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Romber IndigNation: Recruiting curmudgeons. [View All]
Why let Tribe and the Romber lovers have all the fun over in Fanatics? Let your contempt for Reality TV's Biggest DAW Couple show! W
Cygnus X1
48 messages
03-15-07 05:47 PM
Caption This! 11.4 e11/shows/ep04/gallery/4.jpg The beginning of the end for Romber was when they th
Cygnus X1
3 messages
03-12-07 02:30 PM
i would love rob and amber to win!!!! =(
i love amazing race so much and i was so happy when ilearned that rob and amber was actually included in the all star amazing race episode. i really w
3 messages
03-12-07 11:50 AM
Dear TAR-Stars...
The challenge: write a letter to a Leg 4 team as if you were a team from their season, knowing they have to read every word aloud on the air. %2
1 messages
03-12-07 09:29 AM
Be the All-sTAR 11.3 [View All]
Welcome to Playa Petrohué! This was a fun leg to watch. Who knew so many people were fishophobic? And nearly all of you got lost on the way t
49 messages
03-09-07 10:05 PM
TARStars Ep3: Blithering Idiots
Wow. I mean, just wow. There's so much to mock it's like picking up fish in a barrel. I do so enjoy random bashing. Oh, and I'
4 messages
03-07-07 06:50 PM
greedy robamb
rob and amber = greed personified How much is it going to take to get rid of these two,I couldn't stand them on Sur
5 messages
03-07-07 02:41 PM
Caption This 11.3
Note: It's a hurting lot of pics from the SeeBeeSss site so far this season, IMO. If anyone wants to vidcap any images that might be better,
Cygnus X1
4 messages
03-06-07 11:20 AM
The Blondes are Racists and Offensive
Why did they have to start referring to the Bamas as the 'Sistas'? Each time I heard it, my skin crawled. They are the only team in TAR hist
18 messages
03-06-07 10:53 AM
Official RTVW Summary: The Amazing Race All-Stars, Episode 2 [View All]
[center][font color=blue][font size=5]Official RTVW Summary The Amazing Race 11 (All-Stars) Episode 2 [b]“The Bore
Cygnus X1
23 messages
03-05-07 06:53 PM
This is Not Sundance Channel, or Bashing The Episode Titles
In order to sound quirky and mysterious, we are getting longer and longer dialogue bites as titles. Last night's was, I believe, something li
2 messages
03-05-07 04:49 PM
Be the All-sTAR 11.2 [View All]
Hello Racers and welcome to the Vally of Death! *jarring chord* Many of you were stupid this week, lucky for you the Fes
57 messages
03-03-07 02:55 PM
Official RTVW Summary - The Amazing Race, All Stars: Episode 1 [View All]
Since this is the All Star season of TAR, the webmaster asked some of the greatest summary writers from the past six years to work on this season. T
26 messages
02-28-07 06:05 PM
Gosh, that was dumb, Week 2
A fair bit of stupidity this week. Let's talk about it. 1. Kevin and Drew: driving at 40 kph because they missed the sign that said 50
11 messages
02-27-07 07:41 AM
Caption This! 11.2 e11/shows/ep02/gallery/14.jpg "Not so fast, Kevin! My Metamucil's kickin
Cygnus X1
3 messages
02-26-07 02:04 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 11.1 [View All]
Welcome to [s]Peru[/s] Ecuador, Racers! We got off to quite a start. I was pleased to see that some of you learned something from your
71 messages
02-24-07 02:42 PM
Be the Amazing Racer All-Stars [View All]
A new season of The Amazing Race is upon us. Shall we play a game? And just what is this “Be the Amazing Racer” game, you ask? W
107 messages
02-23-07 12:19 PM
Here come the DAW-Stars. [View All]
Ohmigawd, look what they've stuck us with now. Out of all the teams who've ever run, stumbled, fumbled, and occasionally paraded around t
27 messages
02-21-07 02:41 PM
South and North - how confused can you get?
OK - Quito is in the central northern part of Ecuador. Cotopaxi Park is about 50 miles due south from the city. The teams were given a map on how to
5 messages
02-20-07 12:25 PM
Caption This! 11.1
We start off with Rawb: e11/shows/ep01/gallery/9.jpg Rob hustles off
Cygnus X1
7 messages
02-20-07 10:54 AM
Amazing Race Celebrity Counterparts
Check out this post about celebrity counterparts for AR-11. 7/02/get-your-race-on.html
1 messages
02-19-07 10:53 AM
Rob and Amber Poll
If you want to bash these two, here's a poll where they're the topic:
0 messages
02-18-07 08:15 PM
Summary Sign Up List - TAR All Stars Started: ds/DCForumID37/1455.shtml ds/User_fil
1 messages
02-12-07 00:20 AM
The Amazing Relationship-Killing Race
(Was going to post in Fanatics, but upon further review, it's more Basher material.) Let's recap the relationships that began o
Cygnus X1
2 messages
01-19-07 01:51 PM
The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition -Episode 1 Summary [View All]
[font color=blue][i]PK: So do you really think this is a good idea? BVM: Absolutely, Jer and I both agree we need to spice thin
22 messages
01-05-07 07:33 PM
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