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OK, I know I'm fairly dim-witted, but what was the deal [View All]
with blurring out the ***areas*** of the brothers during the volley ball bog challenge? Was it THAT obvious that they both we
70 messages
11-24-09 02:13 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.9
Greetings Racers and welcome to Prague Castle. I hope you've all enjoyed your time looking for things in the Czech Republic. Vintage cars, mando
2 messages
11-23-09 05:48 PM
TAR 15.8 Summary - Sling Blade Smack Down
Previously, on [i]The Amazing Race[/i] -- [link:// rds/DCForumID54/1736.shtml|Well Done]%
3 messages
11-20-09 03:33 PM
TAR Official Summary Ep 7 "
Previously on The Amazing Race we learned: ~You do not need to know how to count in order to win Miss America. ~Sam and Dan look cute
9 messages
11-11-09 01:04 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.7
Hello Racers and welcome to the most awfulest Roadblock in the history of The Amazing Race. Yes, this is a "Switchback". Let's tel
9 messages
11-11-09 00:46 AM
Who's the Luckiest Team Ever?
Major hint: it's [i]not[/i] the Globetrotters. My first thought was 'BJ & Tyler are on the course?' Two non-elimi
9 messages
11-10-09 05:52 PM
The sound you heard last night...
...was Lena & Kristy throwing shoes through their respective TVs, followed by a scream of "[b][i]Now[/i][/b] they make it a
5 messages
11-09-09 09:55 PM
A tribute to Mika [View All]
[i]I think I'll go down the waterslide I mean I really want to go down the waterslide I could go down it if I wanted to I could d
47 messages
11-06-09 00:05 AM
The Amazingly Incompetent Race
People who can't lift a hammer. People who can't lift their feet. People who can't count to sixty-two. (Ladies and gent
12 messages
11-04-09 08:09 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.6
Welcome to Zoutkamp Harbour! [b]Sam and Dan:[/b] You're team number one! You get a sand buggy. Looks like your mini-alli
5 messages
11-03-09 08:44 PM
Bell counting Roadblock
I'm sure I heard a team (but don't remember which) say something like "we'll do the counting together" -- there was also a scene at the
7 messages
11-03-09 03:16 PM
I tried to play Texas Hold 'Em last night.
But after trying (and failing) to pick up my hole cards seventy-one times, I just [i]had[/i] to quit. http://communit
6 messages
11-02-09 11:37 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.5
Welcome to Dolphin Bay Beach, Racers! Yes, we are still in Dubai, but that's OK. It's nice here, despite the incredible heat. I liked
9 messages
11-02-09 02:14 PM
TAR Official Summary Ep 5 "Slip sliding away"
Ah The Amazing Race! This summary may not be true in parts but hopefully it captures the essence. So last week... No hang on [link:co
5 messages
11-01-09 06:58 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.4
Welcome to Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Racers! This leg was all about extremes: extreme height, extreme heat, extreme speed and extreme cold. I
10 messages
10-26-09 09:47 PM
TAR Official Summary Ep 4 "I Feel Like Ricky Bobby"
[font size=5][u][b]The Karma Show[/b][/u][/font size=5] Sam & Dan, [s]winners of the last l
4 messages
10-23-09 04:04 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15 [View All]
Another season of The Amazing Race is about to begin! I'm actually excited this time, having been less enthusiastic for the last couple seasons
32 messages
10-22-09 03:59 AM
One hour and fourteen minutes.
That's how late tonight's episode is running. It won't even start until after it's supposed to be over. I have my TiVo set to record an entire
7 messages
10-21-09 12:07 PM
Let's be fair to Lance.
If you had to listen to Keri's voice for more than forty-eight minute a week, you'd probably be an uncontrollable ball of catastrophically pinba
16 messages
10-19-09 10:06 PM
OK, Brericka, we get it already...
...we flipping get it. You're married, and your skin pigments don't match. We've decided to accept this statement as fact since before Episode
Colonel Zoidberg
7 messages
10-19-09 05:41 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 15.3
Welcome to [s]Sean Penn[/s] Phnom Pehn, Racers! What an easy leg - Act like a monkey? Find a scarf? Well, the other Detour opti
10 messages
10-17-09 07:56 PM
***TAR15.3 Official Summary: Just Monkeying Around***
[centre][i]If you can lose your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when al
7 messages
10-16-09 08:59 PM
Jackie N"O"
I was so surprised that almost every team looked at the picture of Jackie Onassis and did not recognize her! When I first saw the photo, I could t
indian girl
4 messages
10-15-09 10:30 PM
Marcy said her father was shot down over Vietnam
And, I'm sure this isn't something a normal person would make up. I'm just curious as to why I haven't been able to find any information on
4 messages
10-12-09 11:14 PM
***TAR 15.2 Official Summary: This Means War!***
[b]***TAR 15.2 Official Summary: This Means War!***[/b] [b][i]Standard Warning:[/b][/i] Not
6 messages
10-12-09 09:37 AM
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