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OMG Season 12
just seeing this in Australia, and how can this Father and daughter Ronald and Christina bring their personal problems into the race? they are so
1 messages
07-15-08 08:19 PM
Official RTVW Amazing Race 12 Summary: Finale Episode
[center][font size=6]Official RTVW Summary The Amazing Race 12: Finale Episode [font color=blue][b]“I’ve Already F
Cygnus X1
14 messages
05-13-08 06:32 PM
Sorry I thought I could post in both .. Aussies must be un-intelligent .. :)) Mwah !
0 messages
02-29-08 08:48 AM
Season 10 .. BLONDE BIMBOS !
I live in Australia & we are just seeing Season 10. I cannot believe the blondes yielding Lyn & Karlyn near the end.. now doesnt that just show Ka
1 messages
02-29-08 08:33 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 12 Finale [View All]
OK, I got everything? Lessee...Big mat? Check. Native Greeter? No. Ack! *searches for Greeter* No wait, that's
22 messages
01-25-08 08:03 AM
Caption This! 12.Last ds/User_files/479507f322113192.jpg "Well, I haven't found the clue yet, but I d
Cygnus X1
8 messages
01-24-08 00:41 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.10
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Je-eeeeeen! Happy Birthday to you! And you're el
19 messages
01-21-08 03:52 PM
Caption This! 12.10
What else did Our Crappy Couple say to each other after their Philimination? ds/User_fi
Cygnus X1
13 messages
01-20-08 01:41 PM
The Amazing Race 12 - Official Summary Episode 10: You Say Taipei-do, I Say Tuh-Pie-do
[b]The Amazing Race 12 - Official Summary Episode 10: You Say Taipei-do, I Say Tuh-Pie-do[/b] [i]Be warned:[/i] N
10 messages
01-19-08 12:17 PM
AR12 – Episode #9 – Official Summary: "I Hope He Doesn't Croak On Us"
Last week we had the continuation of the Non-Elimination Round that wasn't supposed to be. Our Goth Team excelled at completing their "Speed Bump%
7 messages
01-18-08 09:02 PM
The Amazing Race 12 - Official Summary Episode 9: Why Are There Two Official Summaries?
Okay, so you may be wondering why there are two official summaries. Estee explains in the Spoiler forum, Summary thread. But, lucky you! Two
6 messages
01-18-08 09:02 PM
TAR Episode #8 Official Summary: Mumbai Surprise
Last time on the Amazing Race, teams went from Croatia to Florence. Along the way, Nicque and Don got tattoos while Kynt had an all-out Mary-Adam
12 messages
01-18-08 09:01 PM
This season a potential repeat of Season 3?
Think about it - we're down to four teams that I'll cast in seemingly very familiar positions. TK and Rachel - played previously by twi
Colonel Zoidberg
11 messages
01-15-08 08:54 PM
Jennifer needs to go [View All]
Didn't you just "love" Jennifer's little mat outburst tonight. They deserved the first place prize not because they were actually first but b
48 messages
01-15-08 08:55 AM
Challenge: Jen is higher maintenance than . . .
Okay, so Jennifer has been Philiminated, and there was much rejoicing. Not that Nate is a saint, but I thought it might be fun to decide how hi
Cygnus X1
12 messages
01-14-08 09:51 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.9
Welcome to Osaka, Japan, where the cabbies are about to croak and the flowers are mostly fake. [b]Ron and Chris[/b], for th
18 messages
01-12-08 07:26 PM
TAR 12.9 Hawkeye Top 10
Back to a familiar old friend, long missed, and I promise – no foretelling! {format a’la David Letterman} 10. Wha
1 messages
01-12-08 06:30 PM
Caption This! 12.9
Now the SeeBeeSss webstaff has woken up. ace12/images/gallery/ep9/full/5.jpg
Cygnus X1
8 messages
01-12-08 03:13 PM
'Clearly I cannot U-Turn the team that is in front of me...'
Inconceivable! Discuss.
16 messages
01-07-08 03:50 PM
Caption This! 12.8
I give up with the SeeBeeSss webstaff; they're still a week behind with the pics. Even so, this one from the prior leg could still be appropria
Cygnus X1
8 messages
01-06-08 10:56 PM
AR12 Episode #7 Official Summary: “On the First No-NEL”
TAR12 Episode #7 Official Summary: “On the First No-NEL” {flashback} [ azing-race
11 messages
01-02-08 03:23 PM
Blunder by TK & Rachel
No one has yet to discuss the blunder by TK & Rachel. They had the opportunity to U-Turn Nate & his obnoxious girlfriend, who inspite of their
mocha madness
0 messages
01-02-08 02:49 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.8
Welcome to the Bandra Fort. Isn't Mumbai fun? All the traffic and helpful locals and such. Did anyone guess there would be U-Turn o
13 messages
01-02-08 11:54 AM
One more Goth renaming to go.
After the events of last night's episode, I propose that Kynt should officially and permanently become 'Kym'. [font size=1]An
6 messages
12-31-07 03:45 PM
Christina's dad
He is soooooooooooo annoying. Christina, you are one patient cookie, having to put up with that anal mofo all your life. It doesn't matter that
3 messages
12-30-07 08:44 PM
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