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Flipping Out: the new season.
Jeff, Jenni, and Zoila are back. Jeff brings back this burning sensation I haven't felt since I first watched... [b]Million Dollar Listing%5
6 messages
03-04-16 11:45 AM
Clean House Disclaimer
Don't know how many of you watched the Clean House Messiest House in the Country #2 yesterday. But I want you ALL to know that I am NOT that Mindy
1 messages
03-04-16 11:42 AM
the shark tank producer wants 2% of NET REVENUE from entrepreneurs!
entrepreneurs who agree to be on 'the shark tank' are asked to sign a contract that would give the producer (mark burnett) 2% of net revenue
3 messages
03-04-16 11:40 AM
True Beauty [View All]
Am I the only one who noticed and watch the new True Beauty show that aired on Monday?
Earl Colby Pottinger
36 messages
03-04-16 11:38 AM
Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
Anyone watching? I set TiVo to record it as soon as I saw the first commercial. I'm 8 minutes into the first episode, and Lou Diamond Philips is
10 messages
03-04-16 11:35 AM
Top Shot [View All]
Colby Donaldson ner~y2010m5d25-Survivor-contestant-Colby-Donaldson-hosting-History-Chann
41 messages
03-04-16 11:33 AM
Is anyone else watching Ruby on the Style Channel? I think she is very sweet- it is sort of refreshing after what The Biggest Loser has turned into.
10 messages
03-04-16 11:32 AM
Is anyone watching this show on E!? It is sort of "Newlyweds" style, but with Brits. I am catching up on the past episodes whene
3 messages
03-04-16 11:29 AM
Greatest American Dog Episode #9 (spoiler info)
I haven't been counting, so I assume this is episode #9. Its Wednesday, and time for the weekly Dog judging rant. The En
8 messages
03-04-16 11:28 AM
144_New Episode of Wanna date
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" i-iCixFAgQ0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
03-04-16 00:10 AM
The Anna Nicole Show: Interview With Bonnie Stern
I had an opportunity to interview Bonnie Stern, sister of Howard K Stern, who was Anna Nicole's last partner. She gave me a really moving tribut
1 messages
03-03-16 05:40 PM
Has anyone been watching "Decision House"??
It has the lady who does 'divorce court'-sorry, can't remember her name. And a marriage counsellor, and sometimes they'll bring in a finac
2 messages
03-03-16 05:37 PM
The Two Coreys Anyone?
I stumbled across this show (because I watch way too much TV), and it's a cross between "Celebrity Rehab" and "Decision House." Corey
5 messages
03-03-16 05:30 PM
Gone Country on CMT
Is anyone watching this? I just watched the first two and it was pretty entertaining. The basic format is the usual of has beens or never quite ma
12 messages
03-03-16 05:26 PM
Dragon's Den
"Dragon's Den" on BBC America has contestant pitching business ideas to a panel of five possible investors. Often there are so many problems wit
1 messages
03-03-16 05:21 PM
HGTV's Summer Showdown
Did you guys see the premiere of this show after Design Star last night? I thought it was great. Did anyone else see it?? Thoughts?
2 messages
03-03-16 05:17 PM
Project Poker reality series
Hi, longtime lurker and lover of all things reality! I wanted to share a new reality web series called Project Poker running over at wh
2 messages
03-02-16 06:32 PM
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? - Canadian Ed.
Anyone watching? Enjoyed the tryouts and Maria school but am not loving the performance shows. Why do they audition using their amazing musical th
10 messages
03-02-16 06:30 PM
Rock of Love 3 ove-3-its-onwith-bret/ I'm ashamed to say that I can't wait. *sigh ht
6 messages
03-02-16 06:24 PM
Rob & Big Season 2
It's back! Coming Tuesday, 5/22/07.
6 messages
03-02-16 06:22 PM
Gone Country
Season 3 I must live in a cave. Of these, I've heard of Justin Guarini and Mickey Dolenz. That's it! LOL http:/%2
18 messages
03-02-16 11:39 AM
Before I comment on specifics, I just want to make a comparison between the human version of this show (BB10) and this show. When Tra
8 messages
03-02-16 11:36 AM
For the Love of Ray J
Okay, I may be putting myself out on a very thin limb... but am I the only person watching this show? Or am I just not finding the exi
4 messages
03-02-16 11:35 AM
Hogan Knows Best
Anyone agree that the entire family comes off like idiots? Brooke can't balance a checkbook and her mother hasn't a clue either. Nick just sit
5 messages
03-02-16 11:34 AM
Bad Girls Club, Season 2
We're about 5 episodes into this show, and have one casualty already. This is my guiltiest pleasure, and every Tuesday I watch it live, not o
2 messages
03-02-16 11:33 AM
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