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Masterchef series 5
At last! Somehow Joe is still a judge, but it seems that they could only afford half of Graham this season. (seriously impressive dud
2 messages
01-12-16 03:55 PM
Whodunnit [View All]
Iím not sure what to think of this. It might be good but will probably be dumb. I thought it might be something like the Mole but looks like itís
81 messages
01-12-16 03:54 PM
The new Joe Schmo show
Anyone watching it? ds/User_files/4fa437ec80082a33.gif [font size="1
4 messages
01-12-16 03:52 PM
Masterchef: Season #4
Think there's any chance Amy from Amy's Baking Company will show up? After all, it's not as if we can really call her a professional, and
5 messages
01-12-16 03:51 PM
IRT Deadliest Roads
anyone watch this show?
4 messages
01-12-16 03:49 PM
Deadliest Catch
I can't believe how calm and reasonable Keith has been this season. Meanwhile, Wild Bill needs some serious parenting classes! When you're thr
8 messages
01-12-16 03:45 PM
Rock of Love [View All]
OMG, I actually watched it...and might watch again. DamnyouVH1! Premise: Poison's lead singer Bret Michael's is looking for love.
103 messages
01-12-16 03:43 PM
Cut-throat Kitchen
My new favorite. Alton Brown gets to play the evil host. Just wondering when somebody's meal comes out truly uneatable (or maybe even t
6 messages
01-12-16 03:41 PM
Ultimate survivor Alaska
Did anyone watch this show besides me? ds/User_files/52e97a3c31069197.gif
4 messages
01-12-16 03:39 PM
I can't believe I'm admitting this but,
I've actually been watching Steve Austin's broken skull ranch and.....gulp.....I like it! :o
0 messages
01-12-16 03:38 PM
The Quest
Anyone watching this show? (It's online at if you want to catch up - only the first episode has aired) I like that so
3 messages
01-12-16 03:37 PM
Jamie's Kitchen
I caught a new show today called Jamie's Kitchen on TLC. It is about Jamie Oliver's project of taking 15 unemployed young people and formally tra
5 messages
01-12-16 03:35 PM
Gay, Straight or Taken?
I really thought this show would be horrible but so far I'm liking it alot - Anyone else? I really love the looks on the girls faces when the boyf
6 messages
01-12-16 03:33 PM
Save Alaska: Battle On The Bay
Please sign the below petition to save Animal Planet's Alaska: Battle On The Bay. 9
4 messages
01-12-16 03:22 PM
Err OK then, how long is it before the producers tell them to put clothes on because the overtime for Mr. Blurry is getting excessive?
2 messages
01-12-16 03:11 PM
The Winner Is
I watched the premiere of TWI, curious if there were castoffs from other singing competitions. The first singer was Lakisha Jones (AI, Season 6
2 messages
01-12-16 03:06 PM
Reality show with a a big twist.... players sign up on and become contestants. when you join you are sent the game materia
2 messages
01-12-16 03:04 PM
Attention Christopher Rocchio and website staff
A couple things, Chris, you should really pay attention to what you write, as in your article dated 12/17/09 on The Imploders, you stated
7 messages
01-12-16 03:01 PM
Fear Is Real
So this is what I get for slumming around in the future: [font color=navy]ĽA horror-themed reality series in which 13 contestants are a
9 messages
01-12-16 02:59 PM
Could we rename it The Gullible?
1 messages
01-12-16 01:12 PM
The Briefcase
Anyone planning on watching? ds/User_files/52f2b64c0c334c46.gif http://co
4 messages
01-12-16 01:10 PM
New Show Casting Call - Utopia
Ran across this on Facebook. on [i][b]ABOUT[/b] Have you ever
6 messages
01-12-16 12:56 PM
Cowboy U Colorado
I know there're a few fans out there. New Season from Colorado this time. 8 new city slickers learn to cowboy up starting January 12th and repeati
7 messages
01-12-16 12:54 PM
Sneak Peek - Episode 2 of "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend"
Hey Paris lovers! Here's a link to a clip from the second episode of "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend." The second episode airs tomorrow
1 messages
01-12-16 12:51 PM
Reality TV shows with substance.
The only "reality" TV show I'm into right now is that show Flipping Out. I just like how he's literally crazy and mean most of the time, but
9 messages
01-12-16 12:50 PM
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