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Science of Love
Did anybody catch this show? Ok, admittedly, it was an hour long infomercial for, but even so, it really was an interestin
2 messages
06-29-07 08:26 PM
Shear Genius? [View All]
Did anyone watch? Does anyone care? I had a few WTF?? moments with the "artsy" hair design. Maybe that is something they do at
28 messages
06-29-07 11:31 AM
Celebrity Fit Club Men against the Woman [View All]
Kimberley Locke, singer Maureen McCormick, actress/singer Da Brat, rapper/actress Tiffany, former dance
40 messages
06-25-07 05:42 PM
InTurn -- Internet Reality Show
I've been watching this internet reality TV show during my lunch break (the episodes are only 6 minutes long) and it's quite entertaining. A
uglier than sarah w
0 messages
06-25-07 05:28 PM
Bridezillas- New season
Iím so excited for the new season of Bridezillas to start this Sunday! My biggest guilty pleasure, and Iíve even hooked my BF into watching th
1 messages
06-22-07 09:54 AM
HGTV's Bought & Sold
i'm a die-hard fan of HGTV. i have been all about this new show of their's BOUGHT & SOLD (Sundays @ 10pm). It's all about the real esat
1 messages
06-12-07 10:21 PM
GSN Casting
Have you ever dreamed about making that one bet that could change your life forever? DOUBLE OR NOTHING, is a new series for Game Show N
reality casting
2 messages
06-08-07 08:01 PM
Ex-Wives Club...
Ok...we have Marla Maples, Angie Everhart and two others who I did not recognize or see who they were who go out and help people who are divorced or
3 messages
06-07-07 11:25 AM
Scott Baio, 45 and single
The latest offering of Vh1. A reality series exploring why Scott Baio has been with many many drop dead gorgeous women but at 45 is still unmarried
1 messages
06-04-07 04:34 PM
Fast Cars and Superstars
NASCAR with the stars. Premiere date (per TVGuide) is June 7th. Stars they have for the show. Krista Allen (Baywatch and
3 messages
05-28-07 12:07 PM
Rob & Big Season 2
It's back! Coming Tuesday, 5/22/07.
2 messages
05-25-07 01:29 PM
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Is there a sight in here that has to do with Dog the Bounty hunter if so please point me to the right direction:>
0 messages
05-14-07 01:43 PM
I Also Watched Celebrity Boot Camp And Was Genuinely Moved
No, really. Seriously. OK, it's PMS week, but still.... The show's only two hours long so no great time/e
5 messages
04-25-07 03:58 PM
tori and dean: inn love
hmmm... i kinda like this may be somewhat scripted but i like the "over the top" tori...she really is a drama queen as her OB
4 messages
04-20-07 09:35 PM
Thank God You're Here
I LMAO at this show last night. Joel McHale and Brian Cranston were hi-larious, especially in the superhero skit at the end. Monique also did quite
8 messages
04-20-07 06:58 AM
Top Design [View All]
Anyone else watching? I watched it last night, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to stand Todd Oldham's voice long enough
48 messages
04-16-07 12:09 PM
hollyhood on mtv
I canít wait for Three 6 Mafiaís Adventures in Hollyhood. Those Memphis boys are going to take LA by storm. The trailer on is
0 messages
03-30-07 01:18 PM
Deal or No Deal question
Am I the only one who's noticed that all of the contestants and their families wear only solid color shirts? What's up with that?! %
6 messages
03-30-07 08:17 AM
The Great American Dream Vote on ABC
Came on after DWTS. WTF? Please vote me to get hair?!?!???!??!??!???????
2 messages
03-28-07 09:42 AM
Know this may seem odd...but casting REALLY funny show for major network...will you pass this around???..looking for:
0 messages
03-26-07 06:46 PM
Real Houswives of Orange County2...Back Like a Bad Habit [View All]
There must me two people watching the return of the Real Housewives of Orange County. These people are horrible, and their kids are spoiled, priv
mocha madness
31 messages
03-22-07 04:05 PM
Deal Or No Deal: Season II. [View All]
Two-hour premiere tonight. I figure that's just about enough time to get through half a contestant. Probably not the half containing the brain,
29 messages
03-22-07 03:09 PM
New Season of I Wanna Be a Soap Star!
[B]SOAPnet is holding open casting calls for the 4th season of I Wanna Be A Soap Star! On the show, 10 contestants will compete for the prize
0 messages
03-21-07 04:44 PM
He came up with the fifty-repeat comeback.
George Foreman will join the second season of [b]American Inventor[/b] as part of the judging panel.
0 messages
03-21-07 01:44 PM
Reality show with a a big twist.... players sign up on and become contestants. when you join you are sent the game materia
0 messages
03-20-07 07:26 PM
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