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I am really not liking these people this year!!!!
As in a few of the other reality shows this season, I have to scratch my head and wonder, 'where the heck did they find these people???'
13 messages
04-20-09 10:23 AM
Be The Amazing Race 9
Third place! Not bad! Of course, we could've gotten second if you hadn't struggled with the Roadblock, or if we hadn't gotten lost on
Belle Book
7 messages
04-18-09 10:14 AM
Official RTVW Summary: TAR 14, Episode 5
[center][h1]Siberian Hell![/h1] (If this is Hell, I donít want to go to heaven!) aka [h3%
11 messages
04-15-09 03:39 PM
TAR 14.7 Official Summary
***TAR 14.7 Official Summary: School of Rock Meets School of Hard Knocks*** [b][i]Be Ye Warned:[/b][/i]
11 messages
04-15-09 06:43 AM
Official RTVW Summary, TAR Episode 14.6
[b][font size=4]Official RTVW Summary, TAR Episode 14.6 Clueless in Jaipur[/b][/font] Welcome to this summary
8 messages
04-14-09 08:58 PM
Official RTVW TAR Summary Episode 14-4: Wood Goes Up, Wood Comes Down
(Okay, this summary is not full of innuendo and double entendres. I promise.) Last time, married couple Brad and Victoria came up
9 messages
04-14-09 08:57 PM
Midgets go to go!
Ok i am sick of these two and here's why: 1. last leg they cheated and were spared by luck 2. this leg they were firstly were dumb
4 messages
04-14-09 06:16 PM
What's with the start times in Epi 8?
What's with the discrepancies in the start times of the contestants at the beginning of this week's episode? Here's the starting lineup:%
4 messages
04-14-09 10:08 AM
Change the rules
After watching the midgets deliberately sabotage the race I think the rules of the race shoyld change: 1. if this happens again, the te
8 messages
04-13-09 09:39 AM
Mark and Michael Hate Thread
I'm sure this will come in handy later! Right now, they're the only team I really dislike. Something about their cockiness/arroga
18 messages
04-03-09 06:31 AM
What's the natural sexual position of the Asiatic elephant?
Just asking. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif
6 messages
03-31-09 05:32 PM
Be The Amazing Racer, Episode 8
Okay, so we're the second team to arrive, Victor -- but why is Phil saying we're the second team to arrive and not Team #2? Wait a minute
Belle Book
2 messages
03-31-09 00:17 AM
Be The Amazing Racer, Episode 7
Wow, Victor! We came in first again! Now let's just hope we don't go from first to next-to-last [i]again[/i]! But for now --
Belle Book
14 messages
03-26-09 06:21 PM
Why no penalty?
I think the girls got a bad deal this week. The teams who did not complete the camel feeding in the correct method should have be penalised. The
7 messages
03-26-09 02:03 AM
Hawkeye 5: TAR14.6
Because I can't think of 10 snarky questions to answer snarkily, here are 5. 1. What was up with the Native Greeter and his nose-flutes
5 messages
03-24-09 09:50 AM
Small blessings. [View All]
Let us now pause and reflect on some of the past Racers who did [i]not[/i] do that Roadblock. Lance Gus Marshall G
27 messages
03-23-09 01:16 PM
Be The Amazing Racer, Episode 5
We're back where we belong -- near the top, if not at it, Victor! Of course if Cara had been running, we'd have been third. Maybe I shou
Belle Book
17 messages
03-23-09 12:51 PM
Dear Cara and Jaime...
When traveling to foreign countries, it would behoove you to learn a bit of the local language. Instead of screaming at the top of your lungs all th
1 messages
03-23-09 10:30 AM
Tammy/Victor break the "no camerapeople" illusion
Did anyone notice that when Tammy and Victor bought tickets for their flight, they clearly asked for four tickets. Maybe its happened before, but
13 messages
03-16-09 03:55 PM
Everything's fine until they're on the ground.
Hey, Christie & Jodi -- want to get away? ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif
18 messages
03-16-09 07:49 AM
Be The Amazing Racer, Episode 4
Wow, Victor! From eighth last week to third this one! This is more like it! We really worked together during the Detour -- I agree that Asi
Belle Book
15 messages
03-13-09 07:15 PM
I just want to vent
Deep breath Whose clever idea was it to put the U Turn that close to the end of the leg? And on an elimination leg? Both of those tasks
12 messages
03-11-09 11:24 PM
It's okay to bash the deaf kid.
Come on I know you want to do it. How does a person make it through 4 years of college and not have at least heard the name [i]Chekhov%
Prof_ Wagstaff
14 messages
03-11-09 06:21 PM
Official TAR Summary, Episode3- Who?
[font color=green]Me: Well here we are again. Ready to summarize another TAR episode? [Font color=dark pink]DD: Yep! Hopeful
11 messages
03-07-09 09:11 PM
Official RTVW TAR Summary - Season 14, Episode 2: Carry Me Back to Ol' Virginny
Welcome my friends to Episode 2 Written today by your buddy, Boo. [ s/DCForumID54/1660.sht
18 messages
03-07-09 12:11 PM
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