and Anita[/b] - Photo makes them look like they are going to be really nice, and annoy me a lot. - [i] This nature-loving co
3 messages
08-27-08 09:38 AM
OMG Season 12
just seeing this in Australia, and how can this Father and daughter Ronald and Christina bring their personal problems into the race? they are so
1 messages
07-15-08 08:19 PM
Official RTVW Amazing Race 12 Summary: Finale Episode
[center][font size=6]Official RTVW Summary The Amazing Race 12: Finale Episode [font color=blue][b]“I’ve Already F
Cygnus X1
14 messages
05-13-08 06:32 PM
Sorry I thought I could post in both .. Aussies must be un-intelligent .. :)) Mwah !
0 messages
02-29-08 08:48 AM
Season 10 .. BLONDE BIMBOS !
I live in Australia & we are just seeing Season 10. I cannot believe the blondes yielding Lyn & Karlyn near the end.. now doesnt that just show Ka
1 messages
02-29-08 08:33 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 12 Finale [View All]
OK, I got everything? Lessee...Big mat? Check. Native Greeter? No. Ack! *searches for Greeter* No wait, that's
22 messages
01-25-08 08:03 AM
Caption This! 12.Last ds/User_files/479507f322113192.jpg "Well, I haven't found the clue yet, but I d
Cygnus X1
8 messages
01-24-08 00:41 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.10
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Je-eeeeeen! Happy Birthday to you! And you're el
19 messages
01-21-08 03:52 PM
Caption This! 12.10
What else did Our Crappy Couple say to each other after their Philimination? ds/User_fi
Cygnus X1
13 messages
01-20-08 01:41 PM
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