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Victor versus TAR AI.
Randy: 'Look, dawg, you're a one-note performance, and you can't even keep that note steady. Up and down, up and down -- make up wha
11 messages
03-02-09 01:20 PM
About Be The Amazing Racer [View All]
On Sunday, [i]The Amazing Race 14[/i] will begin. And every season on here, there's been a Be The Amazing Racer segment in the Basher
Belle Book
65 messages
02-23-09 08:33 PM
The Official TAR Summary: Season 14, Episode One [View All]
Previously on The Amazing Race: Kate stormed off with Aaron after Ben confessed that he had sent the lawyers with the subpoena for the bl
Devious Weasel
28 messages
02-23-09 01:30 PM
Beware of ds/User_files/4999603f0fab0252.jpg It'll mess you up, man. It'll [i]totally%
15 messages
02-16-09 04:40 PM
Yay! New Teams!!
It must almost be time for TAR 14! Will this finally be the season that an all female team wins the race? (no) [b]Amanda
15 messages
02-16-09 08:22 AM
Spin, you crazy lovebirds!
Andrew & Dan's interview. They're kidding, right? http://community.
13 messages
12-14-08 08:29 PM
BTAR13 Finale
OK, listen up, non-winners! The first and second place teams are nearly here. We've got them running around Portland looking for dinosaurs a
9 messages
12-11-08 09:21 AM
The magic is in the hole!
Anyone else pee themselves when they heard that slogan? I was dying! ds/User_files/
7 messages
12-08-08 10:53 PM
Complete this sentence: if Andrew & Dan win, I will -- [View All]
-- petition the NFL to allow infinite overtime for CBS-aired games starting at 4:15. ds%2
42 messages
12-08-08 08:54 PM
Reflections on Portland
I lived in Portland for many years, and have some thougths to add about the finish. My first thought when the racers found out that the finish line
mocha madness
1 messages
12-08-08 04:41 PM
Here's to incompetent cab drivers.
They confound and frustrate us, eliminate those who didn't deserve to go -- but every once in a great while, they save our collective butt.%0
4 messages
12-08-08 11:40 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.10
Welcome to Moscow! But it's a different part of Moscow, which is a really big city. Huge. How about those tasks this leg, huh%
11 messages
12-07-08 07:30 PM
Advice on dealing with the finale.
Lie back, close your eyes, and think of England. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif
6 messages
12-02-08 01:03 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.9
Welcome to Moscow, Russia! Please take a moment to say hello to my three - count 'em three! - lovely Native Greeters. None of these ladies n
13 messages
11-30-08 02:33 PM
Official TAR Episode 7 Summary - Van Goghs to India
Get it? Van Gogh? Painting? Van Goes? India? Get it? Huh? Huh? :7 Well, we're not getting any younger, and n
11 messages
11-26-08 12:19 PM
Opportunities Dan & Andrew have lost . . .
because of appearing on the Race and letting [u]all the world[/u] get to know them. No more: - job interviews - poss
4 messages
11-26-08 09:46 AM
Official TAR Summary Episode 8: Dumbass, Meet Fat A<>ss
[b]Official TAR Summary Episode 8: Dumbass, Meet Fat A[]ss [/b] [i]Tonight’s dinner recipe is Cheesy Crock Pot La
5 messages
11-25-08 01:45 AM
TAR Official Summary - Episode 6: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
Previously on The Amazing Race, seven teams headed to Cambodia. Tina whined - again. Terrence lost his temper - again. DanDrew struggled with a ha
7 messages
11-25-08 00:43 AM
The Amazing Race 13 - RTVW Episode #5 Summary: Around the World Without a Clue!
Hello to all the fans of the Amazing Race. I’m Phil’s uncle and I’ll be your reporter for this leg of the race. To recap last week’s episode%3
6 messages
11-25-08 00:40 AM
Russian street spam.
Genuine Kazakhstanian sneakers! Available today only in a startling range of one whole size! Worn just once by a little white man from Arizona w
16 messages
11-24-08 05:49 PM
Things Terrence can't do
* eat meat * take less than an hour to realize he can't eat meat * keep from emotionally blackmailing someone for more than five min
17 messages
11-20-08 07:16 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.8
Greetings Racers, and welcome to wherever the hell we are. I'm not really sure, because somebody forgot to set her VCR before going out tonight
14 messages
11-18-08 07:17 PM
The epitaph of Kelly & Christy. [View All]
If Phil had handed them a note telling them they were eliminated from the Race, they'd still be on the mat trying to figure out what to do next.%0
22 messages
11-18-08 06:11 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 13.7
Welcome to Isa Khan's Tomb. How appropriate that we would end this leg at the final resting place of so many souls, considering how dead this sea
13 messages
11-16-08 11:36 AM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
0 messages
11-13-08 05:35 PM
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