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Celebrity Fit Club Men against the Woman [View All]
Kimberley Locke, singer Maureen McCormick, actress/singer Da Brat, rapper/actress Tiffany, former dance
41 messages
01-25-16 06:02 PM
Tori and Dean
OH MY GOD !!...Now Tori is a minister??? I think this is the height of self indulgent conceitness. Being a minister is a profession that is
3 messages
01-25-16 05:25 PM
new reality television show
Hey, has anyone seen heard about a new reality television show called The Winning Team? I replied to a Craigslist advert advertising for a casting
1 messages
01-25-16 05:23 PM
Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel Reality Show [View All]
Has anyone been watching this..its crazy. Im a not supposed to be into fishing shows..but I love this! Its like survivor with people acu
33 messages
01-25-16 05:20 PM
Victoria Beckham
I thought this was going to be its own reality show. Did they not get enought footage? A one-hour special? That seems like a major downgrade.%0
4 messages
01-25-16 05:10 PM
Everyday Edisons
I think this show is awsome!!! It is done much better than that other inventor program that is on one of the major networks. Here is the link to
1 messages
01-25-16 05:00 PM
Wow...Criss Angel is unbelievable! anyone else excited to see what he does tonight?
13 messages
01-25-16 04:55 PM
Happy to be a father!
Thanks for your watching! [iframe width="560" height="315" src=" y5CJHCFEw
MCV Corporation
0 messages
01-20-16 05:18 AM
Hi there
I'm representing MCV corporation and I want to [s]BORE[/s] tell you about one of our shows. I doubt you will like it nor respond to this
6 messages
01-17-16 11:58 PM
My name is MCV Corporation
I am SUPER Creepy! Scratch that... MEGA SUPER CREEPY! But I am part DAW, won't you respond? http:%
12 messages
01-15-16 11:31 AM
Lvoe in the Wild 2
New Presenter! New Twists! New Challenges! Well it's OK, although I don't care for all the mugging the ne
12 messages
01-14-16 11:14 AM
I'm Growing Up _WI May you try it to see how could they grew up!
MCV Corporation
3 messages
01-14-16 04:12 AM
Daily post
A couple of close friend maybe pass their missions at the first journey in life ??? English translation beside. Thanks for
MCV Corporation
1 messages
01-14-16 04:05 AM
Will you love me to the end of life? uery=ban+muon+hen+ho+115 With English translation.
MCV Corporation
4 messages
01-14-16 04:04 AM
Why not enjoy?
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" y5CJHCFEws0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
01-14-16 03:07 AM
Naked and Afraid
I guess they had some extra blur professionals that needed a job. 21 days, nude, no food, no water, and no prize. http%3
10 messages
01-12-16 05:23 PM
Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls
I'm NOT a Bear Grylls fan, but I do like that this show forces the teams to work together.
1 messages
01-12-16 05:21 PM
The American Baking Competition [View All]
... hang on, I know that music. Our "host" seems to have enjoyed some hospitality before the show, unfortunately it hasn't given
21 messages
01-12-16 05:20 PM
[b]The Biggest Loser[/b]? Couldn't do what this show managed in the premiere. [b]Idol[/b]? Can only dream of re
8 messages
01-12-16 05:18 PM
HGTV & Food Network Star
They don't deserve their own threads, but anyone else watching? ds/User_files/4d
12 messages
01-12-16 05:15 PM
Shipping Wars
I think Jarrett is actually a decent man. Let's face it: he's a good guy. He tries his hardest. He's in over his head a lot and
10 messages
01-12-16 05:09 PM
This is one of the rare times when a series lost me during the Season Preview segment. Admittedly, they were barely hanging onto my audience share
2 messages
01-12-16 04:59 PM
Doomsday Preppers
That show is hilarious! Anyone else watching? I totally understand the compulsion to prepare for "the worst" and part of me would
4 messages
01-12-16 04:40 PM
Duck Dynasty
Wednesdays on A&E. Shows the "life" of the Robertson family. Phil Robertson was the inventor of a/the duck call back in 1973. The family is
1 messages
01-12-16 04:29 PM
The Colony-Season 2
Anyone else watching? I loved it the first season. I have yet to put my finger on my lukewarm feelings about this season. We haven't seen a ton of
9 messages
01-12-16 04:27 PM
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