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Glee Project Season 2
Is anybody watching this? My family really enjoyed Season 1 which had a great cast of young adults and plenty of good performances and reality tv c
5 messages
09-03-12 02:32 PM
The Great Food Truck Race
it's backkkkkk! This time around, all the teams are new businesses. The show is giving them fheir first truck which they have to return when the
4 messages
09-03-12 07:35 AM
Famous Food. [View All]
So who thinks 'Boogie' Mike Malin is doing this for revenge? 'Once I was a lowly [b]Big Brother[/b] contestant. But now I co-own m
33 messages
08-24-12 05:16 PM
Craft Wars
It's like Cupcake Wars and Pinterest got together and blew up a Michael's! DD liked the first episode, so we'll probably watch a few more. M
4 messages
08-17-12 07:46 PM
Lvoe in the Wild 2
New Presenter! New Twists! New Challenges! Well it's OK, although I don't care for all the mugging the ne
10 messages
07-27-12 10:22 AM
The Next Great BAKER
I watch this now & then; Buddy is NOT a very good actor; everything he says is soooo scripted. :-) But sometimes it's fun. %0
9 messages
07-25-12 08:43 PM
Food Network Star - 2012 Season [View All]
Anyone watching? I only saw bits of the 2010 season with Arti. I do not like Indian food, so I never had much interest in her show. I
25 messages
07-25-12 03:53 PM
Redneck Island
Finally a show I could totally get on and do well at... Survivor-like in the challenges and such, but so much more my style!!! And
5 messages
07-23-12 05:17 PM
Project Poker reality series
Hi, longtime lurker and lover of all things reality! I wanted to share a new reality web series called Project Poker running over at wh
0 messages
07-14-12 01:57 PM
New Hidden Camera Game Show
NOW CASTING NEW HIDDEN CAMERA GAMESHOW A major cable network, 3RB Entertainment, and MysticArt Pictures are now casting for an all-new
0 messages
07-10-12 08:32 PM
Flipped Off
Save yourself! Run to the hills! In this A&E house-flipping show, dearly-loved-by-himself Russhell buys a house for $47,000; puts $7
2 messages
06-18-12 09:17 PM
1. So it's official: [i]everyone[/i] has more talent than [b]Idol[/b]. 2. 'Quddus'? 3. In imme
6 messages
06-18-12 08:54 AM
Around The World In 80 Plates.
Select Bravo as your serving dish. Gather twelve professional chefs of varying experience who would normally appear on [b]Top Chef[%2
9 messages
06-15-12 05:54 PM
The Choice.
Once upon a time, FOX had a proud reality show tradition. A tradition of ripping off everyone else's reality shows, producing cheap, extra-st
10 messages
06-08-12 06:19 PM
Dance Moms
My younger daughter (in 9th grade) is a huge fan of [i]Dance Moms[/i]. As a result, I saw some of the first-season episodes and most
9 messages
06-07-12 01:28 PM
Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island
Original setting. All-new contestants. Same sadistic host. One million dollars for first place. If anyone
2 messages
06-05-12 11:45 PM
White Room Challenge
They took the coolest part of Next HGTV Design Star and turned it into a series. It doesn't quite live up to the hype, IMO. But I'm still watchi
1 messages
05-24-12 11:47 PM
The Voice Season #2: auditions begin. [View All]
Super Bowl survivors start here.
56 messages
05-23-12 09:45 AM
NEW!!! Beauty And The Geek Episode E8
3 messages
05-07-12 02:53 PM
Swamp People !
HOOOOO lowww We gonna need a bigger boat. Is dat really 'BigHead'? ds/U
3 messages
05-07-12 02:50 PM
Shark Tank
What can I say? I must have been bored to tears. I still am. I'd sooner see Gordon Ramsay make a risotto variant.
5 messages
05-07-12 02:34 PM
Million Dollar Listing: NY Edition
I've liked this series. The scenery is obviously different from the original series, which is a refreshing change. It seems like Fredrick and Ryan
0 messages
04-17-12 02:22 PM
Duck Dynasty
Wednesdays on A&E. Shows the "life" of the Robertson family. Phil Robertson was the inventor of a/the duck call back in 1973. The family is
0 messages
04-02-12 05:35 PM
Last Dance: Exotic Dancer Reality Show (Casting Now)
Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about a brand new reality show out of Atlanta. Last Dance is like Biggest Loser meet I Love Money with
1 messages
03-21-12 02:16 PM
Swamp People
My boyfriend is obsessed with this show, and I guess a bunch of the guys he works with love it too. I don't get it - can someone please explain th
0 messages
03-11-12 06:11 PM
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