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The Next Internet Millionaire - Web reality show?
Has anyone heard anything about this one? I read about it on another site and it looks like Trump on the web... with better hair... lol. %0
3 messages
02-01-16 11:44 AM
John & Kate Plus 8
I am fascinated by this show. As a mom of one 2 yr old, I can't imagine having a house with six 2 yr olds plus two 6 yr olds! The kids seem pr
2 messages
02-01-16 11:42 AM
Speculation about Tori having her own Bravo TV show
[link:" yer/?id=124124"|Is she really a psychic? She looks like she belongs on Desperate Housewi
1 messages
02-01-16 11:39 AM
The Next Food Network Star [View All]
This is the third go around for this show and it seems like they have given it an over-haul. The challenges were a bit higher stress and their living
61 messages
02-01-16 11:37 AM
The Glee Project
I ran across this on Demand. It is a really cute performance competition show. It is done in a way that stays with the style of Glee. It's a nice
5 messages
02-01-16 11:34 AM
Time to be a dad!
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" T8F_RiRoKz8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
02-01-16 02:25 AM
Battle of the Blades - Season 2
Season 2 started last week with an intro into boot camp and showed the players getting lots of practice time with the skaters before being paired up.%
4 messages
01-26-16 07:34 PM
Tasty Awards
Go! Vote! Fashion-related and Food-related show awards, with five or six viewer's choice awards:
1 messages
01-26-16 07:28 PM
The Marriage Ref
I guess it goes in here, eh? I had no idea what I was in for. I don't know that I'm wild abou the actual ref, but I think it's
3 messages
01-26-16 05:03 PM
Best Dance Crew on MTV----Entertaining!
I am not in the demographic for MTV, and I do not like hip-hop....however, America's Best Dancecrew on MTV is very entertaining. They have ense
mocha madness
1 messages
01-26-16 05:01 PM
Redneck Island
Finally a show I could totally get on and do well at... Survivor-like in the challenges and such, but so much more my style!!! And
6 messages
01-26-16 04:59 PM
The Next Great BAKER
I watch this now & then; Buddy is NOT a very good actor; everything he says is soooo scripted. :-) But sometimes it's fun. %0
10 messages
01-26-16 04:57 PM
Shear Genius? [View All]
Did anyone watch? Does anyone care? I had a few WTF?? moments with the "artsy" hair design. Maybe that is something they do at
31 messages
01-26-16 04:54 PM
Queen Bee's
Whilst bored and channel surfing last night, I ran across this show on 'The N' network? Never heard of it before but it's apparently a teen
10 messages
01-26-16 04:49 PM
Man vs. Cartoon
Just the title was enough to entice me -- but I think I've found a new vice. The premise is simple. Teams of engineering students (wee
1 messages
01-26-16 04:45 PM
Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island
Original setting. All-new contestants. Same sadistic host. One million dollars for first place. If anyone
3 messages
01-26-16 04:27 PM
Tough Love Couples
So, did anyone else watch last night's episode? I've seen Tough Love before with Steve helping girls through his program, and am looking fo
3 messages
01-26-16 04:25 PM
say yes to the dress
i am sooo hooked on this show.... love love love randy. and what a talent they all have to look at someone and know what dress they will lo
2 messages
01-26-16 04:23 PM
America's next Weatherman.
Anybody watching this? The fellow that refused to compete against his friend was a nut case as well as a coward.
2 messages
01-26-16 04:20 PM
Million Dollar Listing: NY Edition
I've liked this series. The scenery is obviously different from the original series, which is a refreshing change. It seems like Fredrick and Ryan
1 messages
01-26-16 04:17 PM
Swamp People !
HOOOOO lowww We gonna need a bigger boat. Is dat really 'BigHead'? ds/U
4 messages
01-26-16 02:31 PM
Dance Moms!
Abby Lee Miller is back, looking all glammed out. I should find a picture of her from the first season, to see how much she has changed.
5 messages
01-26-16 02:29 PM
Miss America: Countdown to the Crown
Anyone else a fan of the Miss America pageant? The reality show is airing tonight. Looks like it's going to be pretty funny! At least we'll be
5 messages
01-26-16 02:22 PM
Craft Wars
It's like Cupcake Wars and Pinterest got together and blew up a Michael's! DD liked the first episode, so we'll probably watch a few more. M
6 messages
01-26-16 12:37 PM
The Sing-Off S4
Anyone been watching? ds/User_files/4dd9eb96806ed99e.gif [small][font col
3 messages
01-26-16 12:34 PM
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