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Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
This show looks pretty interesting. It involves adults answering elementary school questions for up to $1,000,000. Jeff Foxworthy is host. Anyon
10 messages
03-04-07 11:20 AM
Maui Fever - Is anyone watching?
Okay, I admit I've been watching. I like the drama but I don't see what the big deal is about Cheyne. He doesn't do anything for me. Not that
2 messages
03-02-07 06:26 PM
Rob and Amber Against the Odds
Anybody else watching? I love the show....but of course I would 'iloverob'. I have a feeling based on what we have seen so far tha
16 messages
02-21-07 06:35 PM
Anna Nicole dies
As bizarre as her life has been...Love her or hate her...she has been the source of much entertainment and fodder. Today...her life ended after she c
4 messages
02-13-07 12:37 PM
Armed & Famous: worst reality idea ever? [View All]
'We're going to take celebrities. We're going to give them guns. Badges. Law enforcement powers over the citizens of Muncie, Indiana. And
33 messages
02-12-07 02:07 PM
Gay, Straight or Taken?
I really thought this show would be horrible but so far I'm liking it alot - Anyone else? I really love the looks on the girls faces when the boyf
4 messages
02-10-07 02:22 PM
college hill 4
does anyone know when there profiles will be up on because i would like to read more about them. thanks to all who responds!! p.s. i
0 messages
02-07-07 01:50 AM
The Bad Girls Club
ANyone catch this on Oxygen? Bunch of crazy DAW's in a sweet house in LA and they act like drunken nuts. From the production company of Startin
15 messages
02-04-07 10:47 AM
ONE PUNK UNDER GOD- new reality mini series
Just finished watching the second episode of the new reality TV mini series "One Punk Under God". It airs on the Sundance Channel, and I think i
3 messages
01-30-07 09:07 PM
Cowboy U Colorado
I know there're a few fans out there. New Season from Colorado this time. 8 new city slickers learn to cowboy up starting January 12th and repeati
3 messages
01-19-07 00:24 AM
WHat Not to Wear
I know this isn't your typical reality show but I had to just see if there are any other people that watch this show too. I'm always ki
16 messages
01-11-07 03:59 PM
Shooting Sizemore Sucks!
Just watching the premiere of this "Breaking Bonaduce" clone. Arrghhh, this is PAINFUL! It's BB with none of the humor. This guy is depre
2 messages
01-09-07 00:38 AM
New MTV Reality show, 24/7
have you guys heard about the new MTV reality show? it's just like Entourage, pretty insane. One of the dudes on the show is in a band and anoth
4 messages
12-23-06 05:10 PM
little people in a big world
i love this show...i caught the rehash episode from first season and then watched the new episodes. i like the way they are honest....not a
20 messages
12-20-06 09:28 AM
The premier show is (was) tonight. And next to me, upon hearing the after-show commercial for the next episode, I heard someone groan, "Wh
2 messages
12-20-06 05:28 AM
Second Season of Breaking Bonaduce
I just saw an ad for the new season of this show on VH1. Do we really need to see this again?????
17 messages
12-19-06 10:53 AM
Celebrity Fit Club 5 cast announced
According to the new TV Guide I got today the cast is: Kimberly Locke from American Idol Maureen "Marcia Marcia Marcia" McCormic
5 messages
12-17-06 05:39 PM
Breaking Bonaduce [View All]
i watched it...i actually cried...i loved his daughter! i was proud that he drove all the way home. his producer must be an enabler (GET AWA
22 messages
12-11-06 02:10 AM
Show Me The Money.. revenge of the Gorn
THAT was terrible. An inane and capering Captain Kirk and an obvious over-the-top reject contestant from "Deal of No Deal" in the worst mix of ne
9 messages
11-28-06 01:15 AM
Endurance: Tehachapi
OK, I admit it. I'm probably the one person over the age of 17 that watched this show. For those of you who have never seen any of the
5 messages
11-25-06 04:30 PM
House of Carter
Did anyone else watch this train wreck the other night? Nick Carter decides to gather the family to all live in the same house and bond? That t
12 messages
11-23-06 11:05 PM
Jamie's Kitchen
I caught a new show today called Jamie's Kitchen on TLC. It is about Jamie Oliver's project of taking 15 unemployed young people and formally tra
3 messages
11-18-06 09:42 PM
Everest on Discovery
I've seen a bunch of ads both on TV and in magazines for this show. A friend of mine said she had a friend that recently tried to go to Everest,
uglier than sarah w
0 messages
11-14-06 12:08 PM
Celeb Paranormal Project
Anyone else catch that Celeb Paranormal Project on VH1 where they take the "sort of" famous and have them go through haunted places? I have to
3 messages
11-02-06 03:39 PM
Are you thinking about changing the kind of work you do? Do you perform your job better than you get credit for? A new show for
1 messages
11-01-06 08:46 PM
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