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Does anyone here every watch 'Shear Genius"??
Last season it was hosted, on Bravo, by Jacquline Smith. This season there is an equally beautiful, but younger woman that I do not know by name
15 messages
04-09-10 12:48 PM
The Marriage Ref
I guess it goes in here, eh? I had no idea what I was in for. I don't know that I'm wild abou the actual ref, but I think it's
2 messages
04-07-10 09:35 AM
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend
Hi fans! Here is a preview clip from Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend, which premieres tomorrow night, April 6th at 10pm ET/PT on the TV G
0 messages
04-06-10 06:14 PM
Work of Genius Awesome new realtiy show about art
I can't wait for Work of Genius to come out!! I heard it is a new reality show about artists, created by Gino Cabanas at the Vine Studio. W
1 messages
04-06-10 01:48 PM
Minute To Win It.
Well, at least it is better than we will wait over a minute to let you know if you answered the question right/opened the case/tell you who was
6 messages
04-03-10 01:19 PM
Undercover Boss: Ratburger Inc.
It would normally be amazing to think that a company owner on this scale would consider five thousand dollars to be a lot of money, but let's be f
14 messages
03-30-10 03:03 PM
Who is this person or what is this show?
Ok so in that url There should be a commercial that comes up in the video thing
0 messages
03-25-10 09:45 PM
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Wow - he's bitten off maybe more than he can chew! *pun intended I want to slap the lunch ladies, specifically Alice. I hope she
0 messages
03-23-10 02:15 PM
Solitary 4.0
It's back and with twists. Those not familiar it's a game show where the contestants cannot see each other, are locked in a "pod", be
3 messages
03-21-10 10:51 AM
I'm sure there have to be TONS of us watching Seinfield's "Marriage Ref"..
The first one, promo, was so incredibly funny, I was literally rolling on the floor! The panel was Jerry himself, Kelly Rippa, and darned
2 messages
03-14-10 06:42 PM
Undercover Boss
Hooters :-) Interesting for the son who has taken over as pres & CEO to see how his dad's passing is seen by the employees. Fr
7 messages
02-26-10 10:46 PM
New Reality Television Show Based On Skilled Trades Competitions
Please review and provide responses to the following survey: Which of the following cities have you visited: A: Calgary,
0 messages
02-25-10 08:22 PM
7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto goes incognito on the new CBS show, "Undercover Boss" and talks about it today on Oprah!
Monday, February 1, 5PM/4PM CST on ABC • Joe DePinto will appear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on ABC due to his participati
10 messages
02-22-10 03:40 PM
Celebrity Fit Club #7
Casting has been announced for the 7th season of Celebrity Fit Club. CFC #7 is currently filming and is expected to air in early 2010. ht
5 messages
02-18-10 05:12 PM
Worst Cook in America
I've been watching :-) No one has been discussing? I didn't like the ending - I disagreed with the chef judge panel.
3 messages
02-08-10 08:35 AM
Is She Really Going Out with Him
"Is She Really Going Out with Him" is a show about girls who are far out of the leagues of the ridiculous guys they date. The second season premi
0 messages
02-05-10 07:58 PM
"Street Court"
Hey everyone! Check out "goodfellas' with a gavel!"--LA Times An innovative television show that takes the judge to the scene of
1 messages
01-29-10 05:16 PM
New Food Show on Bravo, "Chef Academy"
With the supposedly 'sexiest chef' Jean Novelli, who hails from France. He actually is pretty good looking, to my taste. His wife, who is ab
11 messages
01-22-10 06:01 PM
one of a kind story for reality tv/spors fans
This dude seems to be the real deal.. check it out: jU
1 messages
01-22-10 05:33 PM
Next IRON CHEF America [View All]
I love watching Michael Simon on Iron Chef. Last night, I caught myself paying more attention to each chef and thinking if I'd enjoy watchi
23 messages
01-18-10 10:19 AM
Shark Tank
I know it exists, but did anyone actually watch it? I spent another hour of my incredibly valuable "life as a wastrel" getting involved with
17 messages
01-17-10 01:30 PM
Conveyor Belt of Love
And it isn't on VH1, believe it or not. ABC will be rolling this out 2009/12
10 messages
01-15-10 10:21 PM
Food Network Star winner's new show
I was going to post this in the Season 5 thread, but I couldn't find one. So, I watched Melissa d'Arabian's new show, [link%3
2 messages
01-14-10 12:47 PM
Attention Christopher Rocchio and website staff
A couple things, Chris, you should really pay attention to what you write, as in your article dated 12/17/09 on The Imploders, you stated
6 messages
01-08-10 05:27 PM
I get that a lot.
Watched this show last night. The premise is they take celebrities and have them do normal jobs. Last night they had Snoop Dog as a parking attende
4 messages
01-08-10 09:54 AM
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