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Be the Amazing Racer 15.2
Welcome back to Ho Chi Min City, Racers! Yes, we took you on a boat away from here, then made you take a cab 2 hours to get back. %0
11 messages
10-09-09 05:09 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.1
Hello Racers! From the LA River to a riverboat in Vietnam! It was a fun first...alright, well, let's face it, it was 2 legs,
14 messages
10-04-09 06:56 PM
Official Summary TAR15 Premiere
[font size=4][b][center]Official Summary TAR 15 Premiere: Part 1: The Cruelest Twist Ever[/font][/center][%
4 messages
10-02-09 02:36 AM
What was the point? [View All]
In last night's first leg, the producers decided to: 1. Eliminate one team before they ever got on the course, robbing them of any
37 messages
10-01-09 11:13 PM
On Sundays? Not again?!
Why is CBS punishing the loyal fans of The Amazing Race like this? How many times will the show be delayed due to sprots? I don't kn
6 messages
09-28-09 09:00 PM
TAR 15 Racers
Italics are from CBS, names are (in most cases) from their parents, everything else is mine. Oh except one of the photos for which I give my e
3 messages
09-28-09 12:30 PM
Just a minor reminder about last night's mat fight. [View All]
According to Phil, the pre-edit version of that little confrontation went on for a full forty-five minutes. Wonder how many other genetic traits Mar
93 messages
06-08-09 03:00 PM
Redemption, TAR-style. [View All]
Epic fail. Was I the only one feeling vindicated by Luke's failure at the surfboard puzzle task, despite arriving at the site with a si
Max Headroom
31 messages
05-23-09 06:28 PM
The Amazing Race Episode 12 – “How do you blow a chance at a million dollars – it Depends®”
Previously on The Amazing Race: [link:// rds/DCForumID54/1699.shtml|Bebo’s gem] Jamie and Ca
11 messages
05-17-09 12:10 PM
Be The Amazing Racer Finale
What's that? We won? WE WON! Victor, can you believe it? WE ARE THE OFFICIAL WINNERS OF THE AMAZING RACE! Thanks for bein
Belle Book
5 messages
05-13-09 06:39 PM
My taxi driver does not know... [View All]
where to go so I'm going to call the police! because this is worth a million dollars to us and the person our taxi driver is calling is not a conc
22 messages
05-12-09 04:52 PM
Ugly Americans but.....
Ok i do not like the attitude of the cheerleaders. Rude, loud and ugly americans everywhere they went. BUT i have to concede they did get
1 messages
05-12-09 08:46 AM
The Amazing Race Official Episode 11 Summary – A Disaster of Non- Olympic Proportions
[b]The Amazing Race Official Episode 11 Summary – A Disaster of Non-Olympic Proportions[/b] Previously on Race…Since Bangkok
6 messages
05-09-09 05:03 PM
Be The Amazing Racer 12
Wow, we're in the finals, Victor! Isn't that awesome? We were right to do Chinese Waiter. We know Mandarin, so we had an ad
Belle Book
2 messages
05-06-09 09:56 AM
I was going to write the most sarcastic post in site history -- [View All]
-- but I [i]really[/i] have to go pee. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif%
35 messages
05-06-09 09:52 AM
This land task was made for you and me . . .
My memory is not what it used to me. Okay, let me be honest. My memory has never been anything to brag about. So maybe those of yo
9 messages
05-04-09 09:24 PM
Slower than a Lost storyline!
Even more powerless than a [b]New York Post[/b] editorial! Able to dismiss actual results faster than Fox News Channel! It's Suuuuuu
8 messages
05-02-09 11:22 AM
At least there's one thing Jennifer does quickly.
Is it just me, or was that the fastest decent into an all-out villain edit we've ever seen hitting this late in the season?
14 messages
04-30-09 03:17 PM
I don't get it.
Those of you who know me might be saying, "So what's new and different about that, Max?" But I don't understand why the teams had such
Max Headroom
19 messages
04-29-09 06:24 PM
'We're not angry at ourselves because we cheated...' [View All]
'...we're angry at the producers because they're punishing us for it!' Could you ask for a better attitude from Mark & Michael? Don'
64 messages
04-28-09 02:30 PM
Be The Amazing Racer 11
So, we're going to have to continue the leg? Oh boy. On the bright side, we're still in China so maybe we'll move back to the front agai
Belle Book
1 messages
04-27-09 08:11 PM
This Week In Sports!
You're challenge this week is simple. Climb up a ladder a few thousand times and jump off, or swim 400 meters wearing a pain-inducing full-length
9 messages
04-27-09 07:12 PM
Official Summary The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!™
[b]Official Summary The Amazing Race 14 Episode 9: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!™[/b] [i]Snidget: Heya Dweeze!%0
4 messages
04-26-09 03:37 AM
Be The Amazing Racer 10
Wow-ee, what a leg! The good news is that we finished second, Victor! If we can keep this up, we'll make the finals for sure!
Belle Book
9 messages
04-25-09 10:30 AM
Official RTVW Summary TAR 14.8 - Yoo Bag Poe!
[b]Yoo Bag Poe![/b] [i]Previously![/i] - 6 teams headed from Jaipur to Phuket, got teabagged by elephants, and
J Slice
16 messages
04-21-09 03:40 PM
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