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Caption This! 12.7
For some reason, SeeBeeSss opted not to put up any photos for this past week's episode, so I had to improvise. Here's a vidcap from the Inner
Cygnus X1
7 messages
12-29-07 06:00 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.7
Welcome to Boboli Gardens, [b]Nick and Don[/b]! You're team #1. Can you believe it? I sure can't. Love the tattoos. You'd
10 messages
12-28-07 00:25 AM
TAR producers: big fat liars
Didn't they say they were doing away with the non-elimination leg this year? If a team finished last, it was out, plain and simple?
Colonel Zoidberg
15 messages
12-27-07 04:52 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.6 [View All]
Greetings Racers. Welcome to Croatia. Isn't it beautiful here? I am amazed that of all the people to do the Long and Short Detour, only Azari
26 messages
12-22-07 11:51 AM
TAR Episode #6 Official Summary: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
[FONT SIZE=3][CENTER][B]The Amazing Race, Episode 6[/B] [FONT SIZE=5][B]It Was the Best of Times, It Was
13 messages
12-21-07 09:30 PM
TAR12 Episode 5 Summary
I didn't feel like giving all the teams nicknames, so I took the first letter of each person's name and combined it. Thus: Azaria%
Scuba Steve
6 messages
12-20-07 08:41 PM
Task Choice This Week
I was surprised Azaria and Hendekea went for the same task that Nic and Don were in the process of completing. If you know you're in last place
3 messages
12-14-07 11:27 AM
Caption This! 12.6 ds/User_files/475d45524a294c3a.jpg "Hey, check out that Croatian hottie up there,
Cygnus X1
6 messages
12-12-07 11:10 PM
Alright I don't know if this has been done before. But I've been looking through the races and come to a decision that I wanted to post this. IF i
3 messages
12-12-07 06:37 PM
Dear Kynt & Vyxsin, [View All]
Those of us who know what Goths are were able to identify you as such on first glance. The parts of the country which have no clue as to your cultura
27 messages
12-10-07 11:22 AM
My question for this season: Do brothers and sisters REALLY need to be this close??
And I am not inferring anything rude, crude or distasteful at all. Just thinking if my brother and I had been in that boat, the banter would
0 messages
12-10-07 09:23 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.5 [View All]
Look at the big fan thingies on this windmill go around and around. Keeeewl. [b]TK and Rachel,[/b] you're team #1! You%
26 messages
12-09-07 10:35 PM
Was it just me or was that the most grueling leg in the whole of TAR? Start first thing in the morning, a fair flight, a counting tas
0 messages
12-07-07 12:50 PM
Hawkeye 10.5
Okay, so we missed the first four . . . so what? Here’s a Hawkeye 10 snarky question list, with snarky answers [s]demanded[/s] [s
Cygnus X1
2 messages
12-06-07 00:43 AM
Caption This! 12.5 ds/User_files/47540e7b229a22f3.jpg "Stop putting your hand up the gnome's butt when
Cygnus X1
10 messages
12-06-07 00:28 AM
TAR12.4 Official Summary: "No Chicken, No Check-in"
[center][font size=4][b]TAR12.4 Official RTVW Summary: "No Chicken, No Check-in"[/b][/font][/center%
10 messages
12-05-07 07:05 PM
Ixnay On The Post-Production Sounds
Is anyone getting as tired as I am of all the sounds that the post-production staff is tossing into the show? It used to be just that out-of-tune z
Cygnus X1
2 messages
12-04-07 04:53 AM
TAR 12 Episode #2 Official Summary: "Spreading Horror Around the World"
Last week, I was watching TV when suddenly…I recognized that music. Was it? That was Phil parading on top of a tall tower. That could have meant
9 messages
12-03-07 09:04 PM
TAR 12, Episode 3 "Official Summary"
[center] [h1]Don’t Cry, Whine, Scream, Kick, Etc… Over Spilled Milk!!![/ h1][/center] Last time
17 messages
12-03-07 08:47 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 12.4 [View All]
Welcome to the Hotel de Ville. *shakes booty* You know I can dance. I wouldn't have incurred a penalty at that Detour. I've got all the ri
33 messages
12-03-07 12:09 PM
TAR12 episode 1 Let's hear it for the donkeys!
[font color=green]Me: Well here we are again, it’s time for The Amazing Race!!! [font color=dark pink]DD: We have the f
15 messages
11-30-07 11:19 PM
Shades of Blake and Paige???
I don't remember how many of you were watching this far back but does anyone remember how "affectionate" Blake and Paige seemed for being brothe
14 messages
11-29-07 09:50 PM
Caption This! 12.4
Shana and Jennifer's dance of Burkina Faso amusement: ds/User_files/474b87b36f509fe
Cygnus X1
6 messages
11-29-07 02:39 AM
Something struck me as a little odd in Ep 4
Did anybody else notice how cabs were <b>everywhere</b> in The Middle of Nowhere, Africa? I don't know if any local that wa
7 messages
11-28-07 02:47 PM
Enough with the animals already!
First, we have the teams screaming at and pulling donkeys in the first ep. Then we have the camel milking fiasco. Now we hav
Cathy the Canadian
6 messages
11-27-07 07:29 PM
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