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There Goes the Neighborhood [View All]
Did anyone else watch this show? It is another take off on Big Brother about families living in their own homes. They added a touch of Survivor by
22 messages
09-05-09 03:21 PM
Three Sheets
....or "The Candian I Love the Most." Anyone watching [link: hreesheets/|Three Sheets] o
0 messages
09-02-09 10:23 AM
Cake Boss
Does anyone else watch this show?? I love it! His cakes are so beautiful and it makes it even better that he is such a good guy. My friend just
1 messages
08-31-09 11:06 AM
Whale Wars
On Animal Planet. Anyone else watching? I have found it to be fascinating, sad and moving. I want to be a Sea Shepard now (well, except for th
8 messages
08-26-09 00:19 AM
Megan Wants A Millionaire. [View All]
And I want Megan to leave television forever. Neither of us is likely to get our wish. Wikipedia has the cast photo and list of seventeen
36 messages
08-24-09 00:19 AM
Pink Sneakers: Casting for New Online Dating Reality Show
****Casting for a new online dating show! Have you been trying to meet the right girl/guy online but have had no success? Do
5 messages
08-23-09 05:04 PM
Little Couple
Anyone watch this last night? Chronicles the life of two little people, Bill and Jen. He is a 4 foot tall "businessman" and she is a 3 foot
3 messages
08-19-09 00:07 AM
I am working with A&E and their new show, Obsessed, a show that aims to raise awareness and understanding about anxiety disorders and phobias.
4 messages
08-17-09 12:04 PM
New Online Dating Show!
From the producers of hit shows for VH1, Bravo, TLC, etc, comes a new series about relationships and dating. We are currently looking to cast
0 messages
08-12-09 12:06 PM
TV Show looking for women living in the New Orleans area!
Pink Sneakers Productions is looking for women 21+, living in the New Orleans area, ready to share their lives for a new reality casting i
0 messages
08-12-09 12:03 PM
The Superstars. [View All]
It's the first reality series for Terrell Owens. It won't be the last. ds/
66 messages
08-06-09 04:56 PM
Next Food Network Star - June 2009 [View All]
June 7th - New Season Was thinking last night how the producers feel that there have been how many winners of this and how many have actual
34 messages
08-05-09 11:08 AM
Charm School #3: The cast begins to emerge... [View All]
...from under a rock... As Ssinmd noted, VH1 has started to release the names on their own blog, which means all of VH1 currently smell
41 messages
07-30-09 02:46 PM
Great American Road Trip
Has anyone heard anything about this NBC show? I checked the NBC website, and it's listed but nothing comes up when I click the link. It's 5
20 messages
07-28-09 08:46 PM
The Chopping Block
I'm sure billions and billions of watchers have flocked over to this rather uninteresting, Ho-Hum show. Complete with quitters! No pizazz
13 messages
07-27-09 11:44 PM
Daisy Of Love. [View All]
We have a premiere date, a Wikipedia-provided nickname list for the cast, and a retread. Premiere: April 26th, 9 p.m. EDT. (If
43 messages
07-27-09 11:51 AM
Dating in the Dark
A new dating experiment. Get to know the person first. Then see what they look like. 2 of the 3 couples decided to take a chance dating after seein
2 messages
07-25-09 03:19 PM
She's Got the Look
I remember watching a few eps of this last season. It's actually interesting. Maybe I'll remember when it's on to catch more of it this t
4 messages
07-24-09 10:26 AM
NYC Prep?
No love for this show? It's so awful it's FANTASTIC. I can't find it anywhere on these boards. Can someone help? Or should I star
7 messages
07-23-09 03:02 PM
The T.O. Show (VH1).
And with tonight's 10 p.m. premiere, VH1 reaches a new frontier in reality programming: the world's first black hole of attention.
1 messages
07-22-09 09:30 AM
the shark tank producer wants 2% of NET REVENUE from entrepreneurs!
entrepreneurs who agree to be on 'the shark tank' are asked to sign a contract that would give the producer (mark burnett) 2% of net revenue
2 messages
07-09-09 03:48 PM
The Cake Boss
I guess this goes here. I've only seen one episode so far, but I really like it. Funny family. Cool cool cakes. http:/
4 messages
07-07-09 05:59 PM
Groomer Has It
Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It" is back for season 2. Watch it if you're an animal lover. http://community.realitytvworld.c
9 messages
07-02-09 11:21 AM
The OCD Project
VH1 is at it again. Good thing they replay their shows over and over and over again, huh? [
0 messages
06-16-09 08:57 AM
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Maybe it's strange that I watched four straight hours of this over the weekend because they were having a marathon showing on The Travel Channel. Th
0 messages
06-15-09 09:49 PM
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