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You wanna date_143
[iframe width="560" height="315" src=" bn33gwsydvY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen%5
MCV Corporation
0 messages
03-02-16 03:20 AM
Man vs. Cartoon
Just the title was enough to entice me -- but I think I've found a new vice. The premise is simple. Teams of engineering students (wee
1 messages
01-26-16 04:45 PM
Tough Love Couples
So, did anyone else watch last night's episode? I've seen Tough Love before with Steve helping girls through his program, and am looking fo
3 messages
01-26-16 04:25 PM
say yes to the dress
i am sooo hooked on this show.... love love love randy. and what a talent they all have to look at someone and know what dress they will lo
2 messages
01-26-16 04:23 PM
Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel Reality Show [View All]
Has anyone been watching this..its crazy. Im a not supposed to be into fishing shows..but I love this! Its like survivor with people acu
33 messages
01-25-16 05:20 PM
Masterchef series 5
At last! Somehow Joe is still a judge, but it seems that they could only afford half of Graham this season. (seriously impressive dud
2 messages
01-12-16 03:55 PM
Masterchef: Season #4
Think there's any chance Amy from Amy's Baking Company will show up? After all, it's not as if we can really call her a professional, and
5 messages
01-12-16 03:51 PM
Gay, Straight or Taken?
I really thought this show would be horrible but so far I'm liking it alot - Anyone else? I really love the looks on the girls faces when the boyf
6 messages
01-12-16 03:33 PM
The Voice Season #2: auditions begin. [View All]
Super Bowl survivors start here.
56 messages
05-23-12 09:45 AM
The Voice S1: Live Finale Results ECST [View All]
Tonight, after an hour of filler, probably some of which will involve the contestants and/or Coaches, we'll find out who is [b]The Voice
32 messages
06-30-11 01:41 PM
The Voice S1: Live Finale Performance ECST [View All]
Tonight the representatives will each sing a solo song (which may or may not be original) and sing with their respective Coach for a duet. After
71 messages
06-29-11 02:30 PM
The Voice S1: Live Semis Results ECST [View All]
Please keep all details of who our Final Four will be representing the four Coaches next week here until 11pm. Now, for those of us in th
39 messages
06-22-11 09:18 PM
The Voice S1: Live Semis Performance ECST [View All]
Tonight we will find out who'll move on from Adam's and Cee Lo's teams... and it probably will be early, since the then Top 8 will perform to
72 messages
06-22-11 02:44 PM
The Voice S1: Live Quarters 2 ECST [View All]
Please keep all details on how Adam and Cee Lo's teams will attempt to one-up the performances done by Blake and Christina's teams here until well
70 messages
06-16-11 10:00 AM
As much as I LOVE them! WHY the heck is Mason getting Peanut butter at 11 months! Everyone KNOWS they are allergic! Hmmmm...did a PA%
2 messages
05-26-11 07:33 AM
A New reality Show Video.
Hey guys. New reality show video I happened to stumble across. It's pretty cool. Check it out and see what you think. Here's the link http:/%2
2 messages
03-07-11 02:35 PM
New Reality Television Show Based On Skilled Trades Competitions
Please review and provide responses to the following survey: Which of the following cities have you visited: A: Calgary,
0 messages
02-25-10 08:22 PM
Ghost Hunters
Am I the only one who admits to watching (and liking) this show? Season 4 starts tonight and was just curious to see if I'm the only one watch
12 messages
11-26-09 06:30 PM
Celebrity rehab 2 Sober Living????
Whats this all about??? Saw something in the Post about it.... just curious
1 messages
07-15-08 04:42 PM
Self-fulfilling prophecies.
See if you can follow the Wall Street logic. 1. Morgan-Stanley releases a report predicting oil will reach $150 per barrel. 2
2 messages
06-06-08 02:17 PM
Paradise hotel 2!
I can't believe it's baaaack! Anyone watching on February 4th? *rubs hands with glee*
0 messages
01-10-08 00:05 AM
Tila Tequila's "A shot at love"
Ex stripper turned Myspace persona turned Celeb turned reality TV star who still strips occasionaly, Tila Tequila, just wrapped her show "A shot
3 messages
12-25-07 01:36 AM
LA Ink's Pixie
Hey guys, just wanted to post an interview with LA Ink's Pixie. The link is, it's a great read - she%
1 messages
09-12-07 04:26 PM
Design Star -- Finale in Hawaii!
so i wasn't able to find any official thread for HGTV's Design Star, so i decided to post a new one, hope it's in the right area everyone?
2 messages
09-06-07 08:01 PM
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