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MasterChef: Season #3 [View All]
Now with 75% more commercial break teasers, 40% extra filler, and 0% hope of having the network tell you how many people [i]actually[%
54 messages
10-16-13 00:01 AM
Masterchef: Season #4
Think there's any chance Amy from Amy's Baking Company will show up? After all, it's not as if we can really call her a professional, and
4 messages
09-12-13 01:01 AM
The Million-Second Quiz
Well, if you want a host for a show where someone supposedly earns ten dollars a second for doing nothing, Ryan Seacrest would be it. Of course%2
3 messages
09-11-13 07:45 PM
Breaking Pointe
It's like the Real [s]Housewives[/s] Ballerinas of Salt Lake City. I could handle more focus on the dance and less on the petty drama, b
5 messages
08-21-13 03:20 PM
Whodunnit [View All]
Iím not sure what to think of this. It might be good but will probably be dumb. I thought it might be something like the Mole but looks like itís
80 messages
08-19-13 10:00 PM
HGTV & Food Network Star
They don't deserve their own threads, but anyone else watching? ds/User_files/4d
11 messages
08-13-13 07:54 PM
This is one of the rare times when a series lost me during the Season Preview segment. Admittedly, they were barely hanging onto my audience share
1 messages
08-06-13 05:05 PM
Could we rename it The Gullible?
0 messages
08-06-13 04:35 PM
Ideal TV show
My dear, may be unknown friend, my neighbour on the planet, be happy! Your only life should not be neither a struggle for money with
4 messages
07-26-13 01:15 AM
72 Hours
After seeing a 1-page ad in EW magazine, I was going to post in the Survivor thread that it looked like some kind of "eco-challenge" show was st
5 messages
07-21-13 05:56 PM
Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls
I'm NOT a Bear Grylls fan, but I do like that this show forces the teams to work together.
0 messages
07-15-13 09:39 PM
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
If you have wondered what kind of family a caffeine guzzling 6 year old pageant girl comes you go... Extended trailer: http%
4 messages
07-09-13 11:49 AM
Naked and Afraid
I guess they had some extra blur professionals that needed a job. 21 days, nude, no food, no water, and no prize. http%3
9 messages
07-08-13 01:33 AM
The American Baking Competition
... hang on, I know that music. Our "host" seems to have enjoyed some hospitality before the show, unfortunately it hasn't given
20 messages
07-07-13 01:14 PM
[b]The Biggest Loser[/b]? Couldn't do what this show managed in the premiere. [b]Idol[/b]? Can only dream of re
7 messages
04-24-13 01:53 PM
Storage Wars [View All]
Can I get an opening post for this thread? Opening-opening-opening -- opening post right over there! Anyone want to go for a second post? Any
22 messages
04-16-13 01:46 PM
Worst Cook in America
I have a liking for all cooking shows - probably cause I'm not much of a cook myself :D Why do reality shows start out with a good conc
3 messages
02-27-13 11:17 AM
Doomsday Preppers
That show is hilarious! Anyone else watching? I totally understand the compulsion to prepare for "the worst" and part of me would
3 messages
02-19-13 02:59 PM
Dance Moms!
Abby Lee Miller is back, looking all glammed out. I should find a picture of her from the first season, to see how much she has changed.
4 messages
01-31-13 02:36 PM
The new Joe Schmo show
Anyone watching it? ds/User_files/4fa437ec80082a33.gif [font size="1
3 messages
01-14-13 05:13 PM
Double Divas
It's sort of a Say Yes to the Dress, underwear-style. From Lifetime's website: Boasting a hilariously unfiltered cast exuding Southern ch
1 messages
01-11-13 01:06 AM
Testing your Memory!
Hello! Wondering if anyone remembers a reality show where a fake new employee took a job and did dumb stuff to see how the real employees reacted%2
2 messages
11-29-12 06:07 PM
Celebrity Splash
What celebrities will they get? icks-up-celebrity-diving-show-1031236.php
0 messages
10-09-12 11:52 AM
Stars Earn Stripes
This week, I learned that black men can't swim. ds/User_files/4dd9eb96806ed99e.gif
2 messages
09-30-12 08:58 PM
The (great) Escape
Alcatraz was the first location. Three teams start at midnight trying to escape a cell, then move along to various other locations. There were gua
5 messages
09-05-12 11:01 AM
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