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"Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
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Snidget 43862 desperate attention whore postings
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10-01-08, 08:54 PM (EST)
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"Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag

So after a year of delayed racing because we had to think of the kids and give them first dibs of the new fall season, writer's strikes and yet another Emmy the thirteenth edition of The Amazing Race starts during the fall season premiere week without any gimmicks like a double episode and to celebrate the Emmy CBS allowed them to start on time on the East Coast for most likely the last time of the season.

So let's meet the teams.

Table 1: The Teams
Terence and Sarah -dating “Team Co-Dependant“Aja and Ty-long distance dating “Team Distance“
Anita and Arthur-Married Organic Farmers “Team Bee“Ken and Tina-Married but Separated couple “Team Passive-Aggressive“
Anthony and Stephanie-Will propose if they survive couple “Team Biological Clock“
All Female
Marisa and Brooke-Blond Friends “Team Fashion Doll“Kelly and Christy-Not Blond Friends “Team Man-killer“
All Male
Andrew and Dan-Frat Brothers “Team Legacy”Mark and Bill-Comic Book Guys “Team Weregeek”
Toni and Dallas-Mom and Son “Team Oedipus“Nick and Starr-Brother and Sister “Team Sibling Rivalry“

Table notes. No actual psychiatrists were harmed in the designations of these teams. The author notes the falling standards in college have seem to extended to the eye candy ranking of fraternity boys. Either they've got Dads that were in that fraternity or they are so rich they really do not need to be on this show. The blond team is too generic to be “Barbies” and besides we really didn't need their lawyers coming after us like they did the company that makes Bratz dolls. “Team Weregeek is credited to Vince3 (private communication). “Team Passive-Aggressive is credited to kidflash212. Thanks to PepeLePew13 for getting all the pictures uploaded to RTVW those URLs were used to avoid reuploading the same data twice

Phil introduces us to LA as a global entertainment capital where 11 teams will begin a race around the world. For some reason he is on top of a sky scrapper we shall not see again, but heck after you've rented the helicopters you might as well get some great shots from them. After all Survivor got the High Definition equipment so you gotta do something. Classic cars transport the teams to the LA Coliseum. As the teams exit through the suicide doors we get an introduction to each team.

Team Oedipus from Northern California. Toni been a single Mom all his life and proud of who he has turned into. She's given so much to Dallas he will give everything to not disappoint her.
{Count down to disappointment begins in 3, 2,...}

Team Sibling Rivalry. Siblings from New York and Texas. Starr says they have a close personal bond and Nick says they always go after what they want and they usually get it.
{Can they keep their eye on the prize, or not?}

Team Passive-Aggressive from Tampa Florida. Ken played in the NFL for seven years and cheated on Tina. Tina says by the end of the race they should know if they want to save the marriage or go their separate ways.
{Divorce lawyers in Tampa are salivating already}

Team Distance Aja says distance makes them stronger as they don't take their time together for granted. Ty says Aja is the sweetest girl in the world and they are meant to be together.
{It is easy when they go home before they start to annoy you}

Team Fashion Dolls are from South Carolina. Brooke says they are very classy and always wear their pearls. Marissa says they are into fashion and love to bake cupcakes.
{Raise your hands if you think there will be a pearl wearing or cupcake baking challenge, thank you hands do...oh never mind}

Team Legacy are from Phoenix Arizona. Andrew says they are fraternity brothers and that encompasses parties, girls and booze. Dan says the 6 pack they are focusing on is in the cooler not the stomach.
{Well we have had challenges in a beer pub before}

Team Biological Clock are from LA. Stephanie wants to get married soon and if it doesn't happen soon they will have to go their separate ways. Anthony says Stephanie tries to make things go her way or the highway.
{Can you hear her ticking from here? I can}

Team Bee from Fall Creek Oregon. Arthur says the focus of their farm is beekeeping. Anita says they are pretty strong from the chores they do around the farm. Arther says they have the ability to get it done.
{Ability to get it done, foreshadowing or quote of doom}

Team Man-killer divorcees from Texas. Christy says they have both weathered some really dreadful marriages so they can do anything they put their minds to.
{Just leave Phil's golf equipment alone, mkay?}

Team Co-Dependant. Sarah says Terence is the quintessential free spirit that she has ever met and she is the one slaving away at the office. Terence says he only does the things that make him happy which is coaching runners in New York City. Sarah says their differences will either help them or kill them in the race.
{Over/Under on episode number where challenge is not all about the happy is...}

Team Weregeek from San Diego. Mark says they are the comic book geeks everyone thinks lives in their basement. He wears geek like a badge of honor. Bill says The Amazing Race is the ultimate game on the biggest game board you can imagine.
{Good thing they cast the ultimate gamer for Survivor then, huh?}

As they walk across the field to dramatic music Phil asks from the top of the skyscraper if they can they stand up to the stress of the travel and who ill have the right combination of brains, brawn and teamwork to win the 1 million dollars. As he walks into a badly constructed set piece that is supposed to be a transporter...oops America's Next Top Model Flashback. We cut to him on the field with the racers. He tells them there are 11 legs, 8 of the pitstops are elimination legs. First clue on your luggage that our crew helpfully placed at the top of the stairs. There are cars waiting for them once they get the clue and in case they forgot the point of the show the first team to cross the finish line after 11 legs will win 1 million dollars.

Ready? {pause} The world is waiting. {pregnant pause} Good luck. {pregnant with twins pause} Travel Safe. {pregnant with a whole litter pause} GO!

Shockingly Team Bee falls to the back of the pack almost immediately. They are flying to Salvador Brazil You may take one of the following three flights only two of which we will have read on the air. Team Sibling Rivalry is first out of the parking lot with Team Co-Dependant right behind. Sarah emits what is likely to be the first of a series of extremely high pitched squeals. Team Legacy leaves in third place followed by Team Oedipus who has already started with the car songs to keep the “are we there, yet?” daemons away.

Things I caught during the opening credits. What looks like a temple in Cambodia, a light house, Mongolians on horseback, city on coast with tall needle-like building, Rainbow. Maori tribesman. Old person with blanket wrapped around shoulders. Eagle into flashes then we are back.

Terence is already befuddled by the race as there is no traffic in LA but he is taking all side streets. Team Legacy says the American flight goes through Miami and is scheduled to arrive first. They are taking the freeway to the airport. Dan was a tourism management major and knows Miami is closer to Brazil than the other connection. Toni hopes to bring the patience she learned from Dallas to the race. Tina is already nagging Ken to stay focused but not let anyone pass them. Gee Tina has not let go of the cheating incident. Team Weregeek is happy to be on the race and Team Bee knows they got off to a slow start and they think they will be seen as not competitive by the other teams.

Team Co-Dependant notices that no one else took the back way and either that is a good thing or not. Terence is already in need of love and they grasp hands, and he nearly pulls her arm off so he can kiss her hand. Team Sibling Rivalry is in first place and they do almost the same hand holding without the kiss. Team Legacy are in second place and figure making the first flight means smooth sailing. Tina nags Ken into passing Team Oedipus on the right and then pass Team Legacy who are now in third place Aja tells Ty to get in the car pool lane. Team Sibling Rivalry hope to be adopted by Team Passive-Aggressive hoping older teams have more experience traveling. Tina again nags Ken into passing on the right and they are now in first place. Team Distance comes out of the car pool lane and edges out Team Passive-Aggressive for first place. Ken promises that won't happen again as Tina appears incredulous that her power of nagging has failed them already.

Some confusion on which way to go into the airport. Team Legacy decides to just follow the cute chick from Team Sibling Rivalry. Team Distance get the first shuttle from the parking lot Ty asks if this is the only counter and they say yes, but Aja says there is no flag. Several teams pass Team Legacy and Team Sibling Rivalry as they drive around looking for parking. Some see the American Counter and and want to stop, but others are looking for the flag. Team Weregeek are the first to find the flagged counter with no line to stand in As Team Passive-Aggressive catch up they are told they are the first people to the counter. More teams come and stand in line with the Team Distance and Team Man-killer

I've stood in the airport
in the line with no flag
it felt good to get out of the car.
In the airport you can remember you name
with a cameraman beside capturing all the pain

Even though it took them a long time to get there on the side streets Team Co-Dependant find the flag and are third to get the tickets. Team Sibling Rivalry finally show up as Team Distance finally get through the line enough to find out they need to be a the other counter, the one with like you know The Amazing Race flag at it. After Team Sibling Rivalry and Team Distance start running for the other counter the rest follow behind {cue Benny Hill music}. Team Bee make their first appearance in the airport, not sure if they were part of the parade of teams or not. Ty starts counting off the teams and realizes Team Legacy will be pissed. Apparently Super Bad is the new word for Legacy these days. Team Legacy starts calling on the flight delay gods to intervene on their behalf. The problem is those Gods are capricious and vengeful. Dan is just saying this as he worked in the industry to which Nick replies not in customer relations. Team Sibling Rivalry make the first flight and Starr demonstrates an inability to fist bump. She thinks paper covers rock is the way to celebrate. As Team Distance get to the counter, Team Bee, Team Fashion Dolls, and Team Biological Clock head off to find United. Team Distance asks and the United flight gets in 3 hours later. Team Man-killer makes the American flight as Team Legacy and Team Oedipus worry. Team Legacy get to the counter and the flight is full.

As Team Legacy heads to the United counter Team Sibling Rivalry hit up Team Passive-Aggressive for an alliance for two legs. They agree even though I think being called Mom and Dad just about killed Tina. In confessional Ken says it is a good thing. Tina can't quite hit him with the daggers coming out of her eyes.

The American Flight carries Team Weregeek, Team, Team Passive-Aggressive, Team Sibling Rivalry, Team Co-Dependant Team Distance and Team Man-killer. The United flight has Team Oedipus, Team Legacy, Teem Bee, Team Fashion Dolls and Team Biological Clock. When they land they must take a taxi to the O Rei Do Pernil Sandwich Shop for their next clue. The flight delay gods do strike the first flight and they are delayed from Rio to Salvador. The American flight makes it to Salvador and the taxi hunt begins. Terence picks a pace that he likes and has to inform Sarah about it in that care free easy going controlling dictator way that he has. Team Weregeek says the delay put them about an hour and half behind. Team Man killer is happy with the pace they are on as well. Sarah tries to tell the taxi driver something, but it sounds like really bad Chinese. Tina nags Ken to tell the driver to get a move on in Spanish, hopefully he is bilingual.

Team Weregeek get to the shop first and get a Route Marker Clue They must take a local vending cart and deliver it to Praca Da Se a popular plaza. A guy name India will give them their next clue. Team Weregeek discovers the stuff piled on top is unstable and uses a coat to hold it together. Team Man-killer remind us of their bad divorces as their taxi driver appears lost. Team Co-Dependant arrive second at the shop. Terence says he loves her, but if she doesn't help him hold this stuff on but no threat follows. Team Sibling Rivalry and Team Passive-Aggressive arrive next and start on their trips. Team Weregeek comment that it is like driving the worst shopping cart in the world. Team Co-Dependant get help from someone that will take them there and drive the cart. Sarah is talking to the women and Terence whines that she isn't talking to him and saying things he doesn't know. Team Passive-Aggressive can't keep all their boxes on their cart.

Team Weregeek get to a funicular. As they wait Team Co-Dependent catches up. Once again we are informed that Ken cheated on Tina, as if we could forget. He says he is trying to prove that he is worthy of her love and this time I think she actually hits him with the eye daggers. Team Distance makes it to the shop as Team Weregeek steers the cart almost into a car.

Team Co-Dependant make it to India first and he counts the boxes on the cart. They get their clue. Route Marker, they will take a taxi to a military base, sign in to get a departure time and camp for the night.. The departure times are 9am, 9:30 and 9:45. We have another fist bump mishap with Team Co-Dependant as mister easy going needs the groove to all line up properly. Team Weregeek get to India second and Team Sibling Rivalry in third. Team Co-Dependant make it to the base first and we get another ultrasonic squeal. Team Weregeek get stuck in traffic allowing Team Sibling Rivalry to get to the base in second place. Team Distance get to India in fifth place. Team Weregeek arrive in time to get the third 9 am slot. Team Man-killer make it to somewhere, but it isn't the right shop.

The second flight arrives on time. Team Legacy gets out of the airport first, Anita apropos of nothing says the bees are calmer than this. Team Biological Clock are bringing up the rear. She reminds us they need the money to get married and start procreating, at least she isn't complaining about her eggs rotting. Team Man-killer makes it to the Sandwich shop before the second flight Teams arrive. Team Legacy with some help from a local figure out that the cart looks like a truck and the front of the truck is the front of the cart. Team Passive-Aggressive get the last of the 9 am slots. Team Oedipus are stuck in traffic as Team Bee get to the Sandwich shop. Team distance get the first of the three 9:30 slots. The last three teams get to the Sandwich shop and have problems with the carts. Team Man-killer is calling for Indio and their squeals also reach ultrasonic pitch that attracts a small dog into the area. Team Legacy are the next to get to India. Team Bee are the eighth to deliver the cart, followed by Team Oedipus in ninth. Team Biological Clock is in tenth with Team Fashion Dolls bringing up the rear. Team Man-killer are the 9:30 group and hacked off about it. Team Legacy is the first of the Second Flight to arrive and nab the last of the 9:30 slots. Teams Bea, Oedipus, Biological Clock, and Fashion Dolls will all leave at 9:45.

We get some downtime footage. Starr is talking Dallas and thinks he is really well built. Sarah is talking to Team Bee. Terence cannot tolerate that as he wants her to connect with him because you know not being allowed to get more than a few feet away for the whole day just didn't allow for any opportunities to connect.

The 9 am group of 4 teams get their clue. They must travel by taxi to Pelourinho (the whipping post in Salvador's central plaza where African slaves received punishment for various infractions). Their clue awaits them at one of the churches in the plaza. There don't seem to be a lot of taxis at the base. Team Co-Dependant get the first taxi. Team Sibling Rivalry find one but he doesn't seem to know where the place is. Team Weregeek tell the guy they are in a race. Nick finally gets his driver to follow one of the other teams. Sarah goes over telling Team Sibling Rivalry about the lack of taxis and it is time for her to stop being nice to them. Terence goes on about the evils of Sarah wanting people to like her when she should never need anyone other than Terrance who needs no friends.

The 9:30 am group leaves and also goes on a taxi hunt. Ty is carrying everything else as Aja drops her water bottle and has to go back for it. The 9:45 group comes out to go on the taxi hunt as well. Team Co-Dependant get to the church and as Terence uses the control technique of saying something nice before berating someone they run right past the clue box. They ask one of the guys in the church if he has a clue. Teams Sibling Rivalry and Weregeek also go right past the clue box into the church. As Team Co-Dependant turn around to come out and stop the other teams from going in Sarah sees the clue box and I'm going to have to take a break as the squeal ruptured an ear drum.

Detour. Hard Way Up or Soft Way Down.

In Hard Way Up they go to a stairway with knowing they will get a mystery question at the top they must crawl up on their hands and knees. If correct they get the next clue, if not they must walk around then start again. In soft way down they take an elevator up and climb a cargo net back down 240 feet. Only three teams on the net at a time. Sarah doesn't want Team Sibling Rivalry following them as she hates them so much right now for not stopping for an hour or so of chit chat while they were looking for taxis. Everyone in the first group choses Soft Way Down. Team Sibling Rivalry find the marked staircase. Team Co-Dependant are seen getting in an elevator with a doom like sound effect. Team Sibling Rivalry are the first to go down the cargo nets. Team Co-Dependant get off the elevator and don't see anyone up there. Team Passive-Aggressive are the second team to start down the net. By the time Team Co-Dependant get back down and find the flagged door Team Weregeek is at the net. Team Sibling Rivalry is off the net first as Team Co-Dependant get to the net. They try to coach each other to regroup from this as they prepare to head down.

The clue is a Route Marker for the Pit Stop at Forte Sao Marcelo which is out in the water. It was used to defend the city from pirates. The last team to check in will be eliminated. Taxi hunt begins. Team Passive Aggressive get a cab first but takes awhile to get the info that they can just walk over there. Team Co-Dependant pass Team Weregeek, as Terence says that Sarah can't climb and talk only Terence can climb and talk so he must speak for both of them until they are off the net.

Team Sibling Rivalry, you are the first team to arrive. The native greeter is a juggling boy and they win a trip for two to Belize. Phil asks what makes them a force to be reckoned with. They think it is the strength of their relationship. Team Co-Dependant is third off the net and headed for the pitstop. Team Passive-Aggressive is team number two.

Several teams get to the church clue at the same time followed by Team Legacy. Team Oedipus, Team Fashion Doll and Team Distance all choose to go down. Team Legacy chose the stairs so they don't have to wait for the net. Team Co-Dependant you are team number three. Team Man-killer are the fifth team going down the cargo net. Followed by Team Oedipus. The last couple of teams get the clue and Team Bee go for a stroll after getting the clue. Mom is happy to get a chance to be on Dallas's team for once. Team Weregeek, you are team number four, as Team Legacy starts up the stairs. They have a group of drummers playing for them as the head up the stairs. Team Distance are the seventh team to head down the net. Team Fashion Dolls are the eighth team to head down the net as Team Legacy finishes there climb up the stairs. They have to write the answer to how many stairs did they climb on a chalk board. The boys did not count the steps so they try 40. Which is wrong.

The boys get back around and count the steps out loud this time. Team Man-killer is team number five. Team Biological Clock is the ninth team to get on the net and they think they can beat Team Fashion Dolls down. Team Oedipus, you are Team number six. Team Bee starts down the net as the boys count the stairs out loud. Team Legacy gets the number right and heads for the pit stop. Team Distance is looking for the place. Team Legacy is in a cab and sees them. Team Fashion Dolls are waiting for a light to change and there is no button to push because “it isn't America”. Team Legacy is team number seven with Team Distance as team number eight right behind them. Team Biological Clock are team number nine with Team Fashion Doll right behind as team number ten.

Anita and Arthur you are the last team to arrive and you are eliminated from the race. Anita says they gave it all they had and will take that back to their friends and family. Arthur says it is a privilege to do this.

Next week on the Amazing Race. Mark and Bill look for some charity apparently from Ken and Tina. Nick and Stars alliance with Ken and Tina starts to ruffle feathers with guess'll never guess, its Team Co-Dependant.

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 Awesome job! IceCat 10-02-08 2
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Starshine 4934 desperate attention whore postings
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10-02-08, 07:53 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Thank you for this Snidget. And I thought that not a lot happened during the episode

J Slice what a cool lady

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IceCat 17313 desperate attention whore postings
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10-02-08, 08:32 AM (EST)
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2. "Awesome job!"

With the tables and the pics and the sarcasm!

Great work!

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dajaki 1453 desperate attention whore postings
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10-03-08, 01:52 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Thanks Snidget - Sarcasm and snarkiness are always appreciated around here!
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cahaya 18904 desperate attention whore postings
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10-04-08, 01:13 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Very funi(cular).

Superb review, the hard way up!

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bullzeye 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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10-05-08, 12:12 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Awesome summary Snidget!!!

I feel like I know the teams a whole lot better after reading your summary than I did after watching the episode.

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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10-06-08, 08:58 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Thanks for the summary, Snidget.

Loved the pics, the disclaimer and the song. LOL at this:

{Divorce lawyers in Tampa are salivating already}

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Seana 5044 desperate attention whore postings
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10-09-08, 06:37 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
Great job, Snidget!


"Team Co-Dependent"
"Team Oedipus"

"Weregeek" always looks like the geek version of "werewolf" to me and makes me giggle. *waves to vince*

{Raise your hands if you think there will be a pearl wearing or cupcake baking challenge, thank you hands do...oh never mind}

Gargoyle courtesy of agman

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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10-27-08, 04:01 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: Official TAR 13 Episode 1 Summary: I've stood in the airport in the line with no flag "
I've been so busy but I'm finally getting around to watching the shows and reading the summaries. Good job on the first episode.

Three is the perfect number.

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