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Official TAR10 Season Finale "Sixty Minutes of Anticlimax"
[center][b]Official Amazing Race 10 Season Finale Episode “Sixty Minutes of Anticlimax” By Jims02[/b][/center]
13 messages
12-17-06 05:57 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 10 Finale [View All]
Okay, you there, assembled losers...hey...quiet down over there, Tom and Terry. You'd think you and Kellie and Jamie have had enough time to
25 messages
12-16-06 10:52 PM
TAR losing it's edge?
I started watching TAR three seasons ago, and since then, to me the show has been going downhill. Lately, it seems as if they're going for qua
14 messages
12-13-06 11:45 PM
'Bamamama's Go Home! [View All]
These ladies do not belong in this race! They used and abused the honest and naive Cho's, and the only reason that they got to the final four i
49 messages
12-12-06 05:35 AM
Caption This 10.Last g_race10/shows/ep13/images/story_02.jpg Rob is caught smooching some other hot ba
Cygnus X1
6 messages
12-11-06 05:34 PM
I'm giving up on this show. To make a long story short, too much is the same that should be changed, and too much has changed that didn't nee
1 messages
12-11-06 12:28 PM
You Know It's a Lousy Season When... [View All]
you're relieved that the freaking BARBIES aren't eliminated because they are the least vile/only team left I can possibly root for. %0
39 messages
12-11-06 09:38 AM
Caption This 10.12 g_race10/shows/ep12/images/story_04.jpg Only now does James realize he's been e
Cygnus X1
5 messages
12-11-06 00:56 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.12
Welcome to Barcelona! [b]Rob and Kimberly![/b] You're team number one! And for the second time in the Race! You must
9 messages
12-10-06 08:13 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Amazing Race 10, Episode 12
[center][font color=blue][font size=5]Official RTVW Summary The Amazing Race 10, Episode 12 [b]“We’ll Always Have
Cygnus X1
13 messages
12-10-06 06:12 PM
Horrible Twist [View All]
When the producers were brainstorming for this season's big twist did they quelch the ones that would have made the show more interesting? They ne
32 messages
12-10-06 04:42 PM
I'm so done with . . .
All right, let's get our gripes about TAR and this season off our collective chest. What are you so done with? I'm so done with Ka
Cygnus X1
4 messages
12-10-06 03:37 PM
TAR10 ep. 11: "We Won't Just Die, like Roaches"
As always we begin with pictures of all the racers from the season. It’s been so long since I’ve seen some of these people I don’t even recogni
6 messages
12-07-06 09:48 PM
Official Summary TAR 11.9 Polite guys finish last, maybe
We’re back! Yes DD is here and helping me with the summary again. [font color=dark pink] DD: Hi everyone. *waves* [f
8 messages
12-07-06 09:41 PM
boycott! [View All]
According to [ nfirms-the-amazing-race-all-stars-will-be-next-race-edition-4430.php|this], Romber
53 messages
12-06-06 05:55 PM
ACK! Who is there left to root for? I guess I'm with "the boys."
ACK! I'm so bummed - my favorite team (of what was left) got eliminated. . . The girls did so well - but that 1/2 hour lead was going to be
2 messages
12-05-06 05:05 PM
If Lyn & Karlyn win...
...their first [b]Early Show[/b] words will accuse the Race of discrimination and favoritism towards other by not having picked them as All-
9 messages
12-05-06 05:02 PM
The Cho's are Chumps & the Sistas are Ugly Americans!! [View All]
I have not been able to figure out the why? in having this six pack alliance. The Kentucky couple and the Alabama Sistas are among the most inept r
mocha madness
32 messages
12-04-06 06:16 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.11
Welcome to the desert! Isn't this Nomadic camp great? What a lot of fun this was! All of you smile at each other (except Karl
12 messages
12-02-06 12:53 PM
Caption This 10.11
Once again, Your Genial Host wins out. And how! e10/shows/ep11/phil/photos%2
Cygnus X1
9 messages
12-02-06 12:41 PM
2 blondes did wrong
Two blonds did wrong when they sidelined the bama girls for that hour....beaaachheesss!
14 messages
12-01-06 01:53 PM
Since when does Ouzarzate start with a Q?
I used to think that if I were ever accepted as a TAR racer, I would make an attempt to learn how to pronounce a few of the world's more predomina
7 messages
11-30-06 04:43 PM
Official TAR 10.10 Summary- Getting Lost with the Chos
The Official Amazing Race 10.10 Summary: Getting Lost with the Cho’s Last time on The Amazing Race: We discover
10 messages
11-23-06 02:35 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.10
Hello and welcome to Ukraine! Aren't we tricky, telling you to go to the capital of the country where Chernobyl is. I swear I have no idea who
11 messages
11-23-06 01:07 PM
Hawkeye 10 Episode 10.10
1. What sort of task would you have liked to see the teams do in Chernobyl? 2. Tyler/James and Dustin/Kandice have this weird sort
Cygnus X1
3 messages
11-22-06 11:55 AM
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