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Lies cowboys tell.
'Dan and Jordan only won because they cheated.' 'We are good and honorable open-minded people with absolutely no character defects wh
20 messages
03-29-11 00:40 AM
They call him Ron Stoppable.
And we'd really appreciate if you would. We've had challenges that asked people to talk like Ron. (The results were scary.) We'
7 messages
03-21-11 12:38 PM
The Great Clue Pack Robbery Theft Movement Incident In The Daytime.
And to think this all could have been avoided if they'd just -- *tries to think of a guaranteed way around the deadly combination of Gl
18 messages
03-10-11 01:55 PM
TAR18.3 - The Seven Ten Samurai Accidental Tourist Driver Deer Frog Hunter To Catch Rat-out a Thief Chronicles
Previously, on THE AMAZING RACE: Teams raced through Broken Hill, Australia. Phil gives us quick rundown of the Kangaroo Keystone Kops in the La
0 messages
03-10-11 01:14 AM
10 Teams Will Continue Forward...
Credit to [b]Zimbochick[/b] for catching this but during the intro/recap last night these were Phil's word's: "Tonight, 10 teams
7 messages
03-04-11 11:10 AM
Acceleration of the stupid.
So it's come to this: we've gone from people who can't unscramble a five-letter word after being given the first position to people who can%2
15 messages
03-01-11 05:32 PM
At least they know how to use a computer and people who
own computers....whether in a shop or on their phones. Right? Here we are again with a group of cheating, defeating, beating our brai
0 messages
02-28-11 11:09 AM
The medication only acts as a temporary suppressant.
They're back. And for some of them, the loserdom will continue to ooze from every pore until the hardships of the course and their own stupidity
11 messages
02-19-11 11:21 AM
Waves at Spot - Even more teams
More teams! Alan Wu is back, and TARA 4 is only just over a week away. Generally the race is a lot more physical than TAR,
8 messages
12-12-10 03:40 PM
Things dumber than Vicki [View All]
... I'm still struggling to find even one thing that is dumber than Vicki, especially after her "Stone Hedge" and "Country of London" bon
41 messages
12-08-10 09:22 AM
The Chad bashing thread is around here somewhere.
Or maybe it's over there. Okay, it could be around the back of the [b]Age Of Love[/b] forum. I've got a feeling about that
13 messages
11-25-10 08:12 AM
TAR 17.9 - The Amazing Race (for second place)
Jill & Thomas grab a seven-hour jump on everyone else (maybe even beating Phil to Bangladesh), making the entire episode oh-so-boring. %0
1 messages
11-22-10 09:03 PM
BTAR 17.8 - zzzzzzzzzz
The teams fly from St. Petersberg to Muscat (well, except for a couple of sleepy-heads) then have to dash around finding water, hidden rings%2
1 messages
11-16-10 05:33 PM
Katie/Rachel (Elimination Station)
Viewed their Elimination Station 2 weeks ago and them again during Kevin/Michael's ES. K/R just cannot get over themselves. When asked, befo
3 messages
11-16-10 00:11 AM
BTAR 17.7 -- I Saw That Act on Ed Sullivan
A visit to a Russian circus, complete with skeery clowns, plate spinning, and a wee bit-o squeeze-box squeezing was just the beginning of a wild
7 messages
11-12-10 08:32 PM
BTAR 17.6 - Достаточно ли корова кормы на моем картофеля?
Life as a Russian Babushka couldn't be any better. But then, what about those great Classic Tunes? We also had another vis
5 messages
11-03-10 08:28 PM
BTAR 17.5 - This goat eyeball tastes just like cucumber!
Welcome to Norway -- land of the Goat Head Christmas Pudding [small](waves to Starshine)[/small]. Another fantastic job by th
10 messages
10-29-10 11:04 AM
The kiss-off count.
Dear Brooke & Claire, Every time someone signs in on this thread, that'll be what they're telling you to do. Consider
3 messages
10-25-10 03:27 PM
BTAR 17.4 - Living in the Lapland of Luxury
Welcome to someplace on the Swedish-Norwegian border -- The Docs make Tribe's Greatest Gainer away for the week, the old man avoi
2 messages
10-20-10 08:09 PM
Place Your Bets....
What diabolical Speed Bump will the course designers come up with for Michael & Kevin? [li type="circle"]Write their name in
11 messages
10-20-10 12:32 PM
BTAR 17.3 - Ring Around the Kiddies
What an amazing adventure. Teams have to solve a word puzzle -- one that has the deciphering clue [b]ON THE FRELLIN' WALL[/b] but mysterio
3 messages
10-15-10 01:12 PM
The Ghana 'ring around the children' ritual circle dance & the invisible decoder wall.
When done properly, the dance summons American idiots. Sadly, it was the only thing most of the teams did right in the entire task. (We know i
1 messages
10-13-10 09:19 PM
Spitting On Connor & Jonathan
They obviously don't mind being spit on. The lack of any anger to something as disgusting and demeaning as being spit on bothers me. I don't expec
9 messages
10-11-10 10:55 AM
BTAR 17.2 - Kustom Koffins & Shades
After a quicky kiss for a lucky tractor driver (alas, not Starshine) we're off to Ghana. Magic bunching point - whacky taxi trip -
11 messages
10-09-10 10:55 AM
Be the TAR (sort of) sign-up thresd [View All]
Give me some time to get to my unrestricted computer at home (but not tonight...) and I'll post contestants names. Everyone should kn
29 messages
10-09-10 10:31 AM
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