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Name the Baby Contest [View All]
Jonathan and Victoria are going to have a baby (it is in one of the racer interviews at Chip and Kim's website). Let's hope they used a sperm
33 messages
10-13-06 05:40 PM
Dear Tom and Terry [View All]
Considering how many other stereotypes you seem to be fulfilling, I am really surprised that I need to write you this note. Listen, guys, it'
66 messages
10-13-06 11:23 AM
Hawkeye 10 – TAR 10.4
Come on and give us some snarky answers to some snarky questions about this week's episode. 1. At the beginning of the episode, we are
6 messages
10-12-06 00:02 AM
Rowing a boat
Is it me, or was anyone else shocked at how practically no one knew how to row a boat? I never really thought about it before, but I guess I jus
14 messages
10-11-06 11:10 AM
TAR10 Hawkeye 10 Episode III
1. Name a team besides Tyler and James which has a chance in hell of winning this race and why? 2. On what did Duke and Lauren spend all
4 messages
10-09-06 03:14 PM
Official RTVW Summary TAR 10, Episode 3: Pennies, Paddies and Penalties
[font size=4 face=helvetica][center][b]Official RTVW Summary TAR 10, Episode 3: Pennies, Paddies and Penalties[/b][
9 messages
10-08-06 10:07 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.3 [View All]
Welcome to Vietnam! [b]Erwin and Godwin[/b]: *There* you are! You kept saying in your video how you were competitive a
33 messages
10-08-06 06:52 PM
Official RTVW TAR 10 Episode 2 Summary - Rule # 1, Never Work With Animals or If Wishes Were Horses, the Irony Fairy Would Be Out of a Job
[font size="3" color="blue"]Rule #1. Never Work With Animals or, If Wishes Were Horses, the Irony Fairy Would Be Out of a Job[
10 messages
10-05-06 05:23 PM
Vietnam: A different perspective.
I have been to Hanoi on two separate occasions, and last night's episode had a certain familiarity for me. I am very curious as to why they gave
mocha madness
12 messages
10-03-06 01:16 PM
Quotes Episode 3, what are your favorites
Here are a few of mine..... "Why do these girls walk arm in arm? You think they're just friends or what?" "I dunno." ~
0 messages
10-02-06 11:39 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.2 [View All]
Welcome to Mongolia! [b]Peter and Sarah[/b] Wow. Good for you guys. I mean, when you changed tasks twice, I kinda thou
63 messages
09-28-06 04:00 PM
I don't want to usurp the "quotes" person but I won't be one later and I wanted to point this one out. When everyone was climbing the wall and
16 messages
09-27-06 01:24 PM
TAR10 Episode 2 Hawkeye 10
Step right up, step right up! Get your snarky answers and questions right here! Step right up! 1. Teams traveled to Mongolia via
Max Headroom
10 messages
09-27-06 03:50 AM
Lyn and Karlyn: Team Leech. [View All]
Yes, give us your spare water! Give us a native guide! Give us the right to sit in the middle of the plane for an extra ten minutes too, bec
28 messages
09-26-06 08:42 PM
Official TAR10 Episode 1 Summary: "So You Think You Can Make Me Happy Dance?"
[center][b][font size=4]So You Think You Can Make Me Happy Dance?[/b][/font] http://community.realitytvwo
20 messages
09-26-06 08:15 PM
Amazing Race Family series
We are watching this program in South Africa and have watched all the previous series which were very enjoyable. This family series so far has be
11 messages
09-25-06 12:12 PM
TAR 10 Hawkeye 10
[small][font color=darkblue][b]Humble Disclaimer:[/b] My apologies. I had a bit of a senior moment and forgot that I had volunte
11 messages
09-23-06 05:26 PM
Phil's . . . um, "golf equipment" [View All]
Phil seemed to be hiding some golf balls and a club in his pants last night. Or was that just me? http://community.realitytvworld.c
54 messages
09-21-06 10:05 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 10.1 [View All]
Hey there, Racers! How about them twists and turns. You thought you knew the game, but you were wrong, wrong, wrong. Who would
76 messages
09-20-06 11:27 PM
Be The Amazing Racer 10 Signup Thread [View All]
A new season of The Amazing Race is upon us. Time to play Max Headroom's favourite game. ;-) What is this “Be the Amazing Racer%9
78 messages
09-18-06 07:36 PM
Be the Amazing Racer?
Our Survivor counterparts are already signing up people for "Be the Survivor", but I haven't seen a similar thread start up over here on the T
Max Headroom
2 messages
09-12-06 09:35 AM
Last task and passport
It seems both teams were pretty bad at remembering the countrees they were in. I was wondering whether they were allowed to look in their passports or
6 messages
08-19-06 07:15 AM
The Simple Life What a joke
I can't believe someone created such an airhead show and then on top of that hired two airheads to star in it. Nichole Richie is nothing but a self
1 messages
08-07-06 09:29 AM
The missing TAR9 India leg
I thought it was written in the [i]Official Rules of TAR[/i] that every season must include at least one leg in India. What happened this s
Max Headroom
2 messages
06-03-06 03:13 AM
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