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Official Rachel Death Glare count. [View All]
One. I'm surprised it got through Customs. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f9396
25 messages
06-01-12 04:46 PM
Where Art (or was it JJ) may have blown it
I didn't see any of the other racers oiling up the sled rails like JJ (or was it Art?) did. I think the oil was for the very bottom of the rai
6 messages
05-08-12 10:29 AM
Return of the invisible clues.
Let's all give Vanessa & Ralph a round of applause. Make it really loud, because they're never going to spot where the sound is c
3 messages
04-20-12 10:25 AM
Arrogant in Africa.
A thread title so generic, it could apply to everyone except Mark & Bopper. And an episode filled with so much attitude, it [i]di
2 messages
04-20-12 10:24 AM
Please help
I do not know English very well, sorry for the mistakes. Good day to you! This letter comes to my girlfriend, which currently require
4 messages
03-29-12 04:12 PM
Major Dave's minor misunderstanding.
The vast majority of the population is not under a contractual obligation to do exactly what you say or serve jail time. Oddly enough, yo
6 messages
03-23-12 10:50 PM
things we learned this week
1. one of the twins is married to an NBA player (don't remember the exact wording, if she said she was married to an NBA player or if her kids d
0 messages
03-20-12 04:09 PM
Those who can't do, teach.
Right now, I've got Bill & Cathi down for teaching English, Math, and Pattern Recognition. Marcus was their best student. %0
3 messages
02-27-12 11:01 PM
Which was the better WTF face? Jiffy or Phil?
Set-up: In the most recent TAR season opener, Phil gave a WTF face as Misa/Maiya ran out while looking for the pit stop, and somehow complete
11 messages
02-27-12 04:48 PM
So close, yet so far away.
Misa & Maiya: already in the Failed A Spot Check [b]TAR[/b] Hall Of Fame. Y'know what we should do? Get a capture of
6 messages
02-21-12 12:47 PM
Cindy's parents
Anybody else think they could be a bit racist? Perhaps I could've heard incorrectly, but I swear I heard Cindy say she believes her parents wou
18 messages
12-15-11 10:07 AM
Production help?
I've really got to wonder just how much 'help' production crew gave in last night's episode. A lost passport suddenly appears at the airport%3
16 messages
11-28-11 08:40 PM
Pop Quiz for Marcus...
Dude got all confused in the last episode so we need to help him out for the rest of the way. I know it must seem really hard, Marcus... %0
3 messages
11-14-11 06:10 PM
The dreaded first-class bus.
You might want to make a note about that. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif %0
5 messages
11-14-11 11:00 AM
J&J's slow reveal.
That may have been the most gradual edit in series history. First, we learned that Justin and Jennifer fight. A lot. As in 'Iran and
2 messages
11-08-11 00:58 AM
Please advise.
Between the Talihantz and Laurence Of Saudi Arabia, I'm not sure I'm allowed to make posts on my own any more. Technically, there
4 messages
10-31-11 03:41 PM
This is the One True Thread. [View All]
Everyone is invited to come within and show it exactly as much respect as it deserves.
27 messages
10-24-11 09:23 PM
A double U-Turn?
Wow. So who wants to get to F3 the fast way? After all, any team that's U-Turned automatically goes out, so the only way the producers could
10 messages
06-27-11 06:52 AM
This is, in a word, disturbing.
[IMG] 196/tef43/266081211.jpg[/IMG]
4 messages
06-27-11 06:52 AM
People less culturally sensitive than Jamie.
This was almost going to be 'name people just slightly [i]more[/i] culturally sensitive than Jamie', but I thought I'd give you a re
11 messages
06-27-11 06:51 AM
It takes years to master tea-tasting.
By my count, that means Luke left eight minutes early. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962
1 messages
06-27-11 06:50 AM
Dear Kent and Vyxsin
Are you kidding me? You're breaking my heart! [b]SNAP OUT OF IT![/b] Sincerely, moon
14 messages
06-27-11 06:49 AM
Kisha and Jen: Worst TAR Winners Ever?
15 messages
05-18-11 04:35 PM
Where is Elimination Station?
Hi Everybody! I finally poked around the CBS website looking for the Elimination Station episodes and can't find them. Does anyone know where they
4 messages
05-03-11 09:51 PM
If you lose one sense, your other senses become stronger,
right? Like if you lose your hearing, your sense of taste should be heightened, right? Maybe not.
8 messages
04-07-11 07:16 AM
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