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Full Metal Jousting
It's more than a night at Medieval Times. (But you do need to supply your own greasy chicken & grog).
1 messages
02-05-16 02:14 PM
Geek Love
It makes even me seem normal. ds/User_files/472b6a2b1b421882.jpg[font color="blac
1 messages
02-05-16 02:13 PM
24 hr catwalk
who the heck is this host? Alexa Chung? what a bore! and the clothes she wears? looks like something made by runway rejects!
2 messages
02-05-16 02:11 PM
Shark Tank
What can I say? I must have been bored to tears. I still am. I'd sooner see Gordon Ramsay make a risotto variant.
6 messages
02-05-16 02:10 PM
Make Me A Supermodel [View All]
I'm not sure if I've seen each ep of this. I watched the first where they had to pair up and get in a glass box to be hoisted up above everyone a
60 messages
02-01-16 06:27 PM
NEW!!! Beauty And The Geek Episode E8
4 messages
02-01-16 06:26 PM
Swamp People
My boyfriend is obsessed with this show, and I guess a bunch of the guys he works with love it too. I don't get it - can someone please explain th
1 messages
02-01-16 06:23 PM
Peter Perfect on the Style Network.
Did anyone watch this? I wound up watching by default (nothing else on)and I really wound up enjoying it. Its a complete makeover for a busine
1 messages
02-01-16 04:19 PM
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? - Canadian Ed.
Anyone watching? Enjoyed the tryouts and Maria school but am not loving the performance shows. Why do they audition using their amazing musical th
9 messages
02-01-16 04:18 PM
Who wants to be a superhero?: Season Two.
'It stinks of evil!' Actually, it stinks of cheese. ds/User_files/
12 messages
02-01-16 04:16 PM
Groomer Has It
I just watched this show on Animal Planet and it is hilarious. It's the same format as Top Chef, Project Runway, etc. They are given "Quick
11 messages
02-01-16 01:07 PM
Sunset Tan
What happened to this show? I loved it. Here were my thoughts after seeing the first three shows after I thought it was returning to the air.%0
2 messages
02-01-16 01:05 PM
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Wow - he's bitten off maybe more than he can chew! *pun intended I want to slap the lunch ladies, specifically Alice. I hope she
1 messages
02-01-16 01:03 PM
Is anyone else watching Ruby on the Style Channel? I think she is very sweet- it is sort of refreshing after what The Biggest Loser has turned into.
8 messages
02-01-16 01:02 PM
The Singing Bee
I caught the first little bit and the last few minutes of this Tuesday night. (In the middle, I put a kid to bed.) I actually kind of enjoyed
13 messages
02-01-16 01:00 PM
Solitary v3.0
My biggest question about this show is, why on earth would anyone want to be on it?!!! They are forced into painful and otherwise awful sit
10 messages
02-01-16 12:07 PM
Science of Love
Did anybody catch this show? Ok, admittedly, it was an hour long infomercial for, but even so, it really was an interestin
3 messages
02-01-16 12:04 PM
Is anyone watching this show on E!? It is sort of "Newlyweds" style, but with Brits. I am catching up on the past episodes whene
1 messages
02-01-16 12:01 PM
Worst Upcoming Fall TV SHows
Things aren't lookin so hot: [url] /index.aspx?a_id=7660&src=dx29[/url] T
2 messages
02-01-16 12:00 PM
Scott Baio is 45 and a Desperate Attention Whore. [View All]
Anyone bother? Can anyone [i]be[/i] bothered? And if a regular coach can take you out of the game, is a life coach allowed to take y
25 messages
02-01-16 11:58 AM
Without Prejudice
Has anyone heard about a new GSN show called “Without Prejudice?” It’s a new show where a group of people judge others based on first impress
6 messages
02-01-16 11:55 AM
Project Poker reality series
Hi, longtime lurker and lover of all things reality! I wanted to share a new reality web series called Project Poker running over at wh
1 messages
02-01-16 11:54 AM
HGTV New Reality Series--Guess What You're Moving Out
CASTING CALL FOR NEW HGTV SERIES --- GUESS WHAT…YOU'RE MOVING OUT! Do you have a friend, brother, sister or cousin who is all gr
1 messages
02-01-16 11:50 AM
CMT's Celebrity Bull Riding
Is anyone watching CMT's Celebrity Bull Riding? I flipped by last night and watched it and actually enjoyed it. Because the sport is so intense%
3 messages
02-01-16 11:48 AM
The Next Internet Millionaire - Web reality show?
Has anyone heard anything about this one? I read about it on another site and it looks like Trump on the web... with better hair... lol. %0
3 messages
02-01-16 11:44 AM
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